An End of Year Thank You To My Medium Followers

We made it, and I’m so thankful!

An End of Year Thank You To My Medium Followers

We made it, and I’m so thankful!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Well ya’ll, we made it to the end of the year. If you survived, you deserve a drink. Really, you deserve a drink! We’ve hobbled to the very last day of 2020 and I’m grateful to still be among the living. So many of us didn’t make it. I don’t want to even want to think about it. My goal was simple for 2020. I wanted to survive and help get Trump out of office. I was able to do both. I also wanted to share my views with my readers on how racism got us all into this mess.

Racism is at the root of every problem this country has today, and I feel I was able to get that points across through my extra tough essays.

My emotions were all over the place like so many Black creatives and writers in America this year. Racism touched us in ways our generation hadn’t seen before. I think most Black people like myself had sensory overload after the George Floyd killing, impeachment, Covid, quarantine, and 4-years of a racist President. Writing was not only an outlet for a lot of us to express our feelings, it was also a way for us to make 2020 a teachable moment for White people. Doing nothing is no longer fashionable.

It’s never going to be fashionable or comfortable to be racist again as long as I can write.

Racism and White Supremacy were the topics of 2020, and racism and White Supremacy will be the number one topics for Black people of 2021. A race war is brewing, Covid-19 is still raging, and racism is the reason for it all. We are going to into another year of uncertainty, and I’m going to be right here stuck in the thick of it, live from the field. I hope you’re in this for the long haul. I love Black people, and I want us to be well. I thank you all for taking the time to learn about how racism harms us.

I tried my best to dice and splice racism to make it digestible for those reading. Sometimes it wasn’t plated pleasantly, and that was intentional. Racism doesn’t feel good, so White people shouldn’t have the privilege of remaining comfortable. They cause our discomfort, and I’m here to let them know about it.

I decided to do a video to express my gratitude to my followers and to say goodbye to 2020.

I started a new YouTube Channel. In 2021, I’ll be adding context to my essays with videos and doing some live chats on current events surrounding racism and White Supremacy (pray for me, please). My first video is below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you’d like to know when my videos are available for viewing. I promise I won’t bombard you with a bunch of stuff. I can barely keep up with my Twitter and Medium accounts (lol).

Again, thank you for reading my work, and thank you for finding value in my thoughts. You all are appreciated. I know I feel appreciated. `

Welp, be safe, keep fighting, never stop learning, and wear your masks. We gotta make it out of 2021 too. My annual token of appreciation to you all is below. Love ya, and thanks again.

Happy New Year,

Marley K., December 31, 2020

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