A Black Vote For Bloomberg Is The Same As A Black Vote For Trump

They are one and the same kind of racist. Vote for him at your own risk.

A Black Vote For Bloomberg Is The Same As A Black Vote For Trump
Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaking with attendees at the Presidential Gun Sense Forum hosted by Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons. No modifications have been made to this photo.

Black people, please listen to me, and listen to me good on this one. I know the mainstream media is propping former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg up as our latest saving grace, and a lot of White people are seriously considering Bloomberg for only two reasons: (1) Trump and Bloomberg are both New Yorkers, so they can do their little “I’m from New York” tough guy thingy, and (2) Bloomberg is as rich as Trump is supposed to be if not richer (we don’t have Trump’s tax returns in yet, so no one knows).

A lot of Black people are supporting him because they’ve been taught that winning is all that matters. They are also seeing all the Black politicians (mostly men) jumping behind Bloomberg believing he can save us. Allow me to give you a Black woman’s view.

That Bloomberg “W” is going to be a problem. Bloomberg is a Democratic racist, and Black people are jumping out of the frying pan looking for a short-term solution for a long-term systemic problem, one Bloomberg help to prop up. The long-term losses from jumping into bed with fire will last decades, even centuries. If Trump’s racism is bad for Blacks and other non-Whites, so is Bloomberg’s.

Like Many, Don’t Be Fooled By Party Affiliations

Too many liberal White people can’t see the racism in liberalism or in our political system. They use party affiliation as a filter without look at a man or woman’s past history in governing, policy decisions, civil rights platforms, and what they do to make America more equitable. White people use the “D” or “R” behind a politician’s name to make political decisions (unless they are racist of course then they care about how mild or hot their racist rages are).

Black people can never afford to be so flippant or causal with their right to vote, although many of us are.

Yeah, I know Bloomberg is a Democrat (now), but he’s nothing more than a chameleon who has hidden his racism to harm Black and Brown people in policies and whitewashed platitudes. He’s a party switcher just like Trump.

Donald Trump switched parties a few times between the Independence, Democratic, and Republic Parties before deciding to settle into the Republican Party where his open racism and hate for the first Black president would not only be tolerated, but stoked. Trump was never a party loyalist, nor was he about civil rights of the common man, especially Black ones. Trump joined political parties as transactional transitions. Whatever party/candidate worked best for his finances, New York mobbing, international criming and business ventures, he was there. Most importantly, Trump didn’t just become racist, he has a documented history of saying racist things and acting racistly.

Black people knew the day Trump announced his candidacy for President we would have hell on your hands, and most sane Black people not fleeced by the Evangelical Movement or faux conservatism knew we could not vote for Donald Trump because our very lives were in the balance. We knew after 8-years of Obama and all the lies and disrespect (without consequences) Trump spewed; it was only a prelude of what he would give non-Whites.

We weren’t fooled.

Most Black folks either didn’t vote for him or we stayed home because we didn’t see any difference between Trump’s overt racism and Clinton’s racism saddled with her, racial profiling co-signing, lack of fighting racial injustice/inequality intertwined in policies she promoted.

Black people are tired of picking the least of two evils. We want to know which White savior is coming to save us, not just the White folks (again). Our votes save White people. Bloomberg is a vote for saving White people. Bloomberg is trying to fleece desperate Black people, and it seems to be working.

Like Always We (Blacks) Are Sacrificial Lambs

White voters knew what Trump was and excused it for personal enrichment (see a long list of racist behavior here). For many White people, a vote for Trump was a vote for a higher status for the lowly and racist White man, a status millions are literally dying to be a part of. They’ve been told the lowest place to be on the totem pole in America is down with the Blacks, which is why they disparage and discourage us so. White people will never admit it and may not subconsciously be aware of it.

Well-off White racists and Whites with low social order status voted for Trump in droves, and we’ve paid a price for it every day since. And for righteous White people who are ready to tell us you voted for Clinton in the comment section,doing so the equivalent of doing “not all White people”, so please don’t! Now is not the time. This is not about you or her, and we already know not all White people. It’s just that not enough White people followed in your footsteps.

