Dear White People, Your Second Test Is Here

The White Man’s (and Woman’s) Pied Piper Has Spoken. Will White People Choose Humanity or White Supremacy?

Dear White People, Your Second Test Is Here

The White Man’s (and Woman’s) Pied Piper Has Spoken. Will White People Choose Humanity or White Supremacy?

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Your Second Test Is Here White People

November is coming to reveal the hearts and minds of the most White America, and White people won’t be able to hide behind their ignorant White bliss anymore. The White man’s revolution-civil war announcement has was made last week at the Republican National Convention. The aggrieved White Man’s Pied Piper has spoken. Black people are getting ready to see whether those Black squares that took over social media profile pictures, BLM social media hash tags, and fancy buzzwords like “amplifying Black voices,” convert into votes against racism, extreme authoritarianism, and White Supremacy in 2020.

I believe it won’t. I see covertly racist White people circling the wagons. I’ve seen too White people settling comfortably back into their racism again post George Floyd. I hear the same old White people rationalizations and justifications for why Black people should just submit to White police as if we don’t have rights. As if we are inhumane. As if our lives don’t matter.

Trump and the RNC have given both casual and moderate/liberal racists an out to hide behind with all the nice, comical racist codes from days gone by that White folks used to describe their fears of otherness, in particular, Black people. The White man’s president has spoken, and the racist White man’s poor ignorant souls are now soothed. Donald Trump has promised White America he will protect their beloved Whiteness at all costs. Trump is promising to protect racist White boys who murder and the trailer parkers and/or suburbs they come from. He’s vowed to keep the Black and browns out of everything and anything White people want him to. Trump’s promised to build their wall (again) but this time we’re paying for it and it’s all good. He’s promised the stock market will be better than it ever has before, and he’s going to put a chicken in every pot. I made that last one up. But if lies are being told, why not add some of my own?

The White folks unwilling or unable to admit they are voting for Don the Con will only have a few more months to hide. The White vote, not the Black vote — the White one, will reveal the true heart and intent of White America. White people will let us know in November if we’re going forwards or if we’re moving backwards. Most of already know the truth, know don’t we?

It’s not like most Black people don’t already know. We are singing our optimistic “Keep Your Head To The Sky” Black family anthems in public, but in private, we’re expressing sincerest doubts and distrust of White people. We know White people. Trust me, we know them all too well. We just want White people to know them. November will prove we Black folks know White folks better than they know themselves.

Who White people are in America will be reflected by the values they vote, and for a lot of White people, they didn’t realize until 2020 that their values are indeed racist. After November, racists in denial won’t be able to hide behind the excuse of not knowing Trump and the RNC are racist. There is no separating the two anymore. And there is no such thing as cherry-picking issues anymore while feeling bad for us poor Blacks but still voting racistly.

The White folks’ racist cats will be out of the bag and I won’t be going away quietly into the night. The White Man’s Pied Piper has spoken, and White people are falling in line. You can tell White folks are getting in line by the way White journalists in the media are still tipping around Trump’s overt racism and the complicitness via the silence of so many White people. It’s been 5 years almost (not including the Obama years) and White people in the media still refuse to call Trump a racist. Mainstream media still shows him every single day despite quoting his thousands of lies told. If he was an FBI employee, he’d be fired because he’d be compromised. This fucker is still the President. White people will move the goalposts for Whiteness at the drop of a dime.

I’ve already prepared my official “I told you so” essay. It’s likely going to be the last one I give before we anti-racists and anti-Trumpers are censored. That’s what’s coming next in case you don’t know, and platforms like Medium will be either shuttered, heavily censored or forced to accommodate racists in order to stay in business. Change is coming. The type and amount of change America will have will depends on how little or how much tolerance White people have for White Supremacy.

Your second test and final warning shot before the November election is here. What are you going to do?

White people are having a huge issue with believing how racist America is — and how racist they are, too. White people wanting change for us are at the same crossroads with the people who want to take us back to 30s and 40s, where segregation and exclusion were legal. Will White folks fall prey to the classic predatory White nationalists politics they always do, which enables White Supremacy to remain intact, or will they finally save all of us, not just the White among us?

