As The Prosecution and Defense Rest in the Chauvin Murder Trial, Black People Cannot

A war is brewing in America and White people are clearly thinking this is just another year they can be apathetic and disengaged. If there is no rest for us, there won't be any rest for them either.

As The Prosecution and Defense Rest in the Chauvin Murder Trial, Black People Cannot

The Never Ending Cycle of Black Death, White Violence, and Injustice

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As both the Prosecution and Defense rested their cases last week and began giving their closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, America has had several more police killings of young Black men as well as on young woman. A thirteen year old Hispanic young male was also killed recently. A fresh video of a police shooting was released a few days ago. Before we could get a break and a verdict, more police killings have taken place. Even a former Black sheriff went on a shooting spree this past weekend in Austin, Texas killing his wife and stepchildren.

This is too much. It's just too much. The cycle of death and injustice are coming at us entirely too fast.

The trauma of all this police and civilian violence and not having time to recover is dangerous for Black folks' health. The police are clearly gone wild. It's safe to say there aren't any good ones.

Maybe training police to have the mindset they have the right to go home and we don't was a bad idea. Giving scary White people with implicit biases guns wasn't such a great idea either. Allowing racists to serve in public spaces is bad for public safety. American policing practices are inhumane. Our systems are broken. Just watch one of the top law enforcement trainers in the country talks about killing civilians and have great sex afterwards.

Resist Programming on

Our leaders could fix policing and White Supremacy in America, but they won't. Like with big pharma, there is no money in cures, only medications to temporarily patch us up, keeping us addicted to the promise of being better, but never fully cured. And like with most medicines, once you start taking them for one ailment, the meds usually create a new ailment. That's how patchwork legislation works with policing and racism.

Further complicating things is the fact White people are not seriously vested in changing these systems and practices in America. Hell, White people aren't even vested in knowing just how bad things are. They aren't changing because they have more to lose than any of us. This is why you see the hemming and hawing, insisting we be content with incremental change. Incremental change benefits White people, not the people in dire need of transformative progress.

Most White people are perfectly fine holding onto the reigns of power in all aspects of America society, including pretending to reform policing which in my opinion cannot be reformed. Please don't forget nearly 80 million people voted for Trump and White Supremacy. They are still alive and kicking ready to assert themselves politically in 2022 and 2024, because politics is how White folks conduct their racist business. It's how racist White folks get and keep power.

The slow-moving coup is still on, White violence is still happening all over the place, and the Derek Chauvin trial has finally ended. And while the prosecution and defense rested their cases, Black folks cannot rest theirs. There is no rest for weary Black souls in this nation. We must keep going, staying vigilant and fighting the good fight in spite of.

We're tired. I'm tired too.  The trauma from living in our own skin has Black people exhausted.

There Is a Method To Supremacist Madness

The police killings and the harassing of Black people by power hungry cops in my opinion aren't random occurrences. White police seem to have a certain type of Black victim they are in search of.

Usually Black (but at times Whites, Hispanics, and Native Americans are ensnared into state sanctioned genocide program), male, between the ages of not looking so much a like young boy to men in the 40s or 50s, childbearing age. It also seems racists cops have a preference for our young men, as if to intentionally be planning to rob us of our youth by snuffing out Black and Brown futures. White police are playing a game of chicken with our community.

How else do you explain Black people making up 28% of those killed by police in 2020 despite comprising only 13% of the national population? We're killed at higher rate than Whites. If you only look in one direction, at Black people, of course you're only going to see our flaws and not the flaws of the majority of law breakers in the country.

The Police Violence Mapping highlights where police killing have been occurring in America. Keep in mind, not all police precincts report police killings, so the data is not be accurate, but as accurate as can be. The government doesn't track police killings.

Mapping Police Violence
America’s most comprehensive database of killings by police. Learn the facts about police brutality and how to address it.

Policing is inherently racist, built on data collected overtime because of inherently racist, government funded policing practices. Monitoring Black bodies and controlling Black movement has been essential to keep America safe, per White people. The Police Violence Map is eerily similar to the Equal Justice Initiative's Lynching Map. White violence has been the centerpiece of America culture.

Explore The Map | Lynching In America
Over 4,000 racial terror lynchings between 1877 and 1950.

The issue with policing is the same issue America had with lynching of Black bodies. White men believed America was their country and White people did not see the humanity of Black people. The sentiments are the same today.

White men don't believe anyone should have rights and privileges they have, and if we disapprove of the way they govern and treat us, their solution is to take us out. They don't want anyone touching their White women, and they don't want us to be equal to them. White men are on a mission to exterminate as many Black and Brown boys and men as they can to ensure our communities are defenseless. If White people don't care about White men killing their own kids in schools, then all hope is lost.

White men are once again using White nationalist movements via our nation's governmental institutions and structures to intimidate us. They are using the police, military, the courts, and even the Office of the President to ensure they maintain power. Another wave of the White man's race war is brewing in America and White people are clearly thinking this is just going to be another year they can be apathetic and disengaged. If there is no rest for us, there won't be any rest for them either.

