Dear Good White People, Your First Test Is Here

What’s Happening In Portland Is A Test For Good White People. Will You Pass It?

Dear Good White People, Your First Test Is Here

What’s Happening In Portland Is A Test For Good White People. Will You Pass It?

Source: Marcus Spiske/Pexels

Dear Good White People,

There is an assault on good White people happening in Portland, Oregon. The federal government selected Portland for a variety of reasons. For one, Portland is the whitest city in America with a very rich history of racism. Our racist President wants Portland and any white space they’ve deemed sacred to the faux-aggrieved, crazy white man/woman to stay that way, so the federal government is using the city to show White folks that they’re not exempt from getting their asses beaten police and your rights infringed upon by your own government. They are treating good White folks, creating “good trouble” the same way the federal government and police treats Black and Brown folks standing up against injustice and protesting the violation of their civil rights.

It’s a punishment for being on the right side of history — for now. The racist federal administration has recognized your resistance and they understand if good White people continue to fight, more of you will come along. You see that it’s okay and the whiteness of the crowds will grow, which basically fucks up our racist national social/racial order. The government is vested in stopping you because you good White people hold the power to change our conditions. The racist federal government doesn’t want us to change. They don’t want you to change either White people. Our government is used to White people afraid, fragile, and always being the victim.

They want their old, scary, apathetic White victims back. Don’t do it.

But Portland was also selected by the President because it’s home to numerous right-wing groups with deep ties to the white supremacy, domestic terrorism, White militias, and everyday racist folks who have made it their life’s work to keep Blacks and people of color out of the city and Oregon. Sending troops and federal law enforcement officials to Portland also is the rallying cry of the government aimed at notifying those waiting on their mythical race-war it’s almost time. For White, racist whack-a-doodles, violent Pro-Trumpers, every day, homegrown garden variety White racists, and White Supremacists, it’s the call they’ve been waiting for the past three years — hell since the Civil Rights Era.

The President has been peppering his rambling, racist speeches lately with lots of dog whistles and overtly racist things White folks used to say in the privacy of their own homes and in those coveted white spaces they love to keep Blacks and people of color (POC) away from. Donald Trump has made dog-whistling fashionable again, and there are a lot of bad White people who love it.

Good White folks, you’re getting ready to be tested as you’ve never been before. Here is where the real sacrificing comes. Here is where we get to see how serious you are about dismantling our racist systems and achieving equality.

Good White people starting good trouble across America need to know Portland is a prelude and a notice to all White people planning on supporting Black Lives Matter movements until the election when hopefully we can get rid of Trump. I can tell you with no doubt good White people, nothing will change if you guys cave, get tired, or become afraid of the possibility of being injured or arrested by police or militia. I can also tell you where America goes as far as human rights are concerned, the will world follows. Europeans and White people can salvage your legacies and global standing by doing the right thing.

If White people don’t change in America, they won’t change anywhere else in the world. The world is watching you.

Most Good White people know most White cops have a silent pact with White people, or at least among themselves. That pact is that White people don’t kill White people, meaning White cops don’t/won’t kill White people. If they do, it’s last resort or a scary newbie, but on most days their secret pact is not to kill White folks. The police in Portland are there to intimidate and degrade, nothing more.

Don’t be afraid. Also, don’t think it can’t happen to you. This is a test for the next coming months. Be ye ready at all times for scare tactics and intimidation specifically geared towards good White people fighting injustice. The federal government wants to scare the thoughts of White people centering Black folks and equality right out of ya. Don’t fucking buy it. Ignore it. Reprogram your minds and prepare for more heat. The more you resist, the more Trump will try to break you. Keep pushing, keep fighting, keeping holding America accountable, and keep moving us forward. Your resistance moves us forward.

We need you.

If you quit, racists win, and we all lose. If you can’t tell by now, hate is a horrible manager of things. It kills and destroys everything it touches. You can’t continue to have a civilization with these types of people running it. You also can’t be afraid of a fight with the very people causing all the problems, and those people are bad, apathetic, selfish, and plain old racist White folks. White people, you gotta pass this test or that old America you claimed your love is toast and the new one you’re fighting for will never be born.

