Dear Democratic Party…We Need To Talk

Dear Democratic Party,

Dear Democratic Party…We Need To Talk
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Dear Democratic Party,

I know you’re proud of your gains from November 2018. That’s nice and all, but I need to tell you something. You have big issues in your party. There is a riff that’s been brewing for quite some time and the old guard missed it, as they were too busy grabbing power. For far too long you’ve ignored the signs and now we’re at a crossroad. I have some serious decisions to make, but I want to talk to you about them first.

The Democratic Party’s Leadership has overlooked certain subgroups of people, over-hyped other subgroups, and took for granted your rock (Black women) for decades. As usual, you’ve allowed certain individuals or groups to speak for us as if we are a monolith. As if our issues are the same.

As if we all benefit from Democratic power in the same way.

Well, I want to give you a heads up before 2020 so we can all try to be on one accord to beat the GOP nominee, hopefully, it’s not Trump again.

You Don’t Really Know Us All Problem

The Democratic Party is not a monolith. America isn’t a monolith. Stop telling us what our problems are. Try asking us. Give us a call. Come knock on our doors. Send us surveys (you have our email addresses from the donations we give). Do better. We are tired of the party limiting or downsizing what we care about to whatever your tiny political agendas are.

Your Talking Points Points/Issues Problem

I’m tired of you talking about healthcare, immigration, fucking walls, and Russia. Get to know all of America. Rural communities need jobs. Some of our children will never be able to leave home because they can’t afford to live on their own. Why is a public college education so expensive? Why can’t people afford to live? What about rising rents and over-inflated home values for no reason except capitalism? How about those skyrocketing food prices? Why is bread so damn high?

What about employment discrimination (racism, colorism, ageism, homophobia)? People can’t even take care of themselves because of discrimination. Let’s talk about credit ratings and how this shut down is going to harm millions of people, the voting rights of Blacks, Native Americans and the Latinx communities being infringed upon.

Your policies don’t address any of these problems we are struggling with today. Your party’s existing federal legislation on the books is dated and needs to address some of the issues noted. And please stop lumping everything into the existing civil rights bills please. You’re smothering the originally oppressed with the newly oppressed and it’s causing the old oppression to be forgotten overlooked.

What are your plans? Are you not going to address these things? These are the things I care about, but you never discuss them. I’ve waited along time on you, and I’m falling out of love quickly boo-boo.

Your Foreign Policy Problem

What is your foreign policy platform and what drives it? Is it Super PACS? Some of us are tired of America invading countries and never leaving. We have family members serving this nation fighting for no good reason, killing innocent men, women, and children on behalf of America. We dislike your positions, your support, and most importantly, your inability to track Pentagon dollars. Money is being wasted on wars that have nothing to do with anything more than ideology and back door deals.

Your Voting Rights Problem

It seems like the only time the national Democratic party cares about whether we all vote is when it involves and Congressional Senator of Representative. Where are you when the GOP are redrawing the lines and gerrymandering? Why aren’t you heavily engaged in state actions against such allegations and grievances? Why aren’t you expressing your concern about the inability for Blacks to vote without issues with more than words? The state Democratic parties struggle (especially in red states and the deep south) and you just toss your hands in the air leaving us to fend for ourselves. It ain’t right, and we’re tired of it.

Your Women of Color in Politics Problem

I am sick and tired of White women and women passing as White feeling as though the White House is some rite of passage for them — telling me I need to support another woman because (fill in the blank with a nonsensical answer that doesn’t address my problem/issue here). None of the reasons they ever give impact me, improve me, or make my communities better. Equal Pay- White women still make more money than Black women. Black Women and Women of Color in Politics- Blacks have made gains in U.S. political leadership, but gaps remain. Do you want to know why Democratic Party? It’s because you party is sharing the power with White women and Jewish women passing as White. That means there is no room for Black women and Women of Color at the top. Data from the past 50 years reveals the upward yet uneven trajectory of black political leadership in America. That’s about as long as we’ve been voting. Fifty damn years are we still aren’t equal. We need to admit that race is an issue.

This leads me to your next problem…racism.

Your Racism Problem

The Democratic Party has a racism issue. And while it looks a lot different than MAGA, the President exuding his White Nationalism, the Alt-Right, and Neo-Conservatism, it’s still racism and White Supremacy the same. While you have a beautiful, diverse group of people noted as “leaders” somewhat representing the national party, the agenda is clear. You want and prefer White women, women who can pass as white, or your middle of the road White male who can appease and keep at ease White people.

Party leaders want to nominate a candidate who will win the general election, but they also want to nominate a candidate who will not threaten the organizational stability of the party itself or their positions within it. This means without saying that White women are perceived to be less threatening than any other subgroup in the party, therein lies the push for more of them to run for office.

