Dear Democratic Party: Chastise Your People of Color Equally

The Hispanic Vote Is A Problem In Florida. Dems Aren’t Berating Them The Way They Did Their Loyal Black Voters. Why Is That?

Dear Democratic Party: Chastise Your People of Color Equally

The Hispanic Vote Is A Problem In Florida. Dems Aren’t Berating Them The Way They Did Their Loyal Black Voters. Why Is That?

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When Black people overwhelming voted for former Vice-President Joe Biden this past Spring, White people everywhere flipped their wigs. They chastised black folks for not supporting Senator Bernie, Mayor Pete, Senator Sanders or some other White candidate, chastised for not seeing the future, voting for the past, you name it. Our rationale for voting for former Biden was clear, yet White people didn’t want to hear it. We told them why, and they try to convince us why we were wrong in our assessment of the environment. It’s just one of the many sagas we endure living while Black. Black folks old enough to understand American politics and our relationship with our political system knew what time it was.

It was balls to the wall with Joe Biden or bust.

It’s what moderate and conservative White Democrats required of the rest of us who tried to warn ya’ll about President Dragon Ball Z. To quell this national fire White voters created, Black voters needed to vote against progress and go back to the status quo. Stop the bleeding. Right the ship. Save America and White folks (again). Conservative and moderately conservative voters are the current majority of Democratic Party, the most loyal financially, and the most active voting block, and until young folks step and show up and voters make better choices, this is it.

Black voters voted the way moderate White people wanted us to vote with the understanding America is not liberal or progressive at all. They are the most reliable part of the Democratic Party’s base. We also know most of these people are racist, although most would never admit it. Black people know how we prefer our racism, and we prefer the nice kind of racism the Democratic party offers over the overt, violent racism the Republican Party frequently dishes out.

Election 2020, just like Election 2016, is about racism. The Democratic Party can try to detract from the issue by trying to make us believe healthcare or Supreme Court justices are the primary concern, but Black people and people of color are fully aware that in everything, racism is the real issue we’re voting for or against.

America is very much a racist nation-state, and in order for Black people to have peace, we must vote the way the White majority forces us to or face their wrath. If the White natives ain’t happy, nobody can be happy and the natives are rarely ever happy. The White powers that be insist we be divided so that we cannot stand together united so White Supremacy can reign. Hence the reason for us all being divided into classes and races as voting blocks. No matter how many voting blocks the Democratic Party creates, the White working-class vote has always been the coveted vote.

White people who have always maintained our political systems, which keep us perfectly segmented, ranked, and controlled. This election cycle is no different, except some groups get passes while others don’t. Others being Black voters.

Florida Politics

If you’re into American politics, you know the state of Florida screws up nearly every national election. If you want or need this state to be helpful, it’s not, at least not on time, anyway. If you expect the state to go one way, it goes in the opposite direction. If there is a way to flaunt a system, Florida state and local representatives will figure it out. If you think the diversity of the people living in the state means you’re going to get a different outcome than the white supremacist one we always get, you’re living in a bubble. I have lived here for several years now and I distrust Florida politics just like I didn’t trust South Carolina politics.

As diverse as my home state is, racism and inequality are never far from our national and local political landscapes. The state’s leadership does not reflect the diversity of the state. Instead, the state’s leadership reflects the two Whitest groups in the state, White Cubans, White Venezuelans, and White Americans. You can’t expect substantive change when the people voting and the people in power use tried and true ratcheted political tactics to remain in power. Florida is a Republican’s paradise and playground.

The Hispanic-Latinx population is heavily concentrated in only a few counties in Florida, and they tend to vote for Republicans, the very people who hate them and me. They, like many White voters, can overlook racism in favor of free markets and wealth. Many Hispanic-Latinx voters also come from country’s that engage in anti-Black racism. To them, the lighter the skin, the better the life. The American political system for winds up being just their cup of tea. The Hispanic and Latinx populations can engage in the same racial discriminatory practices White people engage in here, working hand in hand with Whites to keep the Black and Caribbean communities grasping for power.

