7 Things With More Protections Than Black People In America

1. Dogs Have More Protections Than Black People

7 Things With More Protections Than Black People In America
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1. Dogs Have More Protections Than Black People

If you injure, fight, or kill a dog, you’d get more time than you would for injuring, harassing or killing a Black person. White people have created efforts to curb the killing and maiming of dogs, but can’t muster up the fucking courage to create efforts to stop harming us. All 50 states have laws on the books for animal cruelty. White people will show you their priorities by the legislation they create (or not). The ASPCA has commercials that come on television all night long showing abused dogs and begging for money. Imagine how better things would be for Black people if they’d keep that same energy to solve racism and extra-judicial killings by the police. I want to see that same energy one day.

2. America Protects Fish and Wildlife More Than It Protects Black People

America has federal fishing and hunting protections to control the taking and consumption of fish. All 50 states have laws on the books to protect certain native and non-native fish populations, nothing hardly in the way of protecting white people from hunting and killing Black people. I live here in Florida and I’m an avid angler. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been fishing and the game warden or state wildlife commission officer comes checking me to make sure I don’t have too many fish, I don’t take fish too small or too large, etc. Imagine if America would create laws and police to protect Black lives in the same way. I wouldn’t know how to act if the police were monitoring others to ensure they weren’t trying to harm Black folks instead of them walking around monitoring us racistly, thinking we’re always up to something suspicious.

3. Dead Bodies Have More Protections Than Living Black People

While there is no universal national law on protecting dead bodies, every state has laws on the books on how to protect and dispose of dead bodies. We monitor how dead bodies are stored, who gets the body once it’s dead, decide the rights to privacy of dead people, and even the rights of the dead person’s affairs once they are deceased. You can’t desecrate a dead body without getting charged. We have many sensible, well-thought out laws and rights for a dead person, but America can’t seem to figure out how to protect the rights of living Black people. Imagine what life could be like for Black people if America to protect Black living bodies instead of protecting the police and racists who kill us.

4. Properties Have More Protections Than Black People

Various types of properties have all kinds of protections. The federal protects intellectual property. The government cares more about stuff that has no life than it does a Black life. There is no law on the books that protects Black people despite this nation’s ugly history of stalking and killing us and taking our property using civil forfeiture. White people took the time to protect thoughts and ideas that can make money and crafted schemes to take our shit, but they haven’t figured out a way to value Black bodies that used to be their property. They’ve exploited Black bodies for centuries as their labor to help bring those thoughts and ideas to life. I wish they’d repay the favor. Ridiculous, right?

5. White People Collectively Have Protections Black People Don’t

There are many ways we protect White people in America. Black people aren’t so fortunate Black people aren’t. For example, White fragility protects White people from dealing with the truth about racism. Their fragility fuels racism by dismissing the realities of white domination and allows them to ignore racial conditioning. That White fragility allows laws to be made to disenfranchise and neglect Black people and communities, leads to health disparities and poor educational attainment and protects them by giving them bootstraps, boots, soles, with legs too. White people build all White communities to protect them from Black people who aren’t thinking about them on any day unless figuring out how to navigate the traps they’ve set. White people protect White people by insulating themselves in Whiteness.

White people protect jobs they believe only White people should have which keeps White spaces White. And even though there are laws on the books to prevent this behavior, White people in those positions don’t enforce them. Racial discrimination is a protection that helps keep White people safe from otherness. When businesses are found guilty of protecting White employment spaces (most often they are not because proving discrimination is so difficult to prove to biased White people), nothing happens to them, nothing more than a quiet fine, and sometimes a quiet settlement that comes with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). That’s it.

White judges will protect the future potential of criminal White young men. White police will protect White police with the Blue Wall of Silence. And while Black police do the same, White people created the culture, which is a byproduct of slave catching and slave patrolling. They’ll create commissions that will absolve them of any wrongdoing while protecting them personally. The lack of value of Black bodies runs deep among White people, and the need to protect themselves from their immoral deeds is all-consuming. White people protect their children from an interracial public education using lingo like “private schools” and school-choice initiatives. White people protect themselves and their White God from Black Jesus and Black God by worshipping in all-White settings. They hide behind their corrupt godless religions to protect them from atrocities they commit against Black bodies.

America’s flag protects White people and their military industrial complex by allowing them to go to Black and Brown nations to steal and kill, declaring those nations are barbaric and undemocratic because they are not civilized third-world countries and nation-states like us. The protection never ceases to amaze me. There is always protection for Whiteness and everything Whiteness deems

White people protect their right to vote and their power by cheating by cheating us out of our right to vote and snatching our power. The overwhelmingly White courts frequently rule in favor of White politicians challenging the voting rights act and will dismantle laws that aid in snatching of Black folks’ voting rights. There is something always covering Whiteness. You name it, there is a shield for it. White people have protection like Fort Knox. Imagine if the system protected Black people the way it protected and coddled Whiteness.

6. Black and Brown Bears Have More Protections Than Black People

Many states have laws protecting Black and Brown bears, preventing them from being killed and over harvested. Some places have controlled hunting seasons to control overpopulation, but the bottom line is White people have created laws to protect Black and brown bears, to ensure they aren’t over hunted and to protect cubs. It sure would be nice to have laws to protect Black and Brown people from White hunters the same way White people protect Black and Brown bears.

7. White Men Have More Protections Than Any Group In This Nation, Especially Black People

White men are the most protect group despite being in a group that needs the least protection. They get to buy all the guns they want to satisfy their delusions of imaginary enemies while making all the laws to protect rights and freedom to buy guns, kill at will, and to have as many guns as they want. They create laws like “Stand Your Ground,” despite being the nation’s biggest bullies and the country’s most problematic terrorist group. A White man’s right to speak his mind is protected and his right to hate. White men get to make mistakes and the government ensures they can bounce back, like the farmers who voted for Trump. He protected the silly farmers by instituting tariffs that ruined their businesses. Trump just gave them welfare (they call it a bailout) and food stamps and bam… they are protected from failing or having to pay for their mistakes.

But we pay for their mistakes. We all always pay for the mistakes of White men. Black folks are always used as the sacrificial lambs to protect/bless White men. Almost everything in America has more protections and more respect than Black people. We had no protections until we got our own Civil Rights Act, but White people took that away from us and turned it into the catch-all/kitchen sink to protect lots of other protected groups. White people always take our protections. Now, the original spirit and intent of the act has been

When we say we Blacks are the least protected, most tortured, and most endangered group in America, we mean it. If Black lives truly mattered, White folks would protect them, consistently,

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