Can We Find Another Way To Make It?

On the dirty business of Black celebrities extracting Black wealth, from poor Black people, on behalf White White Supremacy.

Can We Find Another Way To Make It?

On the dirty business of Black celebrities extracting Black wealth, from poor Black people, on behalf White White Supremacy.

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Black Celebrities Exploiting Black People For White Supremacy Is Disgraceful

We Black people can’t make it like this. There has to be a better way.

It’s not that Black celebrities haven’t always been used to peddle pure capitalism to poor Black people for their personal gain, but there’s something about this pandemic that’s made it look especially terrible. I analyze everything and everyone, especially Black people these days, because so many happily sell us down the river for personal financial game. Rich Black people make poor Black people feel guilty about being poor, just like White folks.

Looking out for the safety and well-being of Black people has always been a priority to me, because if we don’t look out for ourselves, no one else will. I’ll always tell my people the truth, even when it’s unpopular. It’s up to Black folks to take it and do something with it.

To me, it’s simple, If you’re not for us Black folks all the time, you’re against us all the time, and there are plenty of Black people who are against us. They know better, they just won’t do better, because in America, the only way to do better financially is to exploit your fellow man. I expect White folks to fuck us. You can set your clock by it. But Black folks, I’m appalled at how many of them buy into White Supremacy, then tell us we’re stupid for not wanting to exploit and enslave others to be wealthy with them.

At some point, we need to get out of this abusive relationship. We can’t afford to be in it. White Supremacy is that gold-digging woman folks love to hate!

We don’t need any new Black friends or new White stuff that depreciates as soon as we buy it. What we need are good people who will help us fight White Supremacy, not lead us into the lion’s den. Black people also need common sense and critical thinking skills with White Supremacy, and that seems to be the two areas we are severely deficient in. Which brings me to the subject of Black celebrities pillaging poor Black people during an economic crisis and a pandemic for White people and capitalism. It’s shameful.

If Black celebrities gotta exploit Black people to feel good about themselves and to make a living, we need to ban them from our communities all together, because that’s some White Supremacist shit, and it’s one of the many ways White businesses intentionally keep Black people poor. People literally sit in rooms analyzing consumption data, deciding to target us, and Black celebrities are helping.

Black people getting their bags (money bags/paydays) at the expense of poor and ignorant Black people lacking business savvy in the age of Covid and Trumpism are sellouts. They should never be in fashion ever again.

It’s the equivalent of White slave masters getting house slaves to ensure all the wealth generated by field slaves is given back their the masters. The masters remain rich and at the top of the social hierarchy, and the rest of us get pimped and fleeced by White Supremacy all the way to the bank. rich,All the Blacks are getting crumbs, but Black celebrities get paid a little more for the savagery of selling us down the river. It’s White Supremacy’s other cycle of life.

I’m Tired of Seeing Us Being Played Like Fiddles

I’m so tired of seeing Black people pimp poor Black people to help racist White people and White-operated/led corporations get rich, it’s crazy.

According to Morning Consult, a global data intelligence business providing insights on what people think in real time shows 50% of black consumers said they trust celebrities and athletes to give them good advice on brands, while 44% said the same of Black influencers. Black people trust celebrities when we shouldn’t be. Black celebrities are being paid to endorse products just because they are Black and we are Black.

Black celebrities are asked to target us because they know we make White stuff cool, which translates into big bucks.

White-owned corporations have learned how to use this information against us, extracting Black dollars from Black people how have the least amount of wealth. White corporations use Black celebrities to

Bullshit Commercials

When I see programming consumed by Black viewers, I see so many scams. They used to be modest, but today there is little shame in the predator’s games. Many commercials geared towards Black people are peddling shit we don’t need or taking advantage of people with low educational attainment levels or poor credit. A lot of what we’re sold today is downright predatory, and nearly all of it is pushed by Black celebrities.

For instance, that car repair insurance commercial for CarShield pushed by Ice-T. Anyone with good common sense and not desperate knows unless you buy a new car that comes with a warranty, that car repair shit is worthless. The CarShield company peddles their predatory product on desperate, poor Black people, and Ice-T helps them. If folks took the time to go to the Better Business Bureau’s website or look up online reviews not associated with the company, you’d see the insurance is a scam. A Black man is getting paid to sell trash to Black people. Ice-T is exploiting desperate people for personal gain.

