America Is A Shit Hole Country Too

America is a good country for people who happen to be born into good circumstances, if you happen to be the right color, an heir to some…

America Is A Shit Hole Country Too

America is a good country for people who happen to be born into good circumstances, if you happen to be the right color, an heir to some old fortune, willing to be the model ethnic person, or a White male.

But America is also a bad country and can be as cruel, violent, punitive, impoverished, classist, discriminatory, and evil as any of the countries current and past Presidents deemed shit holes.

Many Americans love to say we’re better than this because we’re the greatest or richest country in world, because we spearheaded the industrial revolution, or because we make the most junk to make life easier.

Well, I’m a firm believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t see America through those rosy lenses.

The people usually speaking so highly of America are typically the ones doing well for themselves, not having to fight or scrape for anything. They have the luxury of not seeing the inequities and injustices. These book-smart folks are comfortable in enough ways so they don’t get to see how shitty America is for other people. Their money, privilege, power, skin color or combination of all the above affords them shelter from America’s shit holes.

America has shit hole states, shit hole communities and plenty of shitty people to make us to help make us the shit hole nation we are.

America is supposed to be the best country in the world for immigrants, but we Americans will roll up the welcome mat when we think too many Black and Brown people are browning these stolen states called America.

America claims to be the land of plenty, but it’s also a place where certain Americans will claim there is never enough and where some villain is always taking something away from them.

America treats the majority of it’s people shitty. She lies to them, she steals from them, she cheats them, she thrives on giving them sub-par or overpriced things they need to survive like healthcare, and she doesn’t treat her children equally.

This shit hole nation has had a permanent class of people deemed by White Supremacists to be subhuman since slavery. America continuously blames these victims of institutional racism for their Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (PTSD) injuries without ever acknowledging their role in making the lives of those people shitty.

America is a place that focuses on freedom and liberty instead of fairness and justice. The two are not the same thing, and most of the citizens don’t know it. Without justice and fairness, their can never be equality and America revels in maintaining inequality inside and outside of its borders.

America tricks her children into believing they are free when they are actually enslaved, owned by corporations, politicians, drugs, labels, social constructs, unfair laws, inequitable wealth, and debt they are told that’s good for them.

America is probably one of the few industrialized nations where you can literally work until you die.

Inequality are the founding principles of the nation. People who don’t experience inequality, don’t realize or comprehend it. People who do live inequality, can’t escape it.

Not only is America a shit hole nation, we help make other nations shit holes too. America has either started wars or helped to destabilize nations to start wars to create shit hole nations for their own exploitative purposes with no regard for the citizens of those so-called shit hole nations.

America is the rich nation where people can starve to death, children can sleep in cars and no one is bothered by it, where citizens get sick and can’t afford to get well, and where people who work all their lives can’t afford to grow old and die in peace.

America is the place that creates shit for consumption the world doesn’t need, for people who already have more than enough. America even devises plans to brainwash us all into thinking we need the stuff that keeps up poor, indebted, enslaved, stressed.

America is a nation with two tracks. There is a rich track and then there’s the other track for the regular folks.

America would have you believe there is a White track and everyone else track. A citizen track, and a immigrant track. There is a patriot track, and a terrorist track. The last track often confuses America’s children because many don’t know the difference between the two. America has for centuries tricked onlookers into thinking there are multiple races and classes when there are really only two, a rich one and poor one.

America is a nation where you’ll accrue debt to go college only to get a job that will never pay you enough money to pay that debt off.

American people will tell you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, then call the police on you when you try to.

America is the nation where you have to be deemed good to do even the most basic things needed to survive, like working (requires good credit), banking (requires good credit), and renting or buying a home (requires good credit). America allows corporations to make your life imperfect by laying you off with no security, for no reason, with zero penalty, then they screw up your credit making it harder for the people to recover.

America is a nation that will allow corporations, hospitals, and governments to unnecessarily bankrupt it’s citizens.

America is a place where police can roam the nation like rebels, beating, killing, and framing certain segments of people, while others watch doing nothing. These terrorists not only get to terrorize the people, they receive rewards of protection by the government, taxpayers, jurors, and insurers.

America is a place where some of the wealthiest communities are also some of the dirtiest because they hide some of the most evil, ruthless people. They wear big diamond rings, drive huge Bentleys, and hate each other because they envy their neighbor’s ill-gotten treasures. These corporate thieves, evangelists, and politicians hide inside of mansions in their gated communities with the riches they’ve stolen from the lowest men. They smile all the way to the bank.

America is a place that allows White men to do damned near anything to its citizens they want to and does nothing to stop them. It’s home of the White man’s dreams and the Black man’s nightmares.

America is a nation where people can work every day can still be poor.

It’s a place where cheaters win and citizens condone it. Cheating politicians win. Cheating corporations win. Cheating businesses win. Cheating communities win. Cheating rich criminals win. Cheating football teams win. Cheating banks win. The message: Cheaters win!

America is a place where wealthy people who contribute to society the least are well-regarded and paid handsomely while the people who contribute the most are treated like shit and paid the least. Why does a professional athlete make more than a teacher, and why aren’t we outraged by that?

America is a nation that specializes in propaganda. The government sanctions it. People are free to believe the lies their government sells to them. They’re taught to trust their government and to distrust their neighbors.

Our political leaders steal from our government too. They just teach us we aren’t really seeing what we see and call the theft by other names.

America is a place where systemic and institutional racism have been identified as primary sources for our national inequality, yet leaders will try to institute band aids such as universal income benefits to fix it. Money can’t fix racism which leads to inequality.

America is the biggest gaslighter and domestic abuser. She’ll beat you down and tell you it’s okay, extend a hand to help you up, then beat you back down.

America’s government is extremely capitalistic. She specializes in wanting the most from employees and contractors, but paying them the least. She tells you that you should be grateful about it too.

America is a liar. She promises you the moon and stars and gives you a dirty trash can as a constellation prize. She’ll say you can be whatever you want to, but you can’t. She says anyone can have the American dream, but they can’t. You can be anything you want to she tells us, but you can’t.

America doesn’t apologize. She’ll kill your mother, your child, your sister, or your cousin, take your home, or allow your child to die at school and never apologizes for it.

We are as corrupt as any African or Latin American country, we just don’t admit it.

America says she’s a nation of immigrants, but she’s really a nation of privileged White Supremacists. She even brainwashes immigrants and citizens who aren’t White to join her White Supremacist team.

America is bigger, so our shit holes seem smaller.

America must be a real shithole considering the amount of North Americans fleeing to Costa Rica, the Caribbean and other countries. People can’t afford to live in America, not comfortably anyway.

Beautiful countries have been turned into shit hole countries by European and American colonization. Since America was stolen from the Native American Indians and ruined with highways, concrete jungles, capitalism, industrialization, non-native people, and invasive species of plants, fish and animals.

To me, all these things helps to make the United States of America the biggest shit hole nation in the world.