Trump and the Federal Government Know White People

The government knows White people because the government is White people. Hell, our government created the racial construct of White people, so they know you. And because the government created whiteness, and it works to sustain all of you. Most times you guys are on one accord, but in 2020, you good guys finally woke up to see the errors of America’s racist ways. Good White people finally saw inequality and racism in policing and recognize institutional and structural racism.

That’s great! Now you gotta fight to end it.

Seeing inequality and racism is the simple part. Fighting and then fixing civil rights and dismantling our entire racist system are the next steps, and the government is trying to deter you. They will deter you by using four methods: media, government, violence, and if all else fails by withholding of services/resources. If you’re a good White person, you need to be thinking like a poor Black person living through Jim Crow and preparing for what’s coming. The government will retaliate. Take lessons from Hong Kong’s Civil Rights leaders and American Civil Rights leaders used during the civil rights era. We left you a road map, use it.

The Government Knows White People Are Selfish

Because the government comprises predominantly White people who know the hearts and minds of all White people, including good ones. The news images of White women being abused by the police cannot deter good White people. Remember, Black lives are mattering and White women and men temporarily getting shoved around are not the focus of 2020, Black people are. White folks are finally getting just a glimpse of what it’s like to protest while Black.

Good White folks need to understand there is a reason the media has shifted the focus away from Black lives matter protests where the marchers are predominantly Black or the crowds are interracial to video footage and images of all White people protesting and experiencing police violence. The government knows White people love to be centered and that previously they have insisted White folks be centered. They have intentionally shifted what’s happening in America to White people, hoping you guys will start standing up for White people, forgetting all about the Black lives that were mattering for five minutes. Showing you White women and being victimized is subliminal messaging meant to redirect your focus and shift efforts.

Don’t let the federal government, the media, or white supremacists redirect your focus. Black lives matter, and if you redirect your attention before you know it, this moment is gone.

The Government Knows White People Love Being Centered

The reason the media has suddenly shifted focus and attention to Portland is that America is White-run and White-centered, and it works in concert with our federal government to spew propaganda to scare and influence White people. Racist White bad actors and professional television industry executives like Donald Trump knows if you see yourselves as victims, you’ll stop seeing us as victims. White people in the media know if you good White folks save yourselves, you’ll stop trying to save us. White people understand the psychology of White folks, so much so, they know how to create situations on television that will make you afraid in real life. Don’t buy it.

Most of the things you’ve learned about this country are lies. Keep fighting!

White people with racist agendas know most White folks live their entire lives afraid of every fucking thing — for no reason. They also know many white folks center their entire lives around their fear (i.e. fear of the unknown, people, communities, etc.).

If my good White people fall for the media and government’s bullshit now, there is no way you will be able to save us later. Portland and D.C. are dress rehearsals for what this racist administration will do to all Black and Brown people, regardless of how they vote when they see us in our cities and towns. You guys are practice for Trump’s master plan on harming us. He’s dreamed all his life for this moment of divide and race war and he will not leave the office until it happens. Buckle-up buttercups. It will get worse before it gets better. Everything depends on you now.

If you good White people can’t stay focused and understand Portland ain’t about White people, it’s about Black people, all hope is lost. We Black folks have suffered a lot worse, for a whole lot longer. If we can get our asses beaten and killed to keep you and generations of your ancestors comfortable, it’s time you guys return the fuckin favor. Get uncomfortable, stay uncomfortable, and stay focused. Fight police brutality and stand against inequality. Do your part, whatever you can contribute. Don’t stop. Don’t be tricked. Don’t forget how we got here.

We all know most White people quit fairly easily. We’ve seen it. Prove us wrong and prove the government wrong too. Let them know good White people are the new White people America is producing, and you are not with the divide-and-conquer bullshit anymore.

Stay uncomfortable and bring some friends. Don’t be deterred or distracted by the media’s intentional recentering of White people, in particular White women. And please know good White people, I’m happy and thankful to see you, especially to those White mothers of the resistance in Portland. I love it, but I worry White people are getting scared. Once your fear sets in, you stop fighting. This is about fighting to save us. Save us.