There are plenty of other bad products peddled to Black folks by Black people, like Russell Simmons’ Rush Card which has plenty of bad reviews, but it doesn’t stop him from selling his junk product and profiting from unbanked people with bad credit, regardless of the reason. Holly Robinson Peete and her hubby pushed Lipozene’s weight loss supplement to poor, ignorant, and lazy Black folks looking for a fast way to lose weight. The two tried to have a wholesome image, but they played themselves on this product. Reviews for Lipozene are mixed, but they’ve had a number of bad Better Business Bureau reviews and online if one took the time to search before buying. Holly Robinson Peete is the same lady from her 21 Jump Street days, that’s for sure.

Former daytime talk show host Montel Williams peddled Money Mutual payday loans to poor Black folks for years.

Kevin Hart peddles credit cards, helping us get into debt we’re likely going to be stuck with forever. I remember when Lil Romeo was once pushing ICDC, a for-profit private college that was expensive as hell and their degrees weren’t accepted anywhere because the institution was shady. The college paid rapper Master P and his Romeo to endorse the shady institution that was repeatedly peddled on Black television. It closed in 2016, leaving Black folks with lots of debt, no degrees, and few prospects. They even touted free laptops to lure unsuspecting Black folks seeking an education. Shaquille O’neal (Shaq) does the General auto insurance commercials for high-risk and poor drivers with bad credit. Consumer Affair’s reviews were not kind to the company. The former NBA is already filthy rich. He doesn’t need to get this bag, yet he does it anyway.

Snoop Dogg once promoted his Doggystyle hardcore porn and pimping Black women. He’s peddled a lot of stuff to us over the years. This was one product I just cringe at now seeing his “unconventional evolution.”

Fashion Nova is one of the hottest women’s fashion brands online. Mostly promoted by Black and Brown women, privately owned by a White guy who works with Chinese vendors. The L.A. based company exploits Brown workers and Black consumers by using Black celebrities like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, to make the company millions. Poor and middle-income Black and Brown women living out fantasies through their favorite celebs have no clue what happening in order for them to live the life of their dreams, only if for one night. Fashion Nova is a wealth extractor for Black people. All Cardi B has to do is put on a Fashion Nova garment, take a photo, and she gets rich instantly overnight. The Fashion Nova dude gets richer. We gotta go to work a week to earn the coins to buy garments that will have no value as soon as they arrive in the mail.

Black folks got a cheap garment made by modern slaves. That’s pure capitalism, folks. We don’t have to live like this!

There are too many greedy celebrities, so many horrible products, and too many bad opportunities to name, but you get my point. Black celebrities shouldn’t be trusted.

White America’s economic system of choice is capitalism, and capitalism always needs a host. It’s favorite group of people to exploit are Black people, and there’s a 400+ year track record of it.

Black people willingly selling Black people bullshit products for White corporate dollars are beholden to White Supremacy and should never be allowed to enter our pearly Black gates again. On the flip-side, Black people need to do better about what we consume, who we trust, and who we give our money to. We also need to become inventors and better investors, learning to solve problems and obstacles White people made for us. But I will get into that a little later.

White Luxury Brands Extract Black Wealth

Take Nike, for all of its Black Lives Matter love and Black athlete promotion to get our hard-earned Black dollars, they had no Black board members or leadership until they were recently called out for their hypocrisy on workplace diversity. According to Nike’s 2019 Representation and Pay Report, just 4.8% of Nike’s directors were Black or African American, and 9.9% of Vice Presidents identified Black or African American. Nike uses Black athletes to see sell overpriced sneakers to poor and middle-income Black people. We look good physically, while White corporate leaders and shareholders look great financially.

Black people made Nike a luxury brand.

Black people made Nike fashionable.

Black people through our consumption and Black celebrity endorsements made Nike racks, on racks, on racks.

We made ourselves and our communities poorer in the process, and it’s our own faults. Nike gets all the money, shares a little with Black celebrities and athletes, and working poor Blacks we get co-opted slogan, a Black social media profile pic showing solidarity, and more Black celebrity product placements increasing their bottom line. Nike doesn’t even employ Black people in a way where we could get a return on investment, because their merchandise is mostly made overseas. Why are we supporting these brands? Why are we allowing rich Black celebrities and athletes to extract or limited resources from us on behalf of White Supremacy?

Until we hold these companies accountable, they’ll keep whoring Black athletes and celebrities out to extract Black dollars, giving us nothing in return but good feelings and empty wallets that cannot rebuild Black communities. But we look fly walking through our empty hoods, though.

