Angry White Mobs Are Not New To America

White people have always fought change. It’s also time for White folks to look in the mirror at the nation’s violent history.

Angry White Mobs Are Not New To America

White people have always fought change. It’s also time for White folks to look in the mirror at the nation’s violent history.

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America Is In Shambles

The nation’s Capital Building was breached this week, and no one Black is surprised. Whiteness’ insatiable appetite for violence combined with White people’s unwillingness to see themselves for who they truly are has led to the most humiliating breach of the nation’s capital in America history. It’s embarrassing. Our allies are looking at us as if we’re insane. The world feels sorry for us.

So many White people were duped by a racist con man and compromised government officials not once, but twice. The result of the con are impossible to comprehend.

I wasn’t shocked at the insurrection this past Wednesday, because this kind of rebellion has been happening in America since Black folks were freed from slavery. Before I move on, let me make one thing clear. The White mob that ascended upon the nation’s Capital Building held a race riot. Yes, it was insurrection, but it was also a race riot. A large subset of White people do not want Black people, Jewish people, Hispanics, and other Brown folks to have power. If the government isn’t white enough or when things appear to be shifting away from centering Whiteness, White men have always gathered to violently overthrow minorities to take over with absolutely no punishment from the federal and state governments.

History is simply repeating itself.

Some History On White Mobs in America

White mobs began gathering in the 1870s and have never stopped. There was the Meridian, Mississippi race riot of 1871, the Colfax Massacre in Louisiana in April 1873, the New Orleans riot of July 1866, the Memphis, Tennessee riot of May 1866, to name a few, occurred under the passive and sometimes direct hand of the local police. Police helping White mobs terrorize Black people is as old as America.

Anytime Black people are allowed to vote, choose their own people they trust to lead them, or try to leave peacefully, White mobs come snatch our wins from the jaws of victory. White mobs stole power from Blacks in Wilmington, North Carolina (1898), Tulsa, Oklahoma (1921), Rosewood, Florida (1923), and the Charleston Riot of 1876.

Black people have never had due process when it comes to the White mobs in America. The calls for unity, justice, and moving forward is a continuation of Black victimization in America. It’s also the reason I know things are going to get a lot worse. Anytime you see White people talking about moving forward to protect the nation, they are only focusing on the White part of America. Justice is never a concern for them.

In recent White mob history, when President Obama was elected no one had anything to say when Obama was being threatened with long guns at his rallies. White people proclaimed racists were protected under the 2nd Amendment. Mobs got permission to gather back in 2009. When White people started allowing White people to disrespect a Black president with long guns, I knew this was going to go downhill fast.

The disrespect for public officials began with the Mitch McConnell’s one-term president decree to aggrieved White America, which led to the Tea Party, that led to birtherism, which transitioned into Trumpism, which finally led to the January 6th insurrection. White politicians on both sides of the aisle either took part in, condoned, ignored, or enabled racist White folks getting out of hand.

That tolerance for White extremism leading to the Ya’ll Qaeda insurrection we witnessed Wednesday.

White Radicals Aren’t New Either

White people have been radicalized again, just like they were by George Wallace, David Duke, Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd, Bull Connor, Edgar J. Hoover, Andrew Jackson and so many other racists White men in our nation’s history. White people stole this country and built it up using violence, terrorizing Black people. American cannot sustain itself without violence. Anytime White rule appears to be shifting and White power appears to be diminishing, White people become enraged, which leads to White violence.

With the seating of Kamala Harris on January 20th 2021, a fresh wave of White violence and White rage will begin. White Supremacists can’t have another Black person in their White House again. It apparently sends them over the edge.

America once again shows us who she is, and the world should finally believe us. This is exactly who we are. This is who we’ve always been.

White Power: We’ve Been Here Before

White violence and White rage are nothing new. The struggle to maintain White power is nothing new. White people wanting to get back to normal and move past rough patches in “their” democracy and Black folks’ autocracy is nothing. White people ignoring racism is nothing new. The White hesitancy, the fact White folks seem unable to get this shit right at 400+ years, and the moving as slow as molasses to get things done is nothing new with White domestic terrorism. We’ve been here before. We’ve heard all the excuses before.

