Dear Mr. President, Don’t Apologize to Justice Kavanaugh For Me

I’m not sorry for what happened to Brett Kavanaugh, so don’t apologize for me. I’m revoking my apology extended by the President.

Dear Mr. President, Don’t Apologize to Justice Kavanaugh For Me
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Dear Mr. President,

The other night at Justice Kavanaugh’s televised swearing in, you told the American people more lies, which is nothing new and was to be expected. Every single day you lie sir. I don’t care about your lies anymore, for the most part. I ignore your lying mouth.

But the other night sir, you extended an apology to Justice Kavanaugh for the “discomfort” he and his family experienced during his confirmation process, that he put himself through by the way, without my permission. I don’t care about his discomfort, just like neither of you care about the average poor citizen’s discomfort or incarceration when they are accused of crimes going through the real criminal justice systems. He was going through a job interview. He got the job! His feelings are irrelevant.

What about her feelings? Her being Dr. Christina Blasey Ford. I know. I know. The only woman you really care about is Ivanka. But you could pretend.

I don’t know Justice Kavanaugh is innocent of what he’s been accused of, but I know he’s a liar, just like you are Mr. President. I am all for due process, but you stopped that from happening. What a shame. We, the American people who care about justice and fairness, will never know if he’s innocent or guilty of the allegations made against him. By placing him on the court, I’m sure we will never know whether you’re guilty of all the shit you’re accused of either.

Life’s a bitch for the little man these days. I realize you don’t care. As long as the rich people and your White supporters are winning, you’re good. I understand.

In any event, I don’t appreciate you making fun of an alleged victim of a crime, and I certainly don’t appreciate you downplaying a woman’s pain while discussing her sexual assault to build up a man’s credibility. You, and the men who supported you got your big, strong White man points for you bullying. I’ll give that to you.

But I would like to rebuke you for apologizing to Justice Kavanaugh for the nation. While it may be your job to do a lot of things for America, you do not have the right to extend an apology on my behalf without talking to me first. I’m sure many victims of sexual assault feel the same way I do. We did not co-sign on that bullshit.

Since we don’t know each other, I’m revoking the apology you extended on my behalf. I know when I want to apologize, and who I should apologize to. I didn’t do anything to Judge Kavanaugh or his family, and I have absolutely nothing to apologize for Mr. President. Perhaps you should apologize to him, you were the one who nominated him!

He’s a judge, so he should be used to seeing how roughly the accused can be handled when being interrogated. If the process as well as the conclusion of the process been completed fairly and transparently, then I would have no problem with you apologizing if the judge was found not to have committed the allegations.

But the process wasn’t completed fairly or thoroughly, so there is nothing for America to apologize for. Therefore, I’m withdrawing mines. Now, don’t extend any more apologies without my permission, please and thank you Sir.

I don’t care about Brett Kavanaugh’s whining, sniveling, privileged, lying ass or what he decided to put his family through to get another career notch on his belt, just like you don’t care about the Black and Brown people here in America fleeing distressed, “shit hole” (your words not mines) and war-torn countries Sir. Or how about those people wrongly accused by an inept criminal justice system overseen by you now? Or what about the Central Park 5 you insisted were guilty even after they were exonerated, or the many men freed via the Innocence Project who happen to be primarily poor and Black?

I’m not asleep, and I have a memory like an old dog Mr. President. Try Jesus, clearly he’s not looking at you.

Lastly Mr. President, I’m wondering how in the hell you could ever dare to fix your mouth to apologize for the nation when you NEVER apologize to ANYONE for ANYTHING, ever. You have some nerve apologizing on my behalf of us to a man who has been accused and potentially implicated in some of the same unsavory behaviors as you.

If you knew how and when to apologize, you’d know this was not an occasion to extend one. I’m going to do you a solid this time and help you out, this ain’t one of those times Sir. In any event, my mouth isn’t broken, and I don’t have an apology in my body for Justice Kavanaugh.

Now, you go on and do what you do best…lie, distract, gaslight, and bully.


Marley K., 2018


P.S. Others have signed this letter below demanding you take back the apology extended to Justice Kavanauagh for his “pain and suffering”. They don’t give a shit about his pain or his suffering either, especially the sexual assault survivors.


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