Dispatches From A Failing State

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Dispatches From A Failing State
Sunny Night
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Hi Friend,

I hope you all are have a good week as we all attempt to navigate Covid and racism. To Chris M. in New Zealand, I just want you to know I'm jealous (lol). Every time I think of how they can freely with no mask, have concerts, dine, and live without the presence of Covid, I just shake me head.

How could Americans be so dumb as to allow such a idiot to run a nation, and why are there so many stupid people in one place? I'd say Trump revealed to America just how ridiculous the majority of people in this nation are. They love money (or they love the thought of being rich, because he who is rich has power) and Whiteness. I also think Americans have intelligence. I feel like Americans are dumber than we were when I was in school some 45-years ago. Kids have access to all the information in the world, yet lack the critical thinking skills to seek it out. We've taught our children to take tests not learn useful things that will help them throughout their lives.

White Americans have become more segregated, wanting to homeschool their children or send them to all White private school settings where they learn how to be White, not global citizens who live in a diverse world. Crazy people and far too many White folks and Evangelical Christians have become anti-science. If protesting wearing a mask to keep a highly contagious infectious virus from sliding into our mouths and noses is any indication of how anti-science and anti-common sense this nation has become, I don't know what else I can do to convince ya.

The dumbest thing about us living in a failed state is that we can't get White people to fully grasp and address racism after centuries of practicing it. We can't get America to grasp the concepts of antiracism either, not that it's our responsibility, but it benefits us directly so we're vested. we racial and ethnic minorities are doing our parts.

White people know antiracism requires sacrifice. One of my Medium commenters (Ann N.) Summed it up best. Her response to a piece I published on Medium about most White reporters being racist and not quite grasping how racist they truly are.

Most White Reporters Are Racists
If you’re American and White (European descent, Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian, klan lovers, Nazi embraces, etc.), you were born into a racist society your forefathers and ancestors helped to craft…

Because most are racists, it's impossible to address matters of race in a way that is helpful to victims of racism. White reporters treat racism the way their White audiences treat it. They see racism as a problem, and they can get a way with barely grazing the topic to become better allies.