For African Americans, the scenes of this week are as old as slavery. We’ve seen our churches burned, seen our sons and fathers accused of crimes they didn’t commit, our men and women lynched, watched our homes be torched, and our stuff plundered through and taken by White men. We’ve watched the justice system not work time and time again, heard racial slurs, seen nooses, and White men walk away Scott-free. None of this is nothing new to us. We’ve seen the savageness of Whiteness before.

White mobs have been ambushing politicians in state and local capitals all over America all last year because they didn’t want to wear a mask. They were simply doing dry runs for breaching the Capital Building. Rioting at capital buildings is nothing new.

We’ve also seen White America put the legacies and concerns of White people before the trauma, pain, and rights of Black people. Black people have had their votes taken away, we have been watching White folks check into and out of fighting White Supremacy, and we’ve witnessed their delayed reactions to White violence. We’ve waited for justice and nothing happened too. We’ve been here before, this is nothing new.

America has allowed police to be White Supremacists for as long as there have been police, and many of our politicians have always been in White Supremacist groups at the same time. Nothing new to see here. All one needs to do is read American history books on White Supremacy, the Reconstruction Era, or visit the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, and you’ll learn all the dirty little secrets on how long this nation has engaged in White terror. This isn’t our nation’s first racist rodeo.

Nothing happening now is new to America.

There Was One Thing New

There is one thing new with the latest episode of White terrorism. This was the first time protestors, terrorists, or objectors could get into and destroy the nation’s capital. What should’ve been the most secure place on earth was run through like an old tent. White police even helped protestors breach the joint. I’m still meditating on the visuals. White people were scaling the sides of the nation’s Capital Building like monkeys. Hanging from the sides, climbing it when they could’ve simply used stairs, tearing shit up like they weren’t accustomed to having nice things. White folks acted like the Capital Building wasn’t their house. If they were Black and behaving in that manner, I’m sure White people would have been called ghetto.

Trump questioned Obama’s legitimacy in the same way White people constantly force Black people to confirm they belong. Questioning the legitimacy of anything Black people do or say in America is not new.

No one has ever breached and destroyed the nation’s Capital Building the way White domestic terrorists could on this past Wednesday. America looked exactly like the so-called “shithole countries” White people love to belittle. White people have given democracies and budding democracies world-wide a reason to think twice about taking advice from us on democracy.

The world is finally seeing how anti-Black this nation is, and how it works diligently to disenfranchise and undermine the Black vote.

The Worst Is Yet To Come

I tried to tell you what was coming, but few White people listened.

I was called a pessimist. I’ve been told I needed to be nicer to White readers.

I was hit countless times with bothsiderism, the “not all White people” whines, and concern trolled about my “anger.” The nerve.

Black people tried to tell you what was happening. It had nothing to do with voting for Hillary or Bernie or Hillary and Trump in 2016.

If you’re that shallow to believe White Supremacy wasn’t brewing after 8-years of Obama, you weren’t paying attention. You were drunk having drank your respective political party’s koolaid. This insurrection was going to happen sooner if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders had won, and later if more minorities got elected.

America is changing, minority populations are growing, and most of us are tired of White rule. White rule isn’t having any of it. It concedes nothing; it fights to the death, killing itself along the way.

Black people have been fighting to free ourselves from oppression, and White rage keeps stopping us.

As always with American racism, White Supremacy, and White violence, there’s more. There is always more. White people have already handled insurrection like they’ve handled everything else in America related to racism. They are ready to get comfy again. As soon as White politicians have the opportunity, they revert to the feelings of White America instead of following the laws on the books for handling matters such as the insurrection, rioting, and domestic terrorism.

White people in America need to do some soul searching. How you proceed going forward about White rage, White violence, and racism will set the stage for your children and grandchildren. How you proceed moving forward will determine whether you’re going to be for us or against us?

People will look to hear what you all have to say about the state of America, and let me tell you White people, you don’t have any room to get this wrong. Our patience is gone, our nerves are shot, and our senses are heightened. We see the police are corrupt; the government is corrupt, and we have no friends. More White violence is on the horizons. The type of violence third world countries experience when extremism takes hold.

What I can tell you is that if you’ve studied coups in other countries, traitors and terrorists never stop until they are successful, and violence always comes before submission. Racism is at the root of this nation’s problems.