The Hispanic Vote in Florida

Florida has a rich history of racism and anti-Blackness, especially here in South Florida where I have lived over the past 8 years. It doesn’t matter if it’s the East Coast of Florida or the West Coast, there are vast populations of Hispanic/Latinx residents here, both legal and undocumented. A large swath of the Hispanic Latinx population are Cuban refugees and political dissidents, second generation Cubans, Venezuelans, and Puerto Ricans, followed by other smaller immigrant groups from Latin America who came here for a variety of reasons.

Many South Florida Hispanic-Latinx have imported their racism. The Democratic Party seems to not know this. They are courting groups of people who hate diversity and democracy. To many Hispanics and Latinx groups here in South Florida, the Democratic Party means socialism and free stuff. You can’t just court these groups a few days or months before the election. It’s obvious the Democratic Party doesn’t know and clearly isn’t interested in knowing the Latinx population here.

Most people don’t know unless they live here and navigate between the different immigrant populations the seriousness and severity of the racism and anti-Blackness that exists besides a love of free-markets/capitalism. Fears of socialism and a love of authoritarianism makeup a large swath of the Latinx population in South Florida. For certain segments of this population, they have no interests in learning about our political landscape, voting rights or how they vote against their own interests, yet the Democratic Party still chases them. The party not only chases them for their vote, they are not forced to give an account for their votes the way Black people are. It’s amazing to watch the double standard.

I used to think the Hispanic and Latinx populations in America were ignorant about Republican Party politics. I have since learned most know exactly what they are doing when they support the GOP. Here in South Florida, Black and Brown politics are often very different. Our morals are different, and our histories are different. We have a saying in the Black community that all skin folk aren’t kin folks, and there is no better place to apply this saying than here in Florida. When you have White skin and you’ve never had to fight for your rights like Black people have, your allegiances are different, it seems. This lack of history makes the Hispanic populations here in South Florida move differently.

Many from the Latinx diaspora in South Florida have a communal and racial group mindset with politics. They are more interested in White power, power for their own people, not all people. They are unified in their vilifying Blacks and their anti-Blackness, just like so many other racial groups in America are.

None of these groups are expected to give an account for how they vote by Dem voters. No one questions Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, Italians, or Vietnamese Americans why they vote Republican. How they vote isn’t questioned by the Democratic Party, and they are never blamed for any shortfalls the party may experience when it comes to losses.

The party has placed the responsibility for saving America has been placed solely on the backs and shoulders of Black people. Now that we’re no longer the largest minority voting block, expect the blame game scapegoats to change. Blaming us when White people make up the majority of voters in the U.S. is unfair.

The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the U.S. Electorate
The upcoming 2020 presidential election has drawn renewed attention to how demographic shifts across the United States…

Here is South Florida, Cubans are the most powerful Spanish-speaking group in the state, and they work to protect White Supremacy as good as if not better than White people. Racist White people I’m sure are very proud of their gatekeepers. Cubans and other powerful Latin-America and Spanish-speaking groups often vote to uphold racist White interests and to oppress their common enemies, Black people and Afro anything from the Caribbean diaspora. They are overtly anti-Black, yet the Democratic Party caters to them like they try to convert die hard Trump supporters. It makes me so angry.

This reliable Hispanic voting block for the Republicans has been fleeting to Democrats, and they don’t seem to care about them until it’s time to vote. The Democratic Party’s leadership is completely out of touch with all the non-White demographics in America who vote and seeking representation. White party big wigs and White political strategists don’t care about addressing us in ways that are culturally responsive. Because most of the Party’s focus has been on White voters, they’ve missed key opportunities to understand a growing population.

The Democratic Party continually lumps groups of people together by skin tone without taking the time to understand the groups aren’t a monolith. The party also underestimates and refuses to address the elephant in the room, and that’s people of color’s anti-Blackness and their allegiance to White Supremacy. The Democratic Party underestimated the Cuban population and Latin population. Apparently, life where Hispanics live is still good here in Florida. The Democratic Party also misjudged how much legal Hispanic immigrants and citizens cared about those who are not citizens and those who are undocumented. They don’t. Many Hispanics here in Florida are as indifferent to their own people as they are Blacks. Every group has their Uncle Toms and Auntie Ruckus,’ but when you have this many people voting wrong, there has to be more to it.