White people will sacrifice us (yet again) with a vote for a racist to get the win, as if this life for us is a hockey match or something. With no regret. With no consideration for any people of color.

A vote for Bloomberg is the Democrats’ subliminal way of voting for status. So why would we Black folks trade in a racist Trump for a just as racist Bloomberg, and why must we forgive and forget what has happened to us to make them feel better? White people don’t have to deal with the legacies of being stopped, frisked or harassed because of their race, so they don’t care about what Bloomberg did to Black and Brown young men. White people have already moved on just like they always do.

Like Trump, Bloomberg Is Racist As Fuck

The only difference between Trump and Bloomberg is that Bloomberg is a seasoned politician, so he fleeces Blacks differently (if at all), but he still fleeces. If you are considering voting for Bloomberg, please reconsider. Is a short-term win worth the long-term losses we’ll endure a head? Bloomberg is a conservative as all the days are long, and if you’re planning on supporting him just because he can beat Trump in November, that’s short-sighted, zero-sum thinking, and it can have deadly consequences for all Black and Brown people in America.

We cannot be fooled by his bravado, his arrogance, his advertisements, or his money. Trump does the same thing and look at how racist swoon him. If you vote for him, you’re doing the same thing White voters do. You may as well vote for Trump.

Racial Profiling Woes

Bloomberg has had his share of issues with racial profiling. New York’s shitty stop and frisk racial profiling policies were used as models for crime prevention and policing Black and Brown people all across America, which is why he had to do a national apology for his role in promoting racial profiling. According to data collected by the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) In 2011, the New York Police Department (NYPD) stopped and frisked 168,126 Black men between the ages of 14–24 years old.

Nine out of 10 people stopped were innocent, meaning thousands of young Black and Brown men had unnecessary contact with police.

Can you imagine what kind of trauma stop and frisk had a on 14-year-old child walking on the street, being thrown against the walls and searched because the police were given permission to be racist as fuck? I don’t know how some White people sleep with themselves at night. Stop and frisk infringed upon the rights of Black and Brown people, and we’ve already forgotten.

Eventually the courts intervened and stopped New York and others from engaging the practice, but he still continued.

Read:#BloomberIsRacist Briefly Explained (Watch the videos)

I wish Kalief Browder was alive to hear Mike Bloomberg’s shitty, much too late apology. Read Kalief’s story. Remember his name. There were thousands of young men treated just like him. He lived and died on Bloomberg’s watch.

Like Trump, Bloomberg Has A Tinged, Racist Past in NY

Mike Bloomberg also opposed the efforts to enforce lead paint cleanup in city housing lived in by poor people and people of color. Bloomberg blamed Blacks for redlining and accepting predatory lending offers, not the White run banks who created the predatory loan products to prey on Black people specifically which led to the housing crisis. He defended, excused, forgot, and even rationalized his city’s handling of the Central Park 5 case before, during, and after tenure as Mayor. Bloomy will not take responsibility like good leaders should. Instead he plays the peek-a-boo, blame others game — just like Donald Trump.

Bloomberg even had harsh words about the city’s financial settlement received by the now Exonerated 5 for all the years they spent in jail thanks to “his” city’s corrupt prosecutors and police. He held up the settlement (which was proposed during his tenure) and refused to pay the money. The Exonerated 5 weren’t compensated for their wrongful convictions, until after he left office despite having all charges withdrawn by the city’s prosecutors in 2002.

Bloomberg felt they did nothing wrong. Bloomberg holds the belief that White men and women must always be believed and Black people are always lying. He didn’t say it verbally, but how he governs says so. Many rich White men hate admitting their wrong, and Bloomberg is just like Trump in this respect, which is why we (Blacks) should really rethink Bloomberg’s candidacy and getting the W. What will his win cost us?