Has anyone ever wondered or thought to ask why Latinx immigrants, despite the well documented history of the GOP vote with them anyway? Why aren’t Democratic strategists working on Spanish-speaking communities to help them understand how their votes harm other populations, and learning why they don’t care? Even in the midst of this huge immigration and asylum debate you offer. Maybe that’s an area you could have fixed by now if your party truly cared about something other than Whiteness. Spanish-speaking populations, like Black and Asian communities aren’t monoliths. But we do believe in voting. I guess it’s easier to toss people away than to convince them how they could make better choices.

The party doesn’t spend enough time figuring out the nuances in the various ethnic groups. It’s kind of racist to exclude people because it’s hard for Whiteness to get it. Yeah getting to know different people his hard work, just like assimilation is hard work. Deal with it!

The other problem is that what’s a real threat to People of Color may not be perceived as a credible threat to the stability of Whiteness within the Democratic Party. White comfort has blocked Black progress in the Democratic Party, it’s just been done in obscure ways. The largest fundraising arms for the Democratic Party were led by White people (primarily White women). The biggest contributors are usually party leaders using the influence of money to determine the outcome of the nomination, much in the way political bosses of the past used their power within the party — including the ability to deliver votes — to decide the nominee.

Whiteness possesses the party’s money. Whiteness gets to select the non — threatening candidates they desire candidates. Whiteness gets the outcome they want every time, the rest of us are stuck with what the Democratic Party has forced down our throats. Again, that’s racist. Your pot is coming to a boil. Pay attention.

Your Sexism Problem

The party is focused more on women these days instead of people, humans, and issues we all care about. Men, especially young men understand the need to empower women, but does it have to be done at their expense? Women are not being gracious in their winning, and it’s going to cost the Democratic Party. If women don’t learn how to win without gloating, they are going to lose far more than they could’ve ever gained. I know the party has been dominated by men forever, but women can’t claim to be different from men, then act like men! If you don’t fix this issue, you’ll send men (in particular Evangelical men and White men) packing to third-party candidates or into the arms of the treasonous, racist GOP. That harms people of color. Don’t believe me, just look back at 2016.

You have an LGBTQ problem thanks to Trump repealing laws and Executive Orders. Trans men and women, gay couples who have had their benefits snatched because the administration doesn’t recognize their marriages, jobs have been pulled from folks in the military because they are out and transitioning, funding for gay kids in foster care is being pulled, and many people of color in the LGBTQ communities nationally are being harmed on your watch. What are you doing? What’s your plan? Don’t sleep on the family.

Your White Feminism Problem

White feminists their own choose self-interest over the lives of black people. Every. Single. Time. Nancy Pelosi and the old guard thought they had an uprising in November 2018 with restless natives of color and young White men, you’re going to have hell to pay come 2020 if you don’t get that White feminism under control. People of color are tired of supporting White women only to be put at the back of the line.

Too many White feminists have amply demonstrated they are detached from the lives and systemic issues of black women, transgender women, and women of color. White feminists in the Democratic party don’t know what our issues are, and they don’t want to know about what our issues are, yet they are allowed to petition issues for all women on the party platform. That’s a problem. We are nothing more than vagina voters (we’re convinced to vote with White feminist movements because we have a vagina). Women of color have seen the light and we know the cards are stacked against us.

Ever since Susan B Anthony spoke against Blacks having a right to vote, the notion Black women and women of color needed to be secondary has been a staple within the feminist movement. Anthony, along with Elizabeth Stanton and a slew of other white feminists demanded that women be granted the right to vote before Blacks.

Today, White feminists are shamelessly demanding power and positioning themselves to accrue power. Too many White women are not really struggling to identify with people who are not in their circles.

In Conclusion

These issues (along with plenty of others) are the reasons why the Democratic Party has a 2020 Presidential Candidate field that looks like a professional football team. Additionally, the bar has been set so low thanks to the GOP and Trump in 2016, any and everyone believes they have a shot at being President in 2020.

For many of us, we don’t really have anything more to lose. The Democratic Party and the American people clearly see equality and inequality, fairness and unfairness differently. So much so, a lot of us are turned off. If the Party doesn’t get it’s shit together soon, you’ll lose a bunch of us. The only difference between the GOP and Dems these days is that you make inequality more palatable.

We the People will only be able to make strides in this ever-widening equality gap by examining our choices more closely, and not believing the fruit your put before us is good. There are many of us who see differently. From White to Black to People of Color, young to old, straight or gay, and men and women, we’re all sick of politicians working behind the scenes to ensure their interests are addressed while ours are tossed to the side.

Don’t take us for granted in this upcoming cycle. Take notes and make changes or you too will go down in the history books for not understanding the people in your party. I’m ready for a divorce if you can’t get your stuff together. Let’s talk. Have some counseling maybe?

Call me. I’ll tell you what we need and what we care about. Let’s straighten it out.

Marley K, January 2019