Every White Republican politician standing up on the Senate and House floors claiming votes shouldn’t count because of fraud are essentially saying they don’t believe Black people should have the right to vote. Study the Whig Party. Replace slaves with Black people, and slavery with the rights of Black people. Compare the leaders from Whig Party to the Republican Party today.

History is repeating itself. White people are predictable. History already shows what’s going to happen next. Republicans are already jumping ship and heading to the Democratic Party. They won’t change, but they will change the party, driving out minorities who have been harmed by the Republican Party.

You can’t be kind to these people. They see kindness as weakness. Kindness to racists says you’re okay with their behavior. Conceding to get back to normal just means they’ll be back again to do more harm. The next time, they’ll be successful. Rioters erected a noose and hunted Vice-President Mike Pence to hang him. Trump attempted to kill his entire line of succession Wednesday, and Pence is hesitating on invoking the 25th Amendment, putting us all in danger.

Conceding to these racist people now would be like the Founders conceding with Southern slave owners to ratify the 13th Amendment. The South lost the battle, but they won the war. We are fighting the Confederacy still today. The Confederacy now is all of America.

We’re not unifying for the sake of getting along and moving forward. I’m not interested in unity before we finally get justice. Black Americans need justice. We also need reparations. This entire insurrection is about White people continuing the trend of disenfranchising Black and Brown, in particular Black people.

White men wanted to discount Black votes, after making it more difficult for us all to vote. They used a pandemic to kill us. Asking us to unify is asking us to forget and forgive White people for the being complicit in plans to disregard our humanity more.

We cannot unify until we receive justice. There won’t be any peace, and there sure as hell won’t be any getting back to normal. The world has seen the hypocrisy of America and whiteness, and none of us can unsee it. The shame of what Whiteness allowed to happen should follow White Americans for the rest of their days. White people should spend the rest of their lives trying to make sure this will happen again, but we already know they won’t, because all most White people care about is their comfort. That’s how I know things will only get worse.

This is going to get ugly White people. This is a monster you created. I’ve been saying it for the past year, and hopefully White people will understand what I’m saying now. You can’t brunch your way out of this.

White folks can’t ignore your way out of this problem.

White pundits will never get you out of this, in fact, cancel your subscriptions to them and pay Black and Brown people living through this to tell you what’s going to happen next. Don’t you dare try to pink pussy hat your way out of this. Racism is a White people’s problem, and it’s going to require White people to be the solution. Study your history and do something different. You already know what happens when you don’t.

White journalists enabled a Donald J. Trump Presidency. They allowed the Tea Party and birtherism to live calling it White grievance instead of what it really was, White Supremacy and racism. White pundits both Democratic and Republican played with fire, ignoring the obvious, choosing to thing the best whiteness. They fucked up royally and still are by not keeping it real with White people. If you’re still reading White centered media with all White faces, you will not see the train wreck coming. The White optimism and obliviousness of White media kills.

White optimism led to the coup and insurrection. It’s time to become realists and pessimists. Dark days are coming, and White people watched it happen and did nothing. Black people, get ready. White people cannot and will not help us. Neither will the federal government. They can’t even help themselves.

White people have all had the privilege of ignoring our problems so they could remain comfortable. They thought racism was just our problem and that they could check in and check out antiracism when they got ready. Well, look at us now.

The worst is yet to come. If you don’t know how we got here, I’d like to advise you to read some of my old stuff, especially the barely read pieces here on Medium. They were some of the richest preludes to what was going on, and White people ignored it. White Americans made this bed, now we all gotta lay in it.

I honestly have no faith in White people being better or doing better. Just listening to them hand-wringing over whether to impeach because whatever lame white excuses says all we need to know about curbing the behavior of White Supremacists. More terrorism is coming. Unfortunately, now the entire world knows we have no guardrails. We must worry about threats, stateside and threats possibly coming from abroad.

All those people roaming the nation’s Capital Building weren’t all American. One terrorist arrested spoke Russian and needed a translator which means they are likely operatives. O’Conner

These are dark days, and they’ll only get darker before things get brighter. If White people do not get a grip on White Supremacy, the next coup will be successful. People will die, and your democracy will be gone. This is what happens when you don’t punish bad people and don’t address racism.

America has shown us who she is again, and I believe her. The worst of her is yet to come. It didn’t have to be this way.

Marley K. in Quarantine 2021, the week of insurrection.

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