Breaking Down Joe Biden’s Disrespectful Breakfast Club Interview

We knew it was going to be bad with Biden as our nominee, but damn!

Breaking Down Joe Biden’s Disrespectful Breakfast Club Interview
“Joe Campaigning” by stingrayschuller is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I knew Joe Biden was a casual racist when I voted for him in the primaries. His interview with the Breakfast Club last week just affirmed it for those who didn’t know. I will not make excuses for Joe Biden. He’s a racist. Period. I know what I was getting when I voted for him. I also knew Biden was the racist White man racist White people suffering cognitive dissonance would vote for, no matter what.

I believe most White people are casually racist and it’s perfectly acceptable to them.

When I say I believe most (not all) White people are racist, it doesn’t mean those White people are intentionally out here being vulgar racist people doing things like calling us niggers or wearing Klan robes to the grocery store. I mean, I believe most White people engage in, believe in and benefit from White Supremacy and racism, and they will sacrifice nothing dear to them to stop it. They are not full-time fighters of injustice and inequality. They treat fighting racism the way they treat seasonal charity — the way they only think of the poor and hunger.

Fighting racism in this same manner gets us people like Joe Biden who slide through life being disrespectful as fuck to Blacks and people of color and getting passes. I felt like this would be a teachable moment for White people to understand what casual racism looks like. I also wanted White people to pay close attention to how we continue to excuse, condone, and enable it all to continue.

Please watch the video in its entirety below:

Biden’s Breakfast Club Interview, 5/22/20

Biden’s Tone Was Wrong

Joe Biden came to the interview with a White man chip on his shoulder. Biden had the kind of chip on his shoulder more privileged White men have when Black men question their motives. They don’t feel like Black men are supposed to question them, Black men should just trust and submit. We should just trust them. Joe’s tone throughout the interview was that of a “shut up and listen to me” Whitesplain. How Biden started his interview turned my stomach. I watched, utterly shocked at the exchange. The host could have been one of my sons. Charlamagne isn’t running for President, Biden is.

If you want something from someone (i.e. a vote), you should approach them with a meek attitude or at least have a spirit of expectation and a kind tone, not like the person owes you something. Biden expected nice. What he got was respect, and it was respect he didn’t deserve.

If Biden was talking to my father, let me just tell you there would be no chill. My dad would have taken Biden up on his behind the woodshed offer. Biden’s tone was disrespectful, period and when you don’t spend enough time with the people you’re talking to, that’s the kind of attitude White folks tend to come into our communities with. Biden continues to show the Black community how culturally incompetent he is, no matter how good his intentions are.

The tone Biden used to speak with a professional Black man hosting a national radio show who has used his platform and reputation to help him is despicable. White people expect us to be nice to them while they talk to us like we’re their underlings.

In this climate, this tone issue was one nail in Biden’s coffin. There are a lot of Black men in our community who will not tolerate blatant disrespect from a White man the way Biden disrespected Charlamagne. And while there are plenty of Blacks who saw nothing wrong with Biden’s exchange (mostly gate keeping Black folks in media and academia who uphold White Supremacy), there were many who were offended by Biden’s tone. Even decent vote blue no matter folks found his comment problematic and racist. Joe is too old and does this too much for them to be accidents.

Biden’s Fake Black Old-School Dialect Was Whack

Biden came into the interview trying to speak like an old-school Black cool guy for the 70s (which is apparently the era he’s stuck in). It’s unnecessary. Black people see right through the bullshit so I don’t know White people continue doing it. Be your White selves, White people. It’s okay to be different, we are different and this is just a reality. Trying to be cool will not make you anymore likeable or cool. Just tell us what you will not do for us and move on. There is no need for the over-exaggerated mannerisms to blend in for the five minutes you’re in our neighborhood. We don’t need it, don’t want it, and it makes you look like frauds treating us like simps.

White people come to our communities asking us for our votes like old pimps and hustlers as if we don’t know what’s happening. Talking with an AAVE dialect doesn’t sway anyone with common sense, nor does it make us think you’re cool. It just shows how they have no relationship with our community and believe mimicking the way they see us gives them a pass.

Biden Didn’t Bring His Black Agenda

Biden came to the Breakfast Club to speak to Black people, on Black radio amid a pandemic and with the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression with no plans for us. He rambled on about bullshit like political polished liars typically do, failing to address the interviewer’s question. Biden noted he had a Manifesto For Black America — that he didn’t bring (he released it two days later after his latest gaffe). On Biden’s campaign website, it’s not called a manifesto, so I do not understand why he called it that. Maybe he used it because he wanted to appear tough in front of Black people. He knows he’s a weak candidate.

