America’s Sky Is Falling

And the White people in charge aren’t do anything to save us from it.

America’s Sky Is Falling

And the White people in charge aren’t do anything to save us from it.

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I’ve said on more than one occasion that America is in dire straights and it’s increasingly frustrating to see so much incompetence in our national, state, and local government. As a Black person, I feel like White people are trying to kill me and my family members.

Not all White people of course. Please don’t get me started on the need for special designations at this time. I’m just not in the mood for White fragility.

The people in charge are predominantly White. The people doing the terrorizing in America are predominantly White. The people in charge of protecting us are predominantly White. The people voting to repeal voting laws are predominantly White. The people seated in the courts, trying civil rights infringing cases, and making decisions about the lives and livelihoods of Blacks are predominantly White. The dumbest, most uncooperative, anti-humanity state governments in America are run by White people. The people obstructing both state and federal government from taking care of our business are White people, especially White men. The people who are crying about desperate, unemployed, and underemployed people getting a one-time $1,400 check are White people.

The people delaying our reparations requests…White people. Why do we need a study when the entire world knows what in the hell has been done to Africans-Americans? It’s insane!

I’m tired of White people and White people shit.

America’s sky is falling. We’re living in a failed state. No one with power is doing anything about it. We pay each Congressional Representative $170,000 to represent us. They go and do whatever they feel like. Racist White folks are on the racist, segregationist train full-speed ahead, and there is nothing stopping them. In just two short years, Republicans will have undone almost 50-years of Black fights just so they can stay their inept, corrupt asses in power.

All because they don’t want America to get Blacker and Browner.

White people, not all White people, just the ones I’m referring to, are some of the most selfish motherfuckers living in America. If you’re the White person still offended at Black people talking candidly about the ridiculousness of Whiteness, you sure are racist.

Just take a look around at all the shit Whiteness has ruined in four short years. We told you this was going to happen, but no one listened. Here we are, on life-support. We’re in an ocean without a life raft. Black people are on a sinking ship with the very people who pulled the plug on the upright ship in perfectly good condition in the first place.

Racism did this. White men with the help of a lot of enabling White women did this. If you could never see the impact racism has on societies and how it impacts all of us (eventually), you’re getting a front-row seat at a horror movie.

America is what apathy turns into when allowed to fester for too long.

Being anti-racist means being able to admit the ridiculousness of Whiteness. Racism is the driver of all of this. Wanting to retain White privilege is the reason for our skies falling. Not understanding the luxury of White privilege at this moment is contributing to our demise. We’re watching White people around the nation make decisions and not care about their privilege.

We’re watching daily the lack of urgency. We see White politicians playing football with our lives. There is no regard for our physical, mental, emotional, or financial well-being. America is treating us all as slaves. To these White politicians and their White supporters, if you can’t make America any money, it doesn’t make sense to them.

The wearing down of poor, desperate people is shameful. We’re nothing more than a wealthy third-world nation. This place doesn’t work anymore. America doesn’t even work for America anymore. The only thing we can do is prepare ourselves for the fall.

And yes, we’re going to fall spectacularly. Hard.

It’s going to be ugly. White people did this. All Black and Brown people did was vote out Cheetoh Satan, reject their oppression, denying White Supremacy what it believes is rightly theirs. We rejected the past. We demand respect. We want change.

What we’re witnessing at this moment is what White people always do when they get angry and can’t have their way.

White folks will call the manager.

They scream and have fits.

They demanded to be heard and gaslight us.

They obstruct.

They make us repeat ourselves.

They keep their foot on our necks.

It’s been extremely frustrating watching the sky fall. I hope folks are no longer fooled into believing a vote is going to save us. Voting has never resolved racism. Electing the next White savior has never moved the needle for Black people. Electing the first Black saviors with so much proximity to Whiteness isn’t going to save us either.

We’re screwed.

White people have waiting too long to see the truth. They’ve allowed the old guard to retain power for too long. Boomers have held onto power for so long they have don’t want to let go. They literally sucked the life out of this nation. I hope you’re preparing for more hard times. If the debacle in Texas has shown us anything, it’s that there is no bottom to Whiteness.

Whiteness will kill you to preserve itself and save itself in the social hierarchy it has created. We’re stuck.

The solution is simple. White people need to relinquish power and be okay with that. Their reins should be over, especially in spaces where Black and Brown people reside. It needs to happen with no back door escape hatches and no retaliation. White people need to step back, release, and atone. The earth can’t take much more of colonizing and all the inequity that comes with that ideology.

Whiteness needs to relinquish its status and be equals to everyone else. Suffer along with the rest of us. Whiteness needs to allow others to fix what’s broken, right what’s wrong, and they need to live with the fact they’ve had their opportunities. Your services are no longer needed. You’ve done enough already.

America’s sky is falling, and it looks like it’s in a free fall. We must continue to prepare for anything and everything. Power outages, water shortages, food shortages, natural disasters, rising grocery prices, and White anarchy provoking a Black response are all possibilities. White people in power have shown they aren’t going to save us. They can’t (or won’t) even save themselves.

There is nothing sadder than seeing White men cower to other White men who have attempted to have them killed. White people are afraid of their own people. What kind of fucking monsters are they?

Their fear is insanity. It’s not rational either, but it speaks to the corrupt nature and psychopathic power Whiteness has over White people. We’re not coming out of this unscathed. A few weeks ago it was Texas. In a few months, it will be some sort of Florida or the Gulf Coast during hurricane season. In the fall it will be the West Coast. Being left high and dry will be greeting us all sooner than we think.

We’re being lead by a cabal of too many White idiots who care more about impressing each other than saving us. White idiots are plentiful and the line of succession is never-ending. The next crop of racist idiots is being groomed and influenced as we speak. These idiots will ensure we fail. Nobody has time for this bullshit. There are too many things going on for any of this to be a coincidence.

Please prepare and pay attention.

America’s sky is falling, and no one is going to save us from it. At least have your own life raft and rations to survive the aftermath of our demise.

Marley K., 2021 ©

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