America Is Impeaching Another Racist President

Defeating state sanctioned racism is the national lesson we just can’t seem to grasp. A comparison of Donald Trump and Andrew Johnson.

America Is Impeaching Another Racist President
Current Racist President Donald J. Trump. Source/Wikimedia Commons

Two Different Racist, Same Kind of Madness

While I believe most of our Presidents have been racist, two of the most overtly racist, Donald J. Trump and Andrew Johnson, have the dubious honor of being impeached. Trump and Johnson had similar circumstances leading up to their impeachments. Like Johnson, I believe the Senate will not remove Trump from office because blind White male trust in White male authority acts as an impenetrable force, and they will do ANYTHING to assure that White authority is maintained.

I looked back over history to see how the two Presidents measured up to each other. It was scary. It caused me to question how men like these continue to rise in power, and what’s wrong with White men that they’d continue to vote for men like Trump and Johnson as if they don’t know they have the power to tear the country apart.

President Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of the United States, and the first President to be impeached. Johnson was Southern, coming into power after the Civil War in 1865. Like Trump, he was an unexpected President, and a narcissist.

Unlike Trump, Johnson had political experience, having served in the Tennessee legislature, U.S. Congress, and was governor of Tennessee. Johnson was the only Southern senator to remain loyal to the Union during the U.S. Civil War.

Trump has been pretty overtly treasonous in my opinion as he loves up our strongmen enemies and hates our loyal allies. Here we are 151 years later and we can look back over our past to foretell our future with Trump’s Impeachment. If you can’t tell where this train is going, you truly have a vision problem. Our Commander-in-Chief has ushered in White Supremacy (again). It won’t be going anywhere without a battle, except this time, the United States government is the official rebel. And no war in this nation has started without one ending it. Black people and people of color, you should be getting ready for a season of only having yourselves to protect each other.

White people will be fine. White allies (formerly known as abolitionist) will be fine too mostly. They’ll have the luxury of crossing over and going back home. Black folks and Brown folks, read your history books and remember America has never atoned for anything they’ve ever done to us, nor have they put an end to racial discrimination, racist policing, or White Nationalist violence.

Ignore history at your own peril.

Southern Congressmen Rebel (Again)

Before and after the Civil War, Whites in the South rebelled against America. While my old home states of South Carolina was the first to secede from the Union (December 20, 1860), the other states that seceded were Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. The South is a stubborn, cruel place where White Supremacy refuses to die and White men do their damnedest to keep it on life support

Today, Southern Republican Whites are still rebelling from those same states. Just look at the hearings, look at the representatives, and see for yourself. Former slave states Kentucky, Mitch McConnell’s home state, and Missouri get honorable mentions for staying racist and resistant. Way to go America.

The Striking Similarities of the Times

Andrew Johnson and Donald Trump were both racist. Andrew Johnson was impeached, but saved from removal from office by one vote. Unless the House of Representatives Chambers is swallowed by a massive sinkhole, Trump will also be impeached. He won’t be removed because the Grand Old Party members of the Senate are entrenched in White Supremacy.

Andrew Johnson reconstructed his own racist type of government where he directed states to create their own governments so they could deprive freed slaves of the rights and civil liberties that were given to them with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Trump, through Executive Orders upheld by our courts, deprives Latin Americans coming across the Southern Borders of Texas of their civil and human rights.

Congressional leaders primarily from the Confederate States of America were pro cruelty to Negros/Blacks, Africans, African descendants of slaves back then. Those states and their representatives were problems back then for Blacks and people of color, and they still are today. Congressional leaders representing those same states are still pro cruelty to Blacks, Latin Americans, Mexicans, Arabs, Africans, and any Brown folks today despite having some of the highest populations of minorities in their states nationally. Those leaders also have the loudest, most rebellious voices in the Republic Party today.

The Confederacy never died. The Civil War never ended.

The old White racist mans enemy back in the old days were freed and enslaved Negros, Africans, and African descendants of slaves. The new enemy of White racist men, men passing as White, ignorant Blacks, and People of Color today are Mexicans (Which is White coded language for anyone from Latin America) followed by Black and Brown people from countries deemed shit holes and terrorist breeders.

Andrew Johnson allowed Southern states to come up with Black Codes. Trump didn’t have to do anything with this one because America has continued to embrace inequality and racial discrimination, but he himself as a private citizen and business man engaged in Black and Brown Codes too.