What’s the difference between Trump and Bloomberg?

Absolutely nothing! You have a Democratic, rule-breaking racist versus a Republican rule-breaking racist. Trump overtly displays his hate and racism, Bloomberg does nice racism, casual racism, and policy racism like most liberal Democrats who don’t know or care to know what institutional racism is.

They both are old, wealthy men who hate to apologize, although I question Trump’s wealth. They both have extremely racist, biased, stereotypical, inferior views on Blacks. Both have supported financially conservative (racist) platforms. Both Bloomberg and Trump invested in private jails and prisons. Both will do anything or say anything to win, including lie and cheat. Why are Black people supporting another White man who essentially says between the lines we are inferior to Whites?

A lion knows its prey, and that’s all I gotta say.

Like Trump, Bloomberg Will Circumvent Rules To Win

Bloomberg was a “lifelong” moderate/conservative Democrat. Bloomberg changed his political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican to run as Mayor of New York for a third term. During this time the city had a two-term rule like the presidency. In October 2008, Bloomberg took it upon himself to extend the city’s term limits law so he could run for a third mayoral term in 2009. Reminds me of Putin and his buddy Trump. They love moving goal posts.

Bloomberg’s excuse was he needed to save us following the financial crisis of 2007–08. Does that savior complex sound familiar? Trump said the exact said thing. Bloomberg even made a deal with the guy who created the term limits for the New York mayoral position in exchange for a prominent seat on the city’s board. He buys people and people buy access to him. He’s just like Trump.

We put term limits in place to avoid long political rules over citizens (thank goodness), and ego-maniacs like Trump and Bloomberg can just disregard those rules and laws like this is Burger King. They are just having it their way. If White men like Trump and Bloomberg can break laws and change rules, they’d send us back to slavery if they had the opportunity. Ya’ll better recognize. Bloomberg won’t be any different than Trump.

Like Trump, Bloomberg Never Apologizes

Bloomberg breaks rules for personal, emotional and financial gain just like Trump. He doesn’t apologize, just like Trump. The only reason Bloomberg apologized to Blacks and Brown people for stop and frisk is because he’s running as a Democrat and we are the base of the Democratic Party. If Bloomberg was running as a Republican presidential candidate, he would have never apologize, he’d just say he was tough on crime and White folks would cheer him on for his slave catching tendencies.

To achieve his goal of winning, Bloomberg needs us to forgive him and to vote for him. I’m doing neither.

Bloomberg’s failure to properly apologize in a timely manner (like most people) says to he’ll say or do anything to win, and he’s not really loyal to the platform that supposedly is working to achieve equality and justice for all. The fact he could for NYC Mayor as a Republican (and win) says it all. Most importantly, Bloomberg never apologized formerly to Black people in New York City or nationally for his role in racially profiling of Black and Brown young men. He only apologized recently, one at a Black church after he announced he was running for a President, as a Democrat. Bloomberg did not give the Hispanic/Latinx a formal apology either.

One blanket apology for all the years of damage done to us is all the disrespectful, motherfucker has for us. These self-serving politicians make me sick!

Trump and Bloomberg Are Like Lions and Snakes

Predators. Know. Their. Prey.

An old, fat snake didn’t get to become an old, fat snake by being a stupid snake. The same applies to old racist White billionaires. Black people should recognize where there is a snake in their midst.

Don’t trust the media to tell you the truth of him, because Whiteness has a very difficult time discerning evil on our behalf. Don’t trust White people’s rationale that we should vote for him because he can beat Trump, because the fact of the matter is the battle is between two racists if that’s what’s left on the table. Our national issue is racism, and White people can‘t even talk about it without getting emotional. And most White people won’t do anything about racism because it’s too hard. Stop relying on the political judgement of White people.

Black people, you may feel desperate, but please don’t be stupid!