Nothing and I mean nothing, is happening in 2020 if White people don’t wake up, change, and fight.

The Government Knows White People Hate Fighting

The one thing our government knows about White people better than anyone is that most White people hate violence and fighting here on the home front, and they hate experiencing the violence because they’ve been trained to see everyone else violence except themselves. White folks can be violent, threaten violence, and intimidate others using violence, but they don’t want violence physically touching them. White people know that good White people seeing White people being victims of violence at the hands of bad White people, (especially White police) is a foreign thing.

White police and military were created to protect White people from the bad-bad Brown people and Black people.

The government using the police and the military in Portland, D.C., New York, and other cities to prevent White people from standing up for Black people is seen as a betrayal to White people. Trump knows you most White people love the military and police in all their wrongs. Those institutions were built to protect White people, not treat them as if they were the people White folks need protection from. Soon, White people will want this shit to end. They are already fatigued, and many aren’t sure they can continue because there is no end in sight.

Well, I’m sorry to inform you, good White people, that this isn’t the ending, it’s just the beginning, so don’t get tired. Crack open some Red Bulls, go re-watch the George Floyd murder, listen to him call his momma before he transitioned, gather yourselves, and then fight some more! Get mad all over again, and every time you lose focus, repeat. Stay angry. Don’t stop being angry until you see progress. Take breaks, but not too long, because the enemy is waiting to catch you asleep.

Change isn’t happening without White people, and Black people are holding White folks accountable in 2020. This disastrous era we’re living through happened on your watch. The clocks are ticking and all eyes are on you, good White people. You’re either fighting, standing, or fleeing. The last two options really aren’t options for White people because we’re not allowing them to be options for ya. You’re either with us or with the government. They are beating you guys up too White people. Our fight is your fight now. You’ve allowed White people to harm every group, and now they’ve reached you. Had you worked with us decades ago, we wouldn’t be here.

The fights won’t cease until White folks enter the fray. Get your boxing gloves on.

Don’t allow the federal government to scare you into believing you shouldn’t fight for Black lives or your own. Democracy dies when we stop fighting, every generation has to do their part, and White folks have used their privilege to exempt themselves from the fights in the past. It’s time to play catchup.

Keep fighting. Good White people must fight bad White people. It’s as simple as that. Fighting is the good trouble we all most engage in.

Don’t Fall For America’s Divide-and-Conquer Bullshit

The federal government and the media are getting ready to blitz White folks. They need to peel you away from the Black lives matter movement so they can contain us. Since slavery, you’ve allowed it to happen. Don’t allow it to happen in 2020. In just a few months we will have a national election. This election will also be a referendum on America. We will decide what do we want as a nation, who do we want to be this go at it, and how do we want to treat our non-White people? Are we moving forwards or are we going backwards?

The current occupant of the White House is a treasonous domestic terrorist hoping to trick good White warriors into only caring for White people like they always do. His administration is trying it because it has worked so many times before. Trump is a master bully, willing to use his evil skills and talents to make you afraid, to prevent you from voting, or running to your default, the catch White folks off guard by introducing the old “White man will save you from all of your fears and nightmares” con game. Don’t buy any of it. I even have to keep reminding myself so I won’t become discouraged.

These are tough times we’re living in right now.

The bad White people running the country into the ground want to scare, anger, and recenter their Whiteness to make Black lives not matter. Ignore it, it’s all state-sanctioned propaganda at this point. If Black folks aren’t well, America isn’t well, and trust me when I tell you — we aren’t well.

America is a master of psychological warfare, keeping us divided, and scaring the hell out of White people. Don’t fall for it. Pass your tests.

We are as close as we’ve been in the last 100-years to achieving more justice, fairness, and equality. If you guys stay focused and fearless, we can win! I’m rooting for ya, and I got my eyes on ya. Don’t get tired. Don’t faint. Don’t let America intimidate you. Don’t get weak.

America’s survival depends on good White people getting into good trouble.

Marley K. in Quarantine