Dolly, Andrew Johnson’s first slave, holds his grandson. Source

Both men had plans to strip away rights of people they believed where inhumane. Andrew Johnson wanted to revoke the rights and protections given to freed slaves. He opposed the 14th Amendment which gave rights to former slaves. Donald Trump revokes the rights of Latin Americans crossing the Mexican border, taking their children, putting them in detention camps, and sending those convicted of crimes to private prisons in rural places with sentences to hard labor.

Andrew Johnson did not respect his Cabinet Secretaries, including the Secretary of War. Trump has also shown his aversion for his high-ranking military generals and intelligence officials.

Until now, Andrew Johnson was regarded as one of the worst Presidents of the United States. Today, Trump, with striking similarities to Johnson, Trump has earned the title of being the worst President in modern American history.

Both men were bigots. Trump still is. Johnson hated facts, and so does Trump.

Johnson opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Trump and his Administration opposes the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and are a part of a legal challenge with Comcast to strike down the act. Both men have given impromptu, rambling speeches where they referred to themselves as victims, and accused leaders in both parties of seeking their demise. Both men oppose civil rights for Blacks, and they believe only White men should have rights.

Both Presidents did national tours to speak to their supporters, to have their weak, narcissistic egos stroked, and to sell their evil, segregationist plans. There is no difference between Trump rallies today and Johnson’s “Swing Around the Circle” speaking tours. Both men tried to gain support for their racist policies. Both men alienated quite a few voters, but not enough to run either of their foolish asses out of office, unfortunately.

Both men provided refuge/amnesty for rebels of the union. Johnson claim African Americans were doing better since they were free and did not support reparations. Trump supported Charlottesville, Virgina’s race rally in 2017 and condones David Duke, the Proud Boys, and other White Supremacists groups vowing civil wars against Black and Brown citizens. Also like Johnson, Trump does not support reparations.

Trump considers himself a deal maker, so did Andrew Johnson. Johnson was a horrendous deal maker and Donald Trump is too.

Johnson supported binding African-Americans laborers to farms on annual contracts they could not quit and allowed law enforcement to arrest African Americans to use as chain gang labor. Trump has used and supports using and exploiting undocumented Hispanic labor. He allows federal, state, and local law enforcement to arrest these people, and allows for-profit prisons to use those undocumented immigrants arrested for labor.

Andrew Johnson believed in a White man’s government. Trump and his Cabinet has illustrated they a pro-White man’s government too.

Congress was reluctant to confront Johnson. This Congress has been reluctant to confront Trump. Johnson only worked with his parties, the Democratic Party. Trump only works with his party, the Republican Party.

America has seen a man like Trump hold office before, and both men have a lot in common. We’ve even impeached a man like Trump before. This event is nothing new. What we need to come to grips with nationally is the large number of racist we have. We also need to question why is it that our nationally racism won’t die.

There Is Nothing New Under the American Flag

This is America. I wish people would stop saying we are better than this. We’re not. Read your history books. White men have carried White Supremacist waters since the founding of the nation.

We are this. America has always had trouble with the rebellious South. White men have always betrayed people with Black skin. White Southerners have always delighted in Black people not having rights. Today’s GOP desires the same for Latin Americans they believe are moving up and taking over “their” stuff. America is racist. America has always been racist.

And unless the good White people work to control and contain the bad White people, destroy racial discrimination, make America fair, defeat racist parties, acknowledge and deal with White terrorism and review/revise racist policies, America will continue to have resurgences in White Supremacy and White Nationalism. Blacks and minorities aren’t America’s problem no matter how hard they try to compare our deficiencies to their fabricated superiority.

White Supremacy and racist White people are America’s most pressing problem.

This impeachment of Trump is not a time to celebrate. If history is any indicator of what comes next, America will get new racist laws written by rebellious, racist states; new racist Black and Brown codes will be written to subjugate the people they were written for; new policies will be created to further favor of White men, White power, White privilege; and new racist hate groups will be created to fight their fellow citizens because they believe Black and Brown is subhuman. Also expect the government to stop the victims from doing the same.

America is racist, and until White America atones for the sins of their ancestors, repairs, and makes whole the people they’ve unjustly offended, we will continue to deal with racist leaders and resurgences of White rule.

These are sad and scary times, I hope White people understand how dangerous times are right now.

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