40 Things I Love

I love lots of things.

In response to the challenge by Kamga Tchassa, Sherry Kappel, and others.

I Love

silence — no phones, no music, no people talking. It gives me time to think, regroup, and process my life.

food — food soothes the soul, brings people together, makes people happy, and allows me to experience different cultures in a way that I can afford at times.

traveling — I love traveling in state, across state lines, and when I can afford it, abroad. There is always someplace you’ve never been and some place you could get to know a little better in your own backyard.

good relationships — there is nothing like a good relationship. When people can get along, respect each other, and appreciate differences…life is good!

the great outdoors — the beach, the mountains, the lakes, fishing, snow, warm days, hot days, rainy days, a day outside is better than a day indoors.

fishing — fishing is the best. It allows me to relax, catch my food, and enjoy the outdoors.

my readers — I love my readers, especially my loyal ones. I appreciate you all!❤️

good writers — I love discovering new writers, especially on Medium. I also love reading my regulars. It’s a little addictive I must admit.

Red Stripe beer — I love Red Stripe beer. It’s Jamaican. On a hot day at the beach — there is nothing better than a Red Stripe at sunset.

cigars — from time to time I like to go to cigar bars and smoke. I also love to sit outdoors or on the beach and smoke a good cigar. Flavored Acids are my favorites now.

being alone — I love to be alone. I don’t need anyone to be with me to have a good time. I most times prefer being alone so that my desires (or lack thereof) don’t impact anyone else’s day/life.

my sons — I love my sons. We’ve gone through a lot. I wonder how sometimes if they know how much I do.

music — music soothes my soul. I love all kinds of music. Smooth jazz is my favorite.

barbecue — there is nothing like going to a barbecue festival, cook-off, or simply cooking it on the grill.

my friends — I love the few friends I have. I have had to refine my list over the years.

meeting new people — I love meeting new people, even if it’s for a moment. Some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met I met in passing.

clean hotel rooms — there is nothing like traveling and staying in a clean hotel room. It’s rare to find one spotless these days, but it’s comforting when I do.

the beach — the wind carries away my worries, the water washes away my sins and gives me life.

outdoor concerts — I love outdoor concerts and music festivals. There’s nothing like being around people who love the same kind of music. Smooth jazz shows are the most relaxing for me.

new pillows — for some reason, I go through pillows like crazy (I toss and turn a lot). I love a new pillow and I wish they’d make them like they used to back in the old days.

Medium — I love Medium, although the Member Feature Stories are starting to look and feel like a Vanity Magazine or something. They are clearly making this place for radical White feminists and tech geeks. That’s okay — as long as they don’t take away the folks and subjects I really want to read.

coffee — I love coffee, Latin coffees to be exact. Starbucks comes in at a strong second.

thrift stores — I love shopping at thrift stores. Recycling saves the environment.

politics — I love politics. I love seeing what our government does (and doesn’t do) for the people. I eat, breath, and sleep the stuff.

jolly ranchers candy — the gummies are the best. My favorites flavors are green apple and strawberry.

cheese and fruit trays — there is nothing like snuggling and watching television or talking to friends with a quality fruit and cheese tray and wine.

babies — i love seeing babies when I’m out and they speak to me They are so innocent, untainted, and pure. I especially love playing with them when I’m out to dinner and our eyes meet. I have a new friend for an hour or so.

flea markets — i love finding treasures.

working — i love earning my keep. It seems harder to do these days though for entrepreneurs doing business with the administration due to our authoritarian style president.

discovering new creatives — i love discovering new artists. Painters, musicians, writers, designers, food entrepreneurs — I love finding and supporting them when financially possible.

research — i can spend hours online and in libraries studying things relevant to community development, social justice, grant funding, and community building efforts.

seasons — living here in tropical Florida deprives me of seasons. I loved the crisp fall mornings, driving to the NC mountains to see the leaves change at to buy mountain apples, and the Biltmore House and Winery at Christmas. The bugs never die here because it’s always warm. I miss knowing when one time of the year ends and another starts. Florida has seasons, but it’s not the same.

wildlife — i love going to the Everglade and other national parks here in Florida and observing the abundant wildlife. I’ve seen more allegations in the wild (sometimes closer than I’d like to) here. Snakes, raccoons, wild panthers, bears, lots of gators, all sorts of birds, iguanas — and too many non-native/invasive species to name.

helping others — i love helping people. We all need a helping hand from time to time. I love helping and I appreciate when I’m on the receiving end of a helping hand.

learning — i love learning and I learn a lot here on Medium from readers. I’m thankful for anyone who writes about life experiences that can help others. I also appreciate different perspectives although Medium seems to sensor those pretty well.

history — history teaches us about the past and helps us to keep from making the same mistakes, if we listen.

young people — they keep me lively and hip (lol). When I learn from them, my mind is growing and embracing the changes in cultures. Young people don’t have filters either. Youth are a reflection of what we are (and what we are not).

playing games — i love playing board games and card games, especially when there is no power or when we have hurricanes and there is no television. I buy them by the truckloads from thrift stores as a part of my emergency preparedness plan.

simple living — the older I get, the more I appreciate simple, cheap living. I’m sure the power that be have designed it that way, but I’m doing it my way, not because they make me.

dancing — i love music and I LOVE dancing. I dance when I’m cooking, in the car, in the grocery stores shopping — I used to salsa with my ex-husband and really loved Latin dance. If it has a beat, my booty is shaking to it.

I love lots of simple, uninteresting things. I’m pretty boring right lol.