Can we do better than this Black people? Is it possible for us to stop supporting White Supremacy by the way we consume? It’s death by consumption, literally.

Black People Need Should Be Critical Of Everything Sold To Us In America

America’s reputation precedes it, and Black people know fully that when White America offers us anything, it usually comes with conditions and/or catches.

For instance, someone White will come up with a “fantastic” scheme to create a new White-owned for-profit college or university which will issue degrees that aren’t worth bubble-gum paper. Guess where the institution will decide to spend most of their advertising budget? Yep, on Black media telling us how easy it is to enroll and how convenient it is for our lives. These phony institutions advertise first and the most on Black television and radio, without fail. White folks do this because they know we are infamous for not reading fine print. They also do this because they understand we are so trusting, even to our own detriment.

White folks in the South used to say if you wanted to hide something from Black people, put it in a book because we don’t read. Sometimes I feel White folks know us and we know them too.

Reading fine print, learning how things work, and understanding the long-term benefits/problems financially on almost anything White folks offer us are problems Black people could never get a good grasp on. White folks’ financial trickery evolves so fast it’s damned near impossible to keep up with. Financial sorcery, tricking us out of our money, keeps Black folks impoverished. Black celebrities help us stay poor too. They aren’t our friends. We really shouldn’t be trusting rich, regardless of their color.

Once they become rich, the race of the rich person is irrelevant. Green is their new race. If it ain’t about the money, it makes no sense to them. We aren’t equals. Black people need to be clear on this!

Predatory Capitalism Targeting Us is Everywhere

If it’s a bill or piece of legislation meant to help Black people, where is the pork in the bill or legislation for White people, because they do nothing just for us? The government’s help is usually guaranteed to hurt us, sometimes later than soon, but it always comes. The federal government is king of preying on Black folks because that’s how the government was started.

If White people made affordable housing in a spot where they just tore down a big old factory, we should ask ourselves why? They didn’t build affordable and public housing in those areas, just want us to be closer to downtown and bus lines. The land is usually contaminated and they don’t want to pay to clean and it can’t be sold to White developers. They figure up a new scheme, and the scheme involves desperate Black folks chasing the American dream. Most White folks wouldn’t sell toxic land to White folks (unless they are the only prey available), because White people see themselves in Whiteness. We’re seen as subhuman and inhumane. Most White people really don’t care if we live or if we die, and if we live, they don’t give a shit about where or how we live.

For example, according to the Shriver Center on Poverty, a recent report from found that in the United States, 70% of hazardous waste sites were within one-mile of public and affordable housing sites. Hazardous waste sites include manufacturing facilities, processing plants, landfills, and mining sites. Black folks work hard, save money, and attempt to get loans to buy homes for their families with the government’s help just like White folks, only to learn the government has pulled the rug from under them like Black folks in Reserve, Louisiana (also known as Cancer Town) soon discovered. Developments like these are often pushed on Black radio and other Black communications and also shared by word of mouth in the Black community.

Let’s not forget Brad Pitt and the Make It Right Foundation after Hurricane Katrina. While he’s not a Black celebrity, folks billed him a trustworthy celebrity, one who knew nothing about building houses in humid climates, apparently. Poor Hurricane Katrina survivors are on the hook with huge mortgages and broken down homes. Celebrities promised to help, all they did was make things worse for those poor people. Homes are being torn down.

Many subsidized and public housing developments made and/or approved by state and federal governments were developed on toxic soil and bad paint that made us ill, slowly. Decades later, people in those communities have high rates of cancer and premature deaths because of those hazardous sites. Black folks buy homes in toxic communities, then gotta wait until they die, unable to afford cancer treatments or relocation. White developers and financial institutions cash in and get out, looking for the next group of Black victims to harm.

As a collective Black people, we get better at reading the fine print, guarding our hearts and minds, protecting our personal and collective interests, and protecting/preserving Black dollars. We have little wealth as it is, and White America works diligently to ensure we have no wealth until we are extinct people. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t Continue Being Victimized By Black Celebs

When you hear something that makes your heart flutter on Black radio or television, turn to the White folks’ radio stations and television programming before you get excited. Do you see the same advertisements geared towards them? If not, it’s because White corporations are looking for Black suckers and they want you to be their next lollipops. Do your due diligence before consuming any product you see on television, in magazines, or hear on the radio. Also, be wary of Black celebrities with product placements, undisclosed sponsorships or financial relationships, or celebs consuming shit while they are talking to you live on social media. Black celebrity entrepreneurship often relies on victimizing or preying upon Black people as a means for their survival. I expect White people to screw me over, but not Black people.