What I know is that if Biden really thought Black people saved his ass, he’d think it was important enough to share his plan with the people he created it for, especially since various segments of the population have been demanding one from all candidates running for President. Biden’s raggedy interview shows how White Democratic candidates come with nothing expecting the world, moon, and stars from us.

A damned manifesto. Really Biden?

Aren’t manifestos associated with domestic terrorist ramblings here in America? Why associate our plan with a word used to describe plans that come from White domestic terrorists? Coming unprepared and naming a Black agenda a manifesto says more about him and is an indictment on the Democratic Party. While it may not have been an intentional gaffe, Biden’s choice of words cannot be overlooked. The coded language is something these old White men are good tossing around.

He Equated Black Concerns With Criminal Justice Reform

Like most White people running for public office seeking Black votes, Biden limited Black concerns to criminal justice reform. Criminal justice reform is not the only concern Black people have. His focus on criminal justice reform is a way to fix what he broke, not a way to make our communities whole after centuries of being over-policed.

Criminal Justice reform isn’t even my primary concern unless you’re talking about overhauling the entire system, screening cops for biases, and policing Whites equally.

The focus of Biden’s offerings was him talking to us about his bad criminal justice policies (again), and how he and Obama attempted to undo his mess. It does nothing to help those harmed by his policies at the state level. We need to know how Biden will fix institutional and structural racism, prosecute racists, remove racist prosecutors, prevent systems from having racist all-White juries, prevent employment and educational discrimination, and fix historic disparities caused by racial discrimination. I don’t care about weed and legalizing it. I don’t smoke, but I may come in contact with racist police and judges, and I could be discriminated against while job seeking. How does he remedy that? He doesn’t.

And what about reparations? No matter White politicians do to help us, racist Whites just find a workaround to stay ten steps ahead, so it’s no winning with this game. What is the solution?

When you don’t know Black people, you can’t talk to Black people in meaningful ways. When you don’t have relationships with people of color outside of politics, it’s impossible to know what we want or what we need. Biden is in own world pretending he was our savior when in fact he was helping to be our oppressor. Pretending he didn’t do anything wrong and not apologizing for the harm done is so White it isn’t even funny.

Like The Democratic Party, He Takes Us For Granted

Biden has told us and showed us he takes the Black vote for granted with his latest interview. White Democrats believe our votes are free and that we don’t have the right to ask for or demand anything in return for them. Biden’s attitude throughout the entire interview was that he knew he had us in the bag. He thought he could just talk us up and down and round and round a tree. Biden learned pretty quickly 2020 will not be like any other year. He and the Democratic Party may learn in 2020 even when all the stars align for them, they can still lose. There are too many dissatisfied people and too many old heads holding onto power, refusing to allow change to occur.

Black folks are threatening to withhold their votes this year for President and vote down ballot. I approve of the messaging personally. We’re voting for the better racist in 2020. Yes, Biden won’t be as bad as Trump is, but he still bad and a threat to Black lives. This is likely the last vote we have to make our presence known before America completely collapses — eating itself to death with ignorance, greed, and pure unadulterated stupidity.

The Democratic Party has been terrible over the past 40 years to and for the African American community. As of late, the party has skipped right over trying to make things better for us and went right onto DACA recipients and illegal immigrants. Not that we’re doing oppression Olympics here, but there is a deliberate attempt by White people to skip fixing and repairing the oldest oppressed group for lighter, more favorable skinned groups who just happen to be the biggest minority voting Block in America.

We have a saying in the Black community. People who come here last get helped first. They’ve used the Black community up, they are moving on to the next minority group to use them up too. They’ll eventually learn. We all do.

Biden like the Democrats take Black people for granted. It’s not that we didn’t know it before, but to say it to our faces is pretty disrespectful. That’s why I’m not concerned about being nice to White people anymore. Nice politics is trash and helps no one.

Biden Told A Black Man He Ain’t Black

At the end of Biden’s trash interview, he told the undecided Black show host, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

What in the hell?

Biden basically said to Black voters no matter how terrible he is, we have no other choice. He also said to us White people are the only undecided voters. Biden was very cocky and inconsiderate of the fact a lot of Black people don’t want him as their next President. Hell, a lot of White and Hispanic/Latinx folks don’t want him, especially younger people. I really don’t want him for my next President. It’s hard to make a case for a man so arrogant and racist. Telling Black people they ain’t Black if they don’t want him is so slave master I can’t even begin to string good sentences together without loading them up with curse words.

