A Prophecy About A Character Named Trump Who Offered to Build a Protective Wall

We can only hope our real life snake oil salesman meets the same fate if it’s not too late. The piece is about an old 1950s television show and Donald Trump.

A Prophecy About A Character Named Trump Who Offered to Build a Protective Wall
Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona. Source: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

What I’d like to consider a prophecy from show from the 1950’s series “Trackdown” possibly demonstrates the Donald Trump phenomenon in America. The particular 61-year old episode described how a crook came into a town with lots of promises, fooling the townspeople, and swindling them out of their hard-earned money. No one could save them except the strange new guy.

And no matter how much non-believers (and the cops) try to warn the people, the people insist on giving their money, time, and attention to the town’s latest swindler.

Sounds familiar yet?

One particular episode from the “Trackdown” series show was about a snake oil salesman selling the people in a town a wall. “Trackdown” featured a snake oil salesman named ‘Trump’ (does that name sound familiar?) who promised to build a wall (sounds familiar?) to prevent the end of the world (sounds familiar?). I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

I couldn’t believe it, so I decided to research it for myself. Sure enough, it’s all true.

FACT CHECK: Did a 1950s TV Episode Feature a Character Named Trump Who Offered to Build a…
In November 2016, a clip from an episode of the 1950s western television series Trackdown was published to YouTube…

We’ve been here before right? Right.

Well, I can only hope our reality ends like this movie did. The show foretells human behavior, our desire to always have a savior, and how easily we can be manipulated. Fiction has become reality.

Watch the movie clip. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Please listen to the words. Watch the actions of the towns people. Watch the Ranger.

It’s sixty-one years later and art has become the world’s real life.

In this show Trump has all the answers. Even the Classic TV Archive’s synopsis of the episode is almost similar to Trump’s GOP campaign platform:

Walter Trump” (the character’s name from the Trackdown episode) “was a confidence man (Swap confidence man with wealthy businessman with too much confidence).”

He puts on a long robe” (Swap robe for a suit, but it could be a Klansmen robe too)and holds a tent meeting(Swap tent meeting for a Trump rally)in the town of Talpa (Pick any Trump/GOP stronghold).”

He tells the townspeople that a cosmic explosion will rain fire on the town(Today it’s the fake news of the Caravan coming, sickly Haitian, terrorist Arab, job-stealing Mexican immigrants and an explosion of Brown people from shit hole countries)

And that he is the only one that can save them from death.” (Trump’s five -seventy-five billion dollar wall will save White people from whatever calamities they fear on the horizon.)

“Ranger Hoby Gilman attempts to prove Trump is a fraud.” (Swap the Ranger for FBI’s Comey, Mueller, Yates, President Obama, McCabe, Rosentein, etc.)

Does this sound like anything you’ve heard before? It’s too much of a coincidence. Thank goodness for archives.

I’d love to hear your feedback show? Does anyone feel weirded out by this besides me? The more I live the more I believe the saying there is nothing new under the sun. It seems there really isn’t.

I can only hope there is really a track down taking place in America. Even with the townspeople aiding and abetting in all the criminal activities, I hope the good guys catch our 2019 biggest snake oil salesman.

Gotta love the name of the television show if nothing else and what it symbolizes. Track down.

Suddenly, I’m feel a little safer. There are some good cops in the world. Watch the clip. Seriously. Watch the clip!

Marley, 2019