Black Celebrities Are Getting Paid To Extract Wealth From Us

A celebrity sponsorship is usually a paid sponsorship, meaning these Black celebrities prancing and peddling stuff to us are getting paid to present corporate bullshit (they also call it celebrity branding), and the only reason they are presenting those products directly to Black people is because we consume more useless bullshit that depreciates than any other group in America. According to Nielsen, we Black folks consume a disproportionate amount of goods, which is the friendly way of saying we consume more products than our collective group should based on our size and wealth collectively. We are suckers basically, and Nielsen collects data on Black people (they call this intel “insights”) from social media, our cellphones, web browsers, banking history, stores we shop, etc, to know how we shop, what we buy, and who we trust.

Corporate America tracks us all, but there is something about Black people that drives White business, and we seem to not understand how we’re being preyed upon to help keep White corporate America rich and happy. Black folks need to learn how pure capitalism really works and begin investing in us, creating for us, consuming from us, and protecting us. We don’t need Black celebrities brokering any of it. We damned sure don’t need Black folks helping White folks watch our spending habits either.

Stop trusting Black celebrities and athletes immediately. They are entertainers and small business empires. Their interests aren’t our interests. Remember Black celebrities aren’t like us anymore, they are rich people now. Once they get rich, they may be Black on the outside, but most turn into greedy, money-hungry White Supremacist on the inside. That’s the best way I know how to describe their toxic transformations. Black people follow Black celebs like White folks are out here following Trump, and we’re all out here looking crazy!

Learn To Solve Black Problems, Create Black Products

Instead of being on Facebook helping Mark Zuckerberg get richer, Black folks should create their own social media platforms, protecting our intellectual property, keep our photos we exchange from being sold to predicative policing companies, and prevent our selling and browsing habits from being sold. Black Twitter should create a real Black Twitter, instead of using White guy’s Twitter where we’re censored by racist algorithms and where White run media and journalist troll our thoughts and ideas, stealing our intellectual property, art, style, etc. to publish on White run platforms. They are getting paid while we’re just having fun consuming whatever is pushed in front of us. Instead of buying and consuming someone else’s luxury brand, build your own luxury brands.

If credit rules put in place by White America keeps Black America from having nice things because of no faults of our own (i.e. job loss, at-will employment laws, trade acts), create infrastructures that will not only prevent us from being exploited by White Supremacy (i.e. higher interests rates we can’t afford, sub-par housing, bad neighborhoods, higher home, auto, and life insurance), but help us stay away from predatory lending and consuming. We don’t have to keep allowing Black celebrities and athletes to push us into consuming bullshit products that harm us financially.

Create educational initiatives promoting good stewardship over our financial resources while building our self-esteem. White Supremacy has done a number on our psyches, and we often buy stuff because we feel inferior.

It’s time we stopped being fascinated with bags (purses) and name brand shit that makes White folks (or in this case a White Spaniard) rich like Balenciaga. Why on earth do we poor folks need this stuff? Because Cardi B is a new Black face for their fashion house? I think not. We don’t need the new PS5’s with commercials narrated by rapper Travis Scott. PS5s adds no value to Black households. The console doesn’t help with our upward mobility, and it won’t make our Black kids (or adults) any smarter. In fact, studies show playing video games over a long period of time negatively impacts kids and adults alike. And let’s not even talk about the addiction to technology that comes with over consumption. These are just some problems Black people cannot afford to have.

Unnecessary stuff not only distracts from important issues, the stuff extracts Black wealth, and destroys Black people’s potential. Black celebrities are luring us to garbage. They’re getting paid, and we’re doing the paying. Paying Black celebrities and athletes is a very a small investment for White Supremacy with a huge return on its investment. Remember Black people, we are always the prey.

Do we really need top shelf, black label liquors to get lit, Black people? There are some good, less expensive libations that will do the same things the top shelf kinds rappers rap about that are affordable and Black-owned, like Erma Rose wine. All we’re going to do is piss it out or get tipsy and fall to sleep. Do we really need a $200 or $500 bottle of alcohol to flex in front of friends and complete strangers, or could we invest that $200 or $500 into something to help with our upward mobility like a business, or kids’ education, entrepreneurship training, even purchasing land to create your own small business one day?