Let me just say Biden has seriously damaged his prospects with Black people. Hearing Biden ask Black folks what do they have to lose is just like Trump saying it to us in 2016. We have so much to lose, and that’s the point White people just don’t seem to get. We can’t win because White people stay winning.

I can’t believe we’re here again. It feels like Deja Vu. We have two horrible candidates and we’re voting for the best kind of White Supremacy for Black people. We are in this never-ending cycle of terrible White candidates. We’re also at a crossroad in the Black community.

There are Black people who don’t care what we lose by giving our vote to help White Democrats help White people is old now. We gotta find a new strategy. Many Black folks believe it’s time to have a Black Working Class agenda that we prepared. If we don’t get one, we skip the top office.

A racist versus another racist. What do we have to lose at this point? White people have already proven for three solid years they will do nothing for us. They won’t even help themselves, and there are more White voters than there are Black voters. I guess they are waiting on us to save them and us. Overt racists and White Supremacists are running America like it’s 1869, and good White people can’t stop the corrupt White people from acting out. There’s nowhere to go from here but down, and we’re halfway there.

Every week I live in America I’m learning how little Black people are valued and how few White allies we have. Even Black folks are out here supporting Joe Biden in all his wrongness because of their desperation to get Trump out of office. I get it, but we cannot continue to let White people just use us.

White people made this mess. Only White people can fix this mess. White Supremacy is a White people’s problem. We didn’t break America. We didn’t create these shitty political parties. We didn’t create races. We didn’t create systemic and institutional racism. We didn’t allow 400 years of inequality to continue to compound. We didn’t create the obstacles, traps, and codes that put us in these predicaments.

White. People. Did. This. Just tell us how you’ll fix it all.

Joe Biden’s cocky, callous attitude is a prime example of the casual racism tolerated by the Democratic Party. There were plenty of better candidates than Joe Biden, but because White establishment Democrats love casual racism, the same way Republicans love their overt racism, Biden’s our guy. Black establishment politicians and pundits cover and condone casual racism because their livelihoods and connections depend on White Supremacy to work for them too. They all throw Black folks like me under the bus to keep the White establishment happy, and it works. It’s all problematic and we need to call out all persons maintaining the status quo.

I’m exhausted right now. I don’t know how Black folks make it until November. I think that’s America’s plan.

Biden has put his candidacy in jeopardy (again) because he can’t seem to keep his pie hole closed, further exposing his history engaging in casual racism. If he can’t win in November, he doesn’t deserve to. Democrats deserve another 4 years of Trump, or maybe even something worse. Fighting racism isn’t really that hard. It starts at home. We shouldn’t have to do a play-by-play to explain what was so wrong with Biden’s interaction with Black America.

Biden is going to running against the worst candidate in modern history, and if he can’t hold his shit together until November 3, 2020, then lord help us all.

Regardless of what happens, one thing for certain. No matter who wins in November, White Supremacy will also win — because we love history repeating itself.

White people, allow me to give you some pearls of wisdom. Black people are going to have plenty of Black family meetings because this type of disrespect was so public, it occurs so often, and it was such an egregious violation in our safe space. My advice for you is to stay out of these discussions unless you’re an ally with decades of experiences and lots of Black friends who have helped you navigate discussions on race. This is not the time for interpreting what Biden meant, what you feel, and it surely isn’t time for vote blue no matter what. This is family business.

We got this.

Now, what White people can do is help busy White people who love to tell us what to do and can’t understand what the problem is to stay on the porch for this one. Black people have no patience for Karen’s nonsense and other ignorant White folks who need to concern troll in our spaces. Everything concerning us ain’t for White people.

We need White people to work on understanding their contributions to White Supremacy and examine your own disrespectful behavior towards us, especially towards Black and Brown men — Y’all should also have a White people family meeting about Biden’s behavior. He’s terrible and he’s the nominee.

I extend an invite to discuss here, I’m just giving you a warning tempers are high now in the Black community. We have a right to be angry and a right to disagree with White and other Black people. We don’t need White referees.

Black people will need to discuss White Supremacy and our limited options thanks to White people. We can’t have that talk if you’re there centering White people. Be respectful and allow us to grieve the White Supremacy we can’t seem to escape, please and thank you.

Marley K in Quarantine 2020