Bloomberg has shown us who he was already. Are we going to believe him and forgive all he’s said and done to make his dreams and aspirations come true, or are we going to be proactive and protect ourselves? American politics has never been kind to us, and we need to remember most White people don’t vote with us in mind. Bloomberg is the snake in the bushes ready to strike.

Weigh the options for yourselves in the comfort of your Black homes, the pros and cons of having a racist Democratic president, because that’s what you’ll have if you vote for Bloomberg. You’ll have yourselves another rich, racist, president.

Except he’ll talk his racist stuff to us nicely and wrap it up in racist legislation or budget cuts to programs which benefit us.

Like Every Election Cycle, Choose Your Evils Wisely

Why are Black folks feeling so compelled to vote for a racist? Just to get a W? Voting for Bloomberg to get Trump out of office is more than just defeating Trump as pundits and more than most White voters will tell you. Voting for Bloomberg is defeating Trump and replacing him with nice racism, like the Hillary and Bill Clinton kind of racism. The kind they too have had a hard time apologizing for. It’s the kind liberal White people have palates for.

Bloomberg offers lowly and moderate-income liberal White people the kind of racism that keeps Whites comfortable and makes them forget racism exists. He’s their type of bigot.

If cunning, manipulative rich men (old, fat snakes analogy here) know we’re dumb enough and desperate enough to trust them even after they’ve been caught harming us, God knows what else they’ll do to us if we give them the green light with our vote. Don’t be an old fool, or a brand new one either.

White men like Bloomberg don’t change, so don’t be fooled by the mainstream media, Black gatekeepers, or White people who have nothing to lose by voting for a racist White man. The way men like Trump and Bloomberg govern harms Black and Brown people the most. Always.

If the employee at a store racially profiled you, frisked you and your Black children violently, violating your civil liberties, would you go back and give them a hug or help them get a promotion? That’s what Blacks are doing by supporting Bloomberg.

Stop Rushing To Buy Shit

I don’t know how or why Black people can keep forgetting about the individual and collective traumas White people continue to inflict upon us in the modern age, or why do we keep forgiving White men like Mike Bloomberg or Virginia Governor Northram, but I wish we’d take on the mindsets of slaves. They rebelled. They fought. They didn’t trust their masters.

If White people aren’t physically harming us, they are looking the other way or forgetting what has happened to us. When they want to win (because nothing has happened to them keep in mind) they come-a-calling for us to help them win just like a good neighbor. Just like nothing ever happened to us, trying to resell us a piece of shit!

If you went to the store looking for beautiful tomatoes to prepare a dish or two for your table centerpiece, would you buy old, rotten, bruised tomatoes from the store?

If you paid for a glass of sweet tea but you were served bitter, unsweetened tea instead, would you drink it or would you send it back to get what you paid for?

If you went to the store for apples and all the store had was oranges, would you buy oranges, buy grapes instead, or buy leave the store empty-handed and keep shopping until you find what you need?

If someone fixed you a glass of wine and drizzled poison in it, would you still consume it?

Think of Michael Bloomberg the same way. You don’t have to buy that shit just because it’s in the store and it’s not what you want. Leave it right there and walk away. It’s okay. Don’t feel ashamed. Don’t feel guilty because you will not choose between the two evils. That’s additional trauma and guilt we shouldn’t have to carry for being concerned about our well-being.

Somewhere there is a store that will have exactly what you need. Until then, you better leave Bloomberg on the store shelf and find what we need for our collective and individual safety. Think of your Black fathers, sons, uncles, cousins, friends, nephews, and co-workers. Don’t just vote for the Bloomberg for the win, because our Black lives are depending on us and the few allies who can see beyond winning, zero-sum games, and their personal finances.

We are fighting White Supremacy on both sides of the aisle. It doesn’t matter what political party letter they have behind their names or even their color. We have a lot of snakes to contend with.

Rich, racist, White men only care about their rich, racist White legacies entrenched in inequality and saving Whiteness. They don’t give a damned about a Black man’s trauma.

Black people, you better remember that! This is your friendly reminder.

Marley K,

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