Political Antiracism Activists Are Being Silenced

Social media is also retaliating against us. We're being pushed off of social media platforms as the season and tolerance for antiracism cools. Readers need to understand what is happening in America.

Political Antiracism Activists Are Being Silenced

As the slow walking White Supremacy coup continues, expect antiracism voices to be silenced on television and the internet.

Photo by Nicholas Santoianni / Unsplash

White Men Are Silencing Antiracists

Black, Brown, and even some White antiracism writers are being targeted at every turn to ensure White people remain naïve about how White Supremacy, White power, and how White people use them both to destroy nations and people alike. White people seem incapable of separating White Supremacy from themselves, and that's how the powers that be want to keep things.

The White man's coup is still happening. It's the one where White men are strategically aligned throughout society to ensure White rule remains in tact in America. It's killing America. America is literally dying as we speak. We're living in a failed state, and most Americans are too ignorant or imperialistic to see it. I wrote about it sometime ago and the more I see, the more I fear the end will becoming sooner than later.

America's ignorance will not be bliss, trust me.

Corporations have taken completely taken over the nation. It's been a long, slow process. It began with NAFTA (Bill Clinton) and Reaganomics (Ronald Reagan), and each President since has helped usher in the failure of America. Trump and his Klan mafia was sort of the icing on the cake. They've all played a role in getting us to this point in our autocratic kleptocracy where politicians have allowed corporations and businesses dictates everything, including if/how our government cares for us in the middle of a pandemic.

Corporations pay politicians to do their bidding. Politicians put the pieces in place to ensure corporations have what they need to keep us poor and working (and voting) for the interests of the rich. We all suffer. It was a system created by White people, maintained by White people, to enrich White people, except White people are now being screwed by the very people and institutions this system was meant to sustain.

White Supremacy is savage as hell. It's loyal to no one.

The Coup Is Still Happening

The coup slow is working as planned. Republicans are playing the long game in maintaining America's White rule, and there are plenty of wealthy and well-connected men and women in America helping out in a variety of ways. One way some wealthy White and White adjacent folks are helping Republicans out is by using their businesses and platforms to help them stay in power. Media is and always has been the most effective tool/strategy used to help White Supremacy's agenda.  

Social media, a business ruled predominantly by White men, is used to help maintain America's White social order every day, and most White allies don't give it a second thought. Social media is being used to censor Black thoughts, and antiracism efforts while embedding the message to the masses that Blacks are a problem.

We (Black people) are being censored because we are working overtime to help this generation of White and Black people understand what's happening to us and to these failing states of America. White men are on a mission to keep America racist and to keep White rule, and sadly they are winning.

If you're confused about how White men have put all the winning pieces in place to help maintain the racist White social order, allow me to demonstrate how well their oiled-machine is working.

Racist White men are winning in developing pro-White/anti-Black and Brown policy. Old policies are still on the books. Old practices are still in play (i.e. redlining, gentrification, white exclusive workspaces, covert hiring practices)

Racist White men are winning the courts, ensuring they are stacked with racist, anti-democratic White men.

Racist White men got and kept their overtly racist White guy in the White House.

Racist White men are winning in state legislatures as they successfully rollback voting rights laws, making cruelty and inhumanity the norm per usual.

Racist White men had a successful coup even though they didn't stop the national vote from being certified. The threat of violence, the police/government collaboration, and the lack of punishment for White folks engaging in sedition afterwards sent a chilling message to non-White folks everywhere.

White violence is back in full-effect and ready to usher back in White rule.

Racist White men on police forces nationally on are the side of White rule. The police and the criminal justice system are using policing to terrorize Black and Brown people to make sure they stay in their previously designated inferior places and spaces the way they always have until we get tired and rebel.

To understand the White violence of today, you'll need to understand the White violence of yesterday.

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Racist White men are winning people, and we cannot underestimate the significance of these quiet wins.

Racists, the politicians doing their bidding and the wealthy bank rolling their endeavors, have designed a plan which will ensure the rich remain rich and in power. Poor White pawns and their ignorant Black and Brown American dream buyers are happily helping them by supporting the rich in their evil endeavors. The rich are no ones friend, but poor and middle-class folks don't realize that. Rich people (the minority) need poor and almost poor people (the rest of us) to vote their interests.

The rich have programmed a bunch of working class idiots to takeover the government for them and White folks have already forgotten about it. They use politics (our votes) to sway us naïve voters to vote those interests. They literally buy/bribe politicians who in turn use things like race, identities, class politics, and deals, bills, rights, even their looks and charisma to get us suckers to vote for them.

What most American voters don't realize is the real divide is class. White men have made it a race war class. Rich White men use America's racism to wage a class war against the rest of us.

Race divides us, but not more than it parts us from our hard earned money. We all pay for racism, even White people. Sadly most don't realize it. It's more than

Life is harder for everyone in America because White people hate sharing. Rich White people use race to stop us, not realizing rich White men are robbing all of us. Jessica Wildfire of Medium wrote a brilliant piece to summarize what's happening in a nutshell.

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Racists and Their Silent Sympathizers Rule The Internet

Any way race and racism can be exploited as America spirals out of control, the real race baiters will find away to do so. Social media is the hottest thing smoking right now for racists with something to say. It's the preferred method of communicating racist messages with others, especially in the era of Covid.

Racists use social media now too to communicate all the things they could never say to our faces and White-owned social media platforms protect them.  Social media is also protecting racists by ensuring the have the right to speak as they suppress and outright censor those of us speaking up against racism.

Social media is also retaliating against us. We're being pushed off of platforms as the season and tolerance for antiracism cools. Readers need to understand what is happening in America. A shift is occurring in White America, and there is a code that everyone a part of the shift is following.

That code is anti-Black and anti antiracism.

Anything or anyone advocating for Black people or antiracism must be silenced in order for the coup to be successful. Black people are the largest anti-autocracy movement in America, so we must be silenced and when legitimately possible, eliminated.  People like me trying to share what we see as well as our knowledge on how racism works on everyday folks are met with a resistance like gangbusters, but we persist because what's good for Black people is good for all people.

The wealthy, powerful and well-connected White people across our society in positions to aid Republicans in the maintaining of the White Supremacist social order are doing so, boldly.

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Social Media Is Silencing Our Voices.

More Black activists, writers, and indie Black thinkers are being silenced all over social media and we have no recourse. When you don't own the platforms, you can't complain. All you can do is move on or fight the beasts. I recently left Medium because my voice was being suppressed like so many other good antiracism Writers. Other Black antiracism creatives and educators or ethnic writers on racism also complain about being shadow banned, censored, or not being read as much on YouTube, Social Media, and on some blog-sites.

As we get closer to the big collapse (which may look more like Brexit, but it will be significant in any event), more censoring of Black and Brown people will take place. It's going to be important for readers to understand what's happening. Watch for the signs, Look at the patterns, make sure you remain conscious during this period of transition. The rich love it when we forget.

Silencing Black antiracism voices is a way to erase our trauma, erase our history, and to ensure the legacy of White Supremacy lives on. When White people don't stop the silencing of us, they are condoning it. They're essentially it's cool for us to have less space or not space at all.