It seems the Democratic Party will soon learn an invaluable lesson about the diversity of Black and Hispanic/Latinx populations come November 2020. Far more of Blacks support the Democratic Party than the Latinx populations here, including South Florida Spanish speakers who cannot vote. In fact, here in Florida, Hispanic-Latinx support for Trump is surging, with no sign of this population budging much. Like White Trump voters, many of South Florida’s Hispanic-Latinx voters love the way Trump talks.

They like his racism. It’s the same anti-Blackness and anti-Brownness they engage in around these parts. They love his fake tough-guy image. It aligns with their cultural machismo. A lot of the Hispanic population believed because Trump is rich, he’s going to help them get rich too. But really, it doesn’t matter about Trump; because they voted for Republicans before Trump in state and local elections too. Democrats haven’t been able to peel off much of the Hispanic-Latinx vote, not even with political shenanigans.

With the gift of DACA legislation to undocumented immigrants, the Democratic Party believed they could move enough of the Hispanic/Latinx population away from the Republican Party to vote for Democratic Party and future Presidential candidates like Joe Biden. Goes to show you how they play politics with people’s lives. That promised pathway to citizenship for the party’s future largest minority voting block fell through thanks to Republicans taking over the Senate in 2012 and remaining in control of it until the Racist-in-Trump arrived on the scene to ensure it never passes. So guess what the Democratic Party has to do?

They gotta pander more, except now they are behind the power curve.

Democrats must conduct last minute FL Hispanic-Latinx voter outreach that should’ve been began at least two years ago. Instead, the party has found a scapegoat in the event they fail. In 2020, the scapegoat will be Black men. There are already narratives out about Black men are the weakest links for supporting Trump, when 2016 data shows more White men (52%), Hispanic men (28%), and Asian men (27%) voted for Trump than Black men (8%).

How Groups Voted in 2016
Sources: "Exit Polls 2016."CNNDecember 9, 2016. . Notes: Exit poll results for 2016. Collected by Edison Research for…

There has been no scapegoating racist Asian men or women who don’t vote or who support Trump.

There has been no scapegoating racist Hispanic men or women who don’t vote or who support Trump.

There has been no scapegoating racist Jewish or other men or women who don’t vote or who support Trump.

There has been no scapegoating racist Southeast Indian men or women who don’t vote or who support Trump.

There has been no scapegoating racist America’s First People who don’t vote or who support Trump either.

There has been modest scapegoating racist White men or women, the majority of all voters in this nation, who don’t vote or who support Trump. Not nearly enough dragging has happened. It seems most White people act as if these last 3 years are blips on a radar.

Only Black people are being scapegoated. No other racial group is being blamed for possible Democratic losses except Black people, in particular, Black men. Even Black people are bandwagoning this bullshit, which is maddening. The more we gatekeep for racism, the more we reinforce it’s okay. The more we allow them to tell us we’re the problem without looking at the data, we’re condoning their bait and switch games. It’s not right and I’m calling it out. The Democratic Party needs to chastise all of its beloved demographics equally, especially White women.

Or how about just stop chastising us and let us decide best for our individual lives, just like every other voting blocks does, free from guilt and shame. The Democratic Party treats Black voters like as if we are the maid. They act like it’s solely our jobs to fix what White people and people of color break, with no consideration for our long suffering.

Black people, in particular Black men, will be the scapegoats 2020 scapegoats. It’s already begun. In the meantime, The Party is out scrounging around for Hispanic-Latinx votes. May the good Lord take a liking to them.

The Biden-Harris campaign is out now trying to do last-minute visits to Latinx communities here from Orlando on down to Miami-Dade. The Keys (Monroe County, FL) are solid Trump support, no need going down there to be shamed. Because the Democratic Party hasn’t taken the time to get to know Latin Americans, Caribbeans, and Blacks groups here, they haven’t been able to break through. Just because someone is Black or Brown doesn’t mean they have the same political ideology, issues, concerns, or racial tolerance.

Hispanics and Latinx are not a monolith as most Black and Brown people already know, and many of them here in FL don’t give a fat baby’s ass about Democratic Party’s platform or what’s happening in America under Trump (Black folks already knew this too). These folks are either racists, indifferent to anything or anyone outside of their ethnicity and culture, pro-capitalism, or power struck, especially Cubans here in South Florida. To say outreach isn’t going well is an understatement.

