About This Place Called Real Life

In real life people change. They care today, and don’t tomorrow. Nothing teaches you this better than simply living life.

About This Place Called Real Life
Photo by Chinmay Singh from Pexels

In real life people change. They care today, and don’t tomorrow. Nothing teaches you this better than simply living life.

In real life simple is better, no matter what our capitalistic society says.

In real life money makes life easier to bare and for some even a little more comfortable than other, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to a “better” life. Rich folks have problems too.

In real life, love doesn’t always last forever. Love sometimes fades like that old hand stamp you get at a night club.

In real life sex is important. I’m not sure why people don’t like to talk to us about how important it really is early and often in life, but just know it is.

In real life chasing the dream can turn into your worst nightmare. We all can’t have the 2.5 kids that never give you a day of trouble, the great job/career, the beautiful blonde bombshell wife or body building hubby, or favor among all we come in contact with. Wives gain wait after childbirth, and get stretch marks. Men get E.D. Kids give us problems. Jobs end. Friendships end. People move. Money comes and money goes, and life goes on.

Real life can be unforgiving. It seems some people pay forever for the sins of their forefathers. Real life isn’t always fair.

Some people fair better at “real” life than others (or at least it appears that way). Real life can be a real bitch.

In real life parenting is hard. It’s not as glamorous as all of the celebrities and friends pretend it is. It’s a lot of neglecting yourself and giving to little ungrateful people who have absolutely no idea how much you’ve sacrificed so that they may have life.

In real life we spend more time rehearsing and planning weddings than we do what happens after the honeymoon. Sad but true reality. Looks good on paper and on television, but the shit is hard. Real hard.

In real life you’ll learn friends change, preferences change, your taste buds change, your body changes, your thoughts and ideologies change. Nothing stays the same.

In real life you’ll learn people keep secrets. You can live with someone for 30 years, and still never know them.

In real life it’s highly likely many of your deepest needs and desires will go unmet. Sexual needs, intimacy needs, emotional needs………rarely if ever will the person you give your heart to be able to fulfill those needs. You’ll have to learn how to cope.

In real life you’ll eventually learn you actually hardly knew anything about life. You just thought you knew.

In real life you’ll learn most people you meet are poor communicators (but some are fantastic liars), afraid to tell you truths. We don’t handle the truth too good. Being quiet and silent is much easier, and keeps the peace.

In real life friends sleep with best friends, spouses cheat, and spouses checkout of relationships every single day. People are good at living their lies and hiding their truths.

In real life true friends are there when you need them. Real friendship doesn’t require tabs or an every day commitment.

In real life people leave. It could even be you that does the walking. The reason doesn’t matter as much as the fact that they left. The shit still hurts.

For some of us, we were on a journey through fake life until we actually start living and learning. The and only then do we finally embrace real life.

In real life you’re not in control of anything. You’re not in control of your destiny, your job, your health, or even in control of maintaining your hair. In fantasy life, we plan, plot, and we sometimes enjoy our childhood and/or parental dreams, allowing us to believe we’re in control.

In real life we get ill, we die, we we divorce, we breakup, we get back together, we have kids, we grow old, we’re sometimes happy and sometimes sad, we lose, we win, we believe, we think, we fall, we stand, we tell lies, we tell truths, we hurt and we hurt others, we fight for ours and sometimes we fight for no one at all. Not even ourselves.

In reality we’re selfish and selfless, we’re critical and sometimes we’re critical thinkers. We build each other up, and then we tear each other down. Sometimes we’re givers of love and sometimes we’re in need of love. We have regrets, and sometimes we are the regret. We’re givers and takers. Sometimes we’re good people, and sometimes in some situations……..sadly we’re bad people.

Real life is unpredictable, kind of like human nature. Real life is different for every individual, including those you’re in relationships with. So don’t try to compare your “real life” to another person’s life to determine whether or not you’re doing life right.

In real life, real people know that one should never believe what they see. Our eyes and minds can be very deceptive.

Real life is the good, the bad, and the ugly in all of us. I’m glad life comes with an expiration date and seasons. Sometimes, some seasons are just too long.

I wish I could have had a year-long course in high school about this place called real life. If I studied life like I studied math, perhaps I could have passed this thing called real life with a better grade. It’s a real struggle trying to figure this thing out you know. A little help and truthful advice would’ve been nice.

Although there is not a road map or self-help book on how to live real life, never be afraid to participate in it.

Just remember life is a marathon not a sprint, so live your real life to the fullest until you die.


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