The Lowest White Men Have Been Summoned

If you’re White, no matter how liberal or progressive you are, you know the RNC’s klan rally was a rallying cry for Whiteness. Racist White men, along with a few White Supremacy loving ignorant Black and Brown token show ponies, gave the racist White man’s rallying cry heard around the world. Every message, every performance, and every racist trope used was right out of the old Dixiecrats’ racist Southern Strategy playbook.

Trump and the Republicans have made it clear they are centering White people first. Trump is officially the White man’s President. The Republican Party assured White people last week that their personal property, rights, money, guns, and White way of living would be protected at the expense of other folks. That’s the zero-sum game.

Trump and the Republicans made it absolutely clear they were going to continue with America’s same racist structural and institutional racism, in fact, Trump even said he and Republicans would roll back anything President Obama and Biden did, and anything they believed caused money or privileges was taken a way from White people. Trump knows exactly how to appeal to even the most liberal White person because he knows how they think. He’s knows because he’s one of them.

Former Ambassador Nikki Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina, a state that seceded from the nation and where a White man went into a Black church to kill 9 Black people having bible study, told White people last week America wasn’t racist. I would love to know what her Sikh parents think about America not being racist.

Trump and the Republicans said all the right words at the RNC last week to play on White folks’ emotions to get them in line for November. They said all the right things racists need to make them not feel guilty for voting for a racist, segregationist platform. White men used all their White power and White coded words to put White people in a hypnotic trance to get White people to believe that America is will only be better with White people in power.

Newsflash: An overwhelming number of White people chose an orange Satan and his cronyism, and nepotism as their preferred governance style. White people fucked America up. If you don’t like what you see, look at racist White people, rich White people, and the “Lowest White Man” kind of White people because they made this mess. They apparently like it too.

I say the Lowest White Man voters are stupid because they’ll vote against their own interests in favor of White Supremacy, which does nothing for them except fuel their hate and ignorance. White Supremacy helps no one except White men. Keeping a Black or Brown man down is more important to them than having a job, eating, or in the middle of a pandemic staying alive. White people in America have really shown the world how racist and hateful White Americans can be.

Racism is the best thing America has to offer its citizenry these days, and that ain’t saying much.

White Supremacy has done nothing for poor White folks except make them compete for scraps with poor Black and Brown folks and hate themselves. Apparently White folks’ self-esteem is so low and their souls are morally bankrupt, so the messaging of the White Man’s Pied Piper worked. Black folks could see and hear White people all over finding peace with their racism last week. The mainstream media showed many videos of White women trying to work their racism out in their spirits all last week to avoid feeling guilty in November. Too many liberals, conservative, and progressive White women refuse to take responsibility for the poor decision-making and apathy of the collective that led to orange White Supremacists being elected.

Orange Sherbert knows he’s racist too, but he denies it every day, even as he admits it. The White Man’s Pied Piper along with his felonious gang have laid the foundation for scapegoating otherness in 2020.

Will White people fall for the lowest White man call in 2020?

Probably will.

White people are addicted to Whiteness like addicts are addicted to drugs, and just like most addicts, they won’t admit they have a problem until shit gets terrible. Been there, done that already. Black folks are awaiting the counseling to take hold and to see the rejection of their drug.

Lest We Never Forget The Disrespect

The level of disrespect the RNC directed towards non-conforming Black people and People of Color desiring fairness, justice, and equality and the bold displays of White Supremacy and White privilege are unforgettable. I White folks understand Black people are never going back to the days where White people could lie and pretend they weren’t racist, where they could deny that we saw what we saw and we heard what we heard, or where they can act as if they didn’t understand racism. We’re never making weakness a fan. Folks choosing Trump’s style of governance have made it perfectly clear where they stand on how they see America going forward in the future.

Trump/RNC supporters want the old-timey White America back. The White America from the 60s pre-Civil Rights Act. The one where they could take care of themselves. White folks want. The America where they made shit and didn’t have to wait on goods to be shipped from China. The America where all White people were police and where White people could say and do anything they wanted to us, including spit on us and we couldn’t do shit about it. White folks want the America back where they don’t have to share power and they come first. The America where only White lives matter.