Everything In America Is About Business and Survival

Sadly, we Black folks gotta compete with Black people, non-White people and White Supremacy for our survival, so we can’t afford to have anything else slowing us down, extracting our wealth unnecessarily, or distracting us from survival, yet many of us willingly allow Black celebrities to deter us from making it. These distractions and wealth extractors are intentional, and the people who place these distractions in front of our eyes and ears hope we view them as innocent.

Rich Black folks manipulate us on behalf of rich White folks to make us feel less than because we can’t afford it, but they know we’ll do anything to prove we belong. The entire business world understands this.

Too many Black folks are house poor, video game poor, car poor, cellphone poor, name band shoe and clothing poor, and addicted to stuff that doesn’t build us up financially, collectively. At some point, we must look at ourselves and ask why is this?

Black people will take their hard earned money to buy shit we can’t afford, to look good for people who don’t give a shit about us, and still be poor when it’s all said and done because a celebrity told us it looked good, we needed to get it. All some Black celebs need to do is go live on social media, be in a television ad, or the radio spot to peddle junk to us, and we believe in the stuff like it’s gospel.

We as a collective must do better, and it starts by not trusting Black celebrities (or any celebrities), promoting products created by White people, to extract Black dollars from Black people. That’s called exploitation honey, and White Supremacy is the master of exploiting Black people. Black lives must begin mattering to Black people. Ignoring Black celebs pandering for White corporations is where it begins. We can show White folks we care about ourselves by not being suckered.

I love Black people, but 2020 has shown us we cannot trust all of us, especially not famous Black people. We had Kanye, Lil Wayne, CeCe Winans (this one cut me deep), Ice Cube and so many others who voted their financial interests over our collective well-being. All these people I noted have the standing in the Black community they have today because we liked how they entertained us, yet we are the people they’ve chosen swindle. And while I don’t blame rich Black people for protecting their financial interests, I damned sure don’t appreciate them doing it at our expense, but this is how White Supremacy works.

White Supremacy always needs minorities to tend to its gates, and it uses Black people to keep White people rich. We’re so caught up in looking good and consuming their shit, we don’t even realize our own folks are selling us out. Living in America is about survival and refraining from being exploited as much as possible. It’s hard, but Black people can do this. It starts by giving White people back their luxury and brand name shit!

In Conclusion

Stop trusting Black celebrities selling us shit. Everyone in business knows Black people are brand whores. Also understand just because a company donates to Black Lives Matter (BLM) or other social justice causes doesn’t mean the organizations are culturally inclusive or care about Black people on the inside.

Nearly every White-run corporation compelled to donate to BLM in the wake of George Floyd’s death is still lily White in their boardrooms. Donations don’t translate into racial equity. We are still supporting White Supremacy when we shop businesses and consume products that give pennies to Black causes while making sure those same organizations remain lily White with help, often from Black celebrities via lucrative sponsorships.

Black celebrity endorsements and sponsorships pandering to Black people have been bad for us for a long time. With the Black/White wealth gap being larger than ever, we need to change who and what we value. Can we stop buying useless stuff? Can we find another way to make our ends meet without exploiting Black people? Will Black people finally wake up to the fact we’re always on the menu as prey?

We will never recover the wealth we’ve lost if we don’t figure out all the games White people play and all the Black people playing along too.

I just wanna know if we can please find another way to make it without exploiting our own people? It’s becoming painfully obvious Black people are keeping America afloat. I just want us to be better, and it starts with our economic health and well-being.

Stop standing in line for new Jordans. The parent company (Nike) is White as fuck, with their three token, Ivy League Blacks (two males and female) on the board as a diversity effort. Nike isn’t investing in the Black community in ways worthy of sticking with them. Does anyone care, ever?

Black folks make White wears trendy.

We keep White folks rich.

In business/capitalism, White folks are the parasites, and we Black consumers are the hosts.

White Supremacy and capitalism can’t survive without exploiting us, so let’s stop being exploited.

Getting Black dollars and doing business with Black people should be seen as a privilege. When people, regardless of their racial identity, violate our trust and disrespect us, we need to take away that privilege.

No one may mistreat or exploit us, not even Black celebrities, especially not Black celebrities. In 2021, Black people should normalize not being exploited by capitalism and Black celebrities. We have enough battles to fight already.

Marley K in Quarantine 2020, reflecting….. into the New Year.

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