Been in Office More 8 Years? Here’s Why I’m Voting Them Out The Door

It’s time to get rid of stagnant, dysfunctional governments! Nobody’s working, but everyone is getting paid.

Been in Office More 8 Years? Here’s Why I’m Voting Them Out The Door

It’s time to get rid of stagnant, dysfunctional governments! Nobody’s working, but everyone is getting paid.

Our hard-earned money is getting snatched out of our paychecks before we get them. We’re paying taxes to run our governments, and our elected officials are not working on our behalf. Career politicians voting to get annual Cost-of-Living-Adjustments (COLAs). All we get in return are asses to kiss.

We elect them, and they go do whatever in the hell they want to do, or whatever their largest donors have asked them to do. They ignore some of their constituencies while favoring others. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

We have lobbyist, PACS (political action committees), Super PACS, Dark Money, Political ads, fake news, fake town hall meetings, name calling, brainwashing, race-baiting, and propagandizing. All this to get politicians elected over and over and over again. And for what, so they can be the XXX wealthiest Congressional or legislative representative among their peers? They are the pimps and we are their tricks! I’m done tricking for John, Paul, Donald, Cory, Diane, Mitch, Nancy, Claire and all the other predatory politicians who represent us today.

I. Am. So. Tired. Of. The bullshit.

I am no longer committed to a party. No one party speaks to my needs, my interests, my future, or my future great-grand children’s future. No politician will ever sell me a tired talking point ever again. I see through them all. Everything they say is used to evoke some type of emotion in us. I’m tired of the unbridled (and unnecessary) emotions in politics. We need people with common sense, ideas, and a work ethic.

We don’t need any more reality television stars, millionaires, billionaires, entertainment moguls, former Wall Street thieves and gamblers, or racists with ties to the KKK, Sons/Daughters of the Confederacy and Jim Crow. We need real public servants, not entertainers.

The words of politicians don’t mean nothing anymore. Their words now are simply letters put together to make sounds. I can’t make sense of what they are saying.

When I look at Congress, I see bunches of old grumpy, fussy, privileged White men bitching about people taking shit that belongs to them only. I see status quo White men (and women) with power subverting rules in committee hearings and on legislature floors throughout the nation doing whatever they can concoct to remain in power. I see rule changers, frauds, and manipulative, cunning con-artist with the keys to my freedom and financial well-being.

In Congress, I see bunches of old rich White senior citizens who should be at home spending time with their children, grandchildren, and great grand-children at this phase of life instead of being in Washington, D.C. spouting old ideas, using old tactics, being followers of other rogue nations instead of leaders of free nations, and acting as is they are from a period in history this nation has moved far away from. It’s time to send these folks home to their families.

I hope you will do the same in your state.

I want to see new blood, in combination with some of good old wisdom that living, and learning gives us. I want to see our leaders respect all people in this nation. I want to see diversity at every level of government. Our governments should reflect the nations various tax bases, not just this nation’s white faces.

I’m sick and tired of White men (and you too Clarence Thomas) telling my insurance company what to pay for regarding my healthcare, my reproductive issues and needs, and even giving my employer the right to decide whether I have access to birth control or other contraception…

Meanwhile, men like Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump make sure their bros have access to Viagra, Cialis and whatever else men take when their shit stops working. Gotta love it!

I’m tired of the ineffective healthcare revolving door for the mentally-ill, the working poor (because all poor people aren’t welfare recipients), and the elderly. Why don’t we take care of our own people? Why are we so inhumane? Why do dogs get shelters before people? I love animals, but I love people more.

I’m tired of government gridlock. I’m tired of hyper-partisanship. I’m tired of tribalism, protectionism, and authoritarianism. I’m tired of men in power disrespecting women colleagues with the same powers. I’m tired of seeing people who are supposed to be leading us lying down on the job. Dammit if you don’t want to do your jobs and follow the rules and laws set to govern the land just go home.


Quit. Don’t let the door hit ya where Mother Nature split ya!

Good-bye and good riddance leeches.

I am tired of politicians getting paid healthy salaries, getting all the fringe benefits and perks…while voting to keep my pay stagnant, preventing me from accessing affordable healthcare options, allowing age discrimination in workplaces which prevents me from surviving here in America. I’m tired of our politicians and corporations punitively keeping people out of the workforce for dumb reasons like bad credit, lack of employment history, or because someone did time and completed their sentences. I’m tired of the institutions created to protect me, harming me.

I’m tired politicians creating laws and rules essentially allowing corporations to treat and pay us like slaves and human trafficking victims.

How in the hell am I supposed to pull myself up by the bootstraps when they keep giving me boots with short straps? I’m tired of the changing the games. I can’t keep up. And if the same people can keep changing the game, then we need to get rid of the game changers. They’ve done enough damage to the American people, especially the voters who don’t know they are in political relationships with malignant narcissists.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m getting out of these relationships.

My new rule for voting is if any politician has been in office for more than 8 years, they gotta get a new fuckin career! Period! It’s time for you career politicians to go.

And don’t forget to go when you leave.

I don’t care if your brother is the Pope. I don’t care if you win a Nobel Peace Prize while in office. I don’t care if you save our raggedy economy (again). Be like the POTUS. After eight years, you need to go on and do something else, someplace else. See ya…

I don’t care if during their time in office they’ve developed the cure for AIDS, Sickle Cell, and breast cancer. I don’t care if they undo every Trump executive order in one term. You still need to go on. Leave something for someone else to do, partner with your successor to do more. The longer politicians stay in office, the more privileged they become. I am in no mood for their privilege anymore.

I don’t care if they graduated from the Harvard School of Law or if they came from the Hootchie Cootchie Tribe of Mississippi, nothing is compelling me to keep any politician more than 8 years, and even that may be too long for some. It’s time to block the progress blockers!

You’re busted, and can no longer be trusted. I know better now, so I’m going to do better.

Who told these arrogant politicians when they get elected they own a seat? These same people who believe they own our seats spend more time worrying about getting re-elected and voter opinions than they do viewing us as constituents or partners they serve. I am more than my vote, and I’m changing my mindset about how I vote to make sure no one over stays their welcome.

If a politician gets my vote, know it’s comes with new time constraints. If you have any good in you and if you plan to work for my community, you better show progress quickly…or my vote automatically goes to your opponent if he has something better to offering.

And if neither candidate proves to be worth a damn, I’ll write in a candidate. There is no more picking the lesser of two evils. Decades of doing this got us here…with this Congress, and Agent Orange Pussy Grabbing Mussolini.

What do I have to lose? Nothing.

Vote to get rid of progress blockers, obstructionists, protectionists, racists, traitors, thieves, liars, and…well just clean out Congress, clean out your State Houses, and any local officials who have already served more than 8 years. No one should be safe, and everyone should be afraid. We need to evaluate politicians like we test and assess our kids in K-12 education.

For many politicians serving as career polished liars (aka politicians), it is no longer a job, it’s a hobby with fringe benefits and pay… paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

Screw that!

It’s time to clean house. This is the only way we will ever see change. It’s the only way America is going survive. Voting for the same party and the same old do-nothing candidates each election cycle expecting different results is insanity.

You’re either going to be a status quo loving progress blocker or change agent with your vote. Which type of voter will you be? I’m planning on being a change agent, one way or another. Let’s ban together and stop progress blockers.

My vote is up for grabs. Career politicians need not apply.

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