Well, let me tell you something, we ain’t going back there, I don’t care how much White folks lie, cheat, or steal to go back.

White folks cannot understand (or don’t care to understand) is that no matter how far you with your White selves go back, back has never been good for Black people. Your White back, back, backitty, back, back to the back of a bus — to the back of restaurants to order food, or back to the plantation fields weren’t good for us back then, and they won’t be good for us now. I know most White people can’t see any of this because they are White and they are living in 2020. Since so many of you good White people seemingly can’t connect the dots, allow me to help you.

The GOP has stacked the courts with young conservative judges and the GOP currently rules the Supreme Court. In a matter of 2–3 years after challenges to rights and acts that protected us are appealed and overturned, racists judges could easily return us “back” from whence we came. That’s back to a period of even more inequality, injustice, and racialized domestic terrorism. With the way 2020 is going, Justice Ruth Ginsburg (who should have retired while Obama was in office so he could replace her but she refused because — well, selfish White people shit) could pass away before the November election, leaving the orange monkey to replace the her with another conservative Supreme Court Justice which would ensure there will be no justice for crimes against Trump. It also ensures civil rights would be no more.

White people often forget some of the very rights and protections they treasure are entrenched in Acts created for Blacks. White folks aggrieved by their own mediocrity voting against my rights also means they are voting against their own rights. The Lowest White Men don’t care as long as they can’t “see” themselves being hurt by the White men they elect to harm other folks.

Ignorant, aggrieved White people caught up in all the White Pied Piper’s keywords like “protecting their suburbs” and patriotic education really need their minds decolonized. These are old tricks used by the rich and powerful to divide and conquer all of us. While White folks are busy digging ditches for Black and Brown folks, rich and powerful White men are busy digging ditches for them. White people are just too busy hating to see their ditches.

While Orange Sherbert sells White folks pre-packaged the visions of Whiteness they believe they should have, he’s literally robbing all White people blind of their hard earned tax money. The rich Whites (and some Blacks) keep getting richer, and the poorer and dumber Whites (and some Blacks and POC) continue getting robbed and raped. Some folks love abuse. In fact, they thrive on it.

The White Line Has Been Drawn In The Sand

The White Man’s Pied Piper placed the White people’s line in the sand. Those of you who didn’t watch the week of RNC’s did yourselves a great disservice. White men have told us boldly and plainly, what their goals are, who their government is for, and what America will be if Donald Trump is allowed to remain in office for another four-years. America won’t just be the White man’s country like it’s been for the past 55 years. The RNC informed us America is going to once again become the White man’s country of 1866. It’s going to be the country where slave codes, Black codes, and Jim Crow existed. It’s going to be a segregated America, a law and order America, and an America intolerant of differences.

The second test is here White people, and we’re watching you. We see how you’re acting and reacting. We’re paying attention to things you’re vocal and silent about. We see your Black people’s issues fatigue and the disappearance of the #VoteBlueNoMatterWhat (#VBNW) slogans. We hear what you say and what you don’t say in between the lines. We are watching White ignorance and your wokeness. We’re seeing which side of the line you’re moving to, or if you’re just standing there in the middle. It ain’t that hard to decide which team you’re on. If you don’t know what you’re doing by now and if you don’t have the emotional intelligence to care for anything besides animals and White people, well, we see that too.

Shit’s going downhill from here. You need to know Black people aren’t going backwards. We’re going forward or going down together. We’re going to be a nation attempting to achieve democracy, or we’re going to be the nation heading back to the Confederate States of America. You see it, and so do I. History repeats itself when we don’t learn from it. I hope White people are learning from these racist moments. It’s been like 465 years already.

If you don’t see anti-Blackness as a problem, it’s probably because you’re a racist in denial. I have warned you. Please don’t say we didn’t prepare you for what’s next. White people are finally going to learn how to be your brother’s keeper, or continue to be your brother’s problem.

You have 2 months and a few days to make your minds up.

Marley K in Quarantine 2020.

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