Biden’s Hispanic voter outreach nationally is floundering although the media doesn’t cover it much. It’s struggling so much so, Hispanic field organizers here have been rebelling, claiming the campaign is suppressing the Latinx vote. In a letter to the campaign, field organizers noted:

“We are roughly 100 days out from the election, and there is no functional targeted field outreach and organizing of the Hispanic/Spanish-speaking, Brazilian/Portuguese-speaking, and Haitian/Creole-speaking communities in our state.”

Additionally, field organizers conducting outreach to the FL Hispanic-Latinx populations stated:

“The (Coordinated Campaign of Florida) is suppressing the Hispanic vote by removing Spanish-speaking organizers from Central Florida without explanation, which fails to confront a system of white-dominated politics we are supposed to be working against as organizers of a progressive party.”

Basically, the Florida Hispanic coalition is expressing the same sentiments Blacks have, but Hispanics aren’t getting their asses handed to them for saying what they care about like we do. We all are tired of White-dominated politics, which includes White and White passing consultants and higher ups deciding on strategies to engage people of color and Black folks they don’t engage with at all in their daily lives.

Hispanics Can Complain, Blacks Cannot

What I am perplexed most about is the different responses to the displeasure of outreach tactics by the party. Hispanics can complain about not receiving outreach and there is zero news coverage about it, and there are no demands they better do something either. They get to tell the Democratic Party what they will not do, and it’s all good. These are the folks that keep Florida from being Blue and a democracy. These are the very groups Democrats and Republicans chase.

The Democratic Party has a habit of chasing groups who resist their advances. Perhaps Black voters need to do the same.

The Party has spent millions of dollars since 2007 gambling on the Hispanic vote with the promise of DACA, believing they’d receive a return on their investment. They were wrong in 2018, and they couldn’t be more wrong in 2020. Many Hispanics and Latinx citizens and Spanish speaking legal U.S. residents couldn’t care less about whether people who came here illegally get citizenship. They feel these folks should get in line with all the other people trying to get into the country, just like White people.

Democratic Party Racism On Display

The anti-Black racism is clear. The historic scapegoating Blacks for the sins of the larger and/or wealthier non-Black majorities are on display. The disrespect of Black people who disagree with the party and who ask for something, which includes myself, has been duly noted. We see the double standards. They need to be called out.

I don’t mind being chastised for how I vote, but chastise minorities in the party equally. As I’ve noted over the last two years, White Supremacy is everywhere, and it’s on full display within the Democratic Party. From the way different minority groups are treated by the political parties, to which groups gets to express their feelings, to who gets to ask for something in exchange for their votes, the Democratic Party definitely treats Black voters with disdain and disrespect while expecting them to keep saving White people and other groups who vote against their own interests, those who act racistly against us, and politicians who keep running on everything and for everyone except Black folks and Black agendas.

Black America’s bill has come due, and America has to pay it. The least White people could do is pay us for continually building and saving this nation.

Reporters don’t come here to Little Havana and ask Cubans why they vote for Republicans, and when they do, they inquire with the knowledge Cuban voters are going to vote Republican. They ask what can sway these voters to not to vote Republican. They treat Cuban voters in Little Havana like coddled babies or privileged White people who don’t know any better, as if making them angry is against some code of ethics. Black people are the only people in America who must give an account to Democrats for our voting behavior as if Black people are solely responsible for saving America.

Black folks cannot be mad. We cannot be tired. We cannot have dissenting opinions. We cannot bring up the past. We can’t do anything. Our jobs are to just shut up and vote. Shut up and vote.

I’m so tired of politics. I hate both parties because neither are inclusive. Both are led by a bunch of old White people. Both parties are racist and pretend not to see color. Both ignore our issues. Both parties give cover to immigrant and POC (people of color) racism. Both parties ignore the anti-Blackness, and it’s going unnoticed (and unchecked) by White voters and party officials. Racism is complex, nuanced, and slick. It lives because of our unwillingness to confront it head on.

The Democratic Party needs fresh blood, more diversity, and the people who are constantly called on to save it, Black people should run the party.

As for future elections, if you’re a Democrat and you think it’s your prerogative to question and berate Black voters but you don’t question or belittle Jewish, Hispanic-Latinx, Caribbean, Asian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian about how they voted, think again.

Chastise us equally, or don’t chastise Black voters at all. Period.

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