White Supremacy is gasping for air and willing to kill anything or anyone getting in its way. We're living the real-life Hunger Games right now, and we don't have anywhere to go. There is no place for us to hide, and we're tired of running. The only way to end this once and for all is for White people to fight. Black folks are ready to fight. We can't allow White Supremacists to badger us to death, and we won't. White folks need to learn how to fight or nothing will change. Here is a recommendation on how to be more helpful to Black people in our struggle for liberation from White rule.

A Civil Disobedience Guide For Racist Liberal White People
A guide to civil disobedience for liberal racist White people.

The Only Thing That Liberates The Oppressed Is Revolution

Show me a formerly oppressed people on the earth and I'll show you a revolution that led to their freedom. The Revolutionary War (1775-83), The Athenian Revolution (507-508 BC), The Stono Rebellion (1739), the Sikhs (1668), The Samba Rebellion (1731), 1763: the Berbice slave uprising, a slave revolt in Guyana (1763), the first slave revolt in the British Virgin Islands (1790), The Mina Conspiracy (1791), The Haitian Revolution (1791–1804), or The Seminole Wars (1816-1858) to name a few all came about because the oppressed people were fed up with their oppressor's bullshit. The oppressed revolted because they knew the oppressor would never give them their freedom without a rebellion or revolt. This is where Black folks are with America.

This means Black folks cannot expect our oppressor's system to liberate us on good will. Both Black and White people need to overstand this if you are serious about antiracism and civil rights for Black people.

White folks had to be forced to end slavery. White folks were forced to desegregate schools. White folks were forced to end Jim Crow. White folks had to be forced to treat us equally under the law. Before we could vote, we were oppressed

Those afraid of what's to come will attempt to down play their fears to quell our righteous anger.

It won't work.

African-Americans will never earn the respect of White people unless we fight them and make them respect us. White folks will never stop treating us like trash unless they are made to stop doing so. Begging them to see our humanity will never work. We shouldn't have to do anything to make them see us as human. It shouldn't take them so long to figure out how to not be afraid of Black people. White folks shouldn't be afraid of Black folks getting free from White rule unless they see our freedom as a problem for them personally or collectively.

White folks proven they are unwilling to relinquish power, and even good intentioned White folks aren't as committed to dismantling racism as they claim they are. Dismantling doesn't benefit them when they truly learn what it entails, so their attention span wanes. Most White people believe they won't gain anything from dismantling racism. We're on our own. It's a war, but not the kind most White folks believe it is.

What appears to be a race war is really a class war. The rich White folks are orchestrating racial divides to steal from all of us.

We're all weaker divided into racial subgroups because certain subgroups are smaller and posses fewer resources than other groups and the rich know this. Rich White folks globally are using politics, policy, police, and racism to keep us twisted up, angry, distrustful, impoverished and confused. The rich also use race as a distraction because they know White folks are less likely to sacrifice their White resources to Black fights if they can't see themselves as victims or beneficiaries of the fights.

One thing is for certain, we're not getting out of this unless we physically challenge our White bullies. The police, the government, and politicians are already at war with Black folks. They already know what to say to get off for killing or injuring us. The law already works to protect videos from being released. Police can intimidate witnesses. Racist cops have policies in place to ensure they remain employed with benefits unless something egregious happens. The government already protects police by ignoring what they do and continuing to fund them.

America has been fixated with neutralizing, emasculating, or instilling fear in Black men since slavery. What we see today is a continuation of it. The goal of America has been to destroy the Black family. It's still trying to achieve that goal.

How Slavery Affected African American Families, Freedom’s Story, TeacherServe®, National Humanities Center

We can't legislate hate. If we could America would've done it already. Black people cannot rest until We get what we need to rest peacefully. We may be tired, but we will not sleep. We may be weary, but we cannot rest. There is too much work to do. There are wars to be fought, and there are soldiers to be trained.

Black folks are on a mission for freedom. A revolutions is on the horizon. Either you're for us or against us. We're drawing lines in sands.

There Is No Rest For Black and Brown People

It seems everyone can rest except for Black people. We're tired. The stress we have, the burdens we carry, the constant assaults we're bombarded with, and the talks we're constantly giving our children about the race war with America's beloved race soldiers is exhausting. We're tired. Incremental change will not do.

You wonder why every outcome in America shows Black people at the bottom of it, you getting a glimpse into our worlds to understand why. We're stalked, discriminated against, overlooked, and cheated from opportunities that can create wealth, redlined, and forgotten. Black folks are fighting for freedom, fighting for our rights, and fighting for our lives. Life shouldn't be this hard, and we shouldn't be alone in this fight.

There is no rest for America's Black weary. As long as this nation stands, there will be no peace for us. That's why I'm rooting for the people, and if White people don't change, I'm looking forward to this nation's fall.

Marley K. 2021