Don’t Fall For The Political Scams in 2020

The Democratic Party should respect our existence or expect resistance. Black people aren’t a monolith, and we aren’t stupid. An essay addressing the political ploys manifesting in the 2020 Democratic Presidential campaigns..

Don’t Fall For The Political Scams in 2020

Black People Shouldn’t Fall For Tired Political Scams in 2020

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

As the polished liars gear up for 2020, the Democrats are coming at us with all kinds of scams, key phrases, lingo, fake giveaways, and promised symbolic bill signings to get the Black and Latinx votes. They really need us this time, desperately it seems. Democrats need us to be their maids and garbage men of America to help clean up the messes White people made by voting for Trump. Funny how that thing works right? The Democrats have been horrible at keeping promises.

For decades, they have been terrible at keeping their promises and just like everyone else in America, Black folks are tired of our politicians too. We are tired of voting for something and getting nothing in return. We see through their little strategies and charades clearly now. Suddenly, the Black vote urgently needs attending to. The Democratic Party feels they need to rein us in before they lose us.

The Black vote the most reliable (and most abused) voting block for the Democratic Party despite all their past lies and bullshit. We’re more reliable than the White working class, the soccer moms, White suburban, the Jewish community, women, White men, college students, or the wealthy donors, or any other voting block within the confines of the party, yet the Black vote is the least rewarded, and the least appreciated.

I’m sure tired of the Democratic Party hunting me down every 4 years to fix the messes Black people didn’t make. But because we only have 2 parties, it limits our choices. The Party knows this, so they have no problem making false promises and sliding into our communities every 3 years to get our votes so they can have what the care about the most power. Black people don’t get to choose how they are governed. Politicians have learned how to craft messages and temporarily assimilate in order to get what they want from us — and that’s power in order to control our tax dollars.

America Will Never Have A Democracy Without Equality
You can’t have one without the other.

We’ve been giving our votes away for far too long. It’s time we recognize it (About here is where I’m sure some White people are ready to jump in to tell me how much we have with some pie in the sky metric used to determine Black success and achievement for Whiteness. I should be grateful, and la, la, la).

The Talk

Here comes the Democrats again, talking about shit that will never happen, telling us they have no power to undo the messes they’ve done, or espousing fake petitions and platitudes to tickle our Black ears and temporarily soothe our Black souls.

I feel disrespected, never enough to vote for the GOP or Trump — but just enough to call them on all their bluffs in 2020. Black people can’t afford to fall for anything, nor can we afford to be distracted by the Democratic lies.

We Black folks already know White people aren’t giving a shit about our lives, just look at the Whitelash of 2016. Cash, power, privilege and/or racism ruled the minds of Whiteness. They will go wherever the wind blows as long as it serves them. Black folks are the moral compass of America, and in this age of Trump, the Democratic Party will chase us down with more lies, fake compassion, and false promises to ensure their only reliable voting block doesn’t stay home.

Democratic Party and their strategists are setting traps early. Let familiarize ourselves so we don’t fall for them.

The Lies

Reparations: America ain’t giving Black folks shit! They can talk about reparations all they want, just know this — it’s talk. Selfish White people will burn down the whole of America before they revamp their systems and repay that debt. Democrats know the right keywords to get the attention of Black folks. It’s a ploy. Even if they say it with their mouths, Congress would have to approve the bill and appropriate the money, something the Executive branch can’t do alone. If they promise it without the other two branches of government approving it, they are lying. Just the fact 2020 Democratic candidates are mentioning it in context with voting for them we should just know it’s just a game to them. It’s another way to disrespect us (again).

Free College: It won’t happen because it’s literally not possible without state public institutions agreeing to take part in whatever federal shenanigan they invent to make it happen. The other thing is how much would that cost? States will oppose it because — well, they love their rights. Taxpayers will oppose it (especially conservatives, corporations and older folks with no kids) because they don’t want to pay anything for anyone. The GOP won’t go for it because they believe the little poor guy needs to help him/her self.

The only people who seem to be entitled to free help are the corporate rogues and wall street crooks who create the low-paying jobs we already have so we can’t afford college in the first place. If any 2020 candidates are promising free college, look elsewhere, because it’s not happening without a civil war. White America is not interested in doing anything to educate us all which may by some fluke lead to us accruing more power and learning how they get ahead (and stay ahead). Not gonna happen. America loves caste systems. Keeping people uneducated built America and keeping people uneducated keeps America.

Medicare For All: Only one party is offering this plan. That party holds only one branch of government right now. How in hell’s bathroom do they expect to get conservatives to agree to this when they are about to dismantle Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) completely? Democratic candidates can try to get us to believe all they want, but they will not have the power or branches of government to make this happen. Gerrymandering has made certain the Senate stays as is, which ensures the White House stays as is. The Democratic Party has done little in the way of protecting our rights to vote so we can get rid of rift raft. They certainly have done nothing about disenfranchised and apathetic White voters in either party. Use your healthy brain and don’t fall for the okey-doke.

But wait, there’s more.

While Black people care about healthcare, the problems 2020 Democratic candidates address do nothing to fix non-profit hospitals price gouging and making huge profits, nor do candidates address insurance providers high premiums, deductibles, and co-pays, or doctors opting out of caring for patients insured with public options — preferring private pay or non-government insurance. Candidates are not discussing how rich White male doctors rebelled during the early implementation of ACA, making it harder for patients to find care locally.

Many wealthy physicians dislike equitable care, caring for the poor, caring for people of color, and anything that prohibits them from charging crazy amounts of money for care. Too many doctors are a doctor for their financial benefit, not our health benefit. Additionally, when the government regulates costs and fees, they lose money big time (they love free markets and capitalism). Medicare for All ain’t happening people.

Immigration: Yes, we should care about immigration, because guess what? When they finish neglecting, raping, harassing, beating up, and kicking out immigrants seeking asylum, this administration is coming to fuck with Black people either directly through policy or indirectly with racist dog whistles for the White Nationalist enemies within. While we all know dealing with immigration is important, we also know 2020 candidates will do nothing except say Trump shouldn’t do what he’s doing. They’ll negate the fact they are Congress not doing anything.

Congress’s job is to deal with immigration, not the President’s (not solely anyway). Any candidate with a plan for immigration that doesn’t include working with Congress is circumventing power. Anyone running for President promising an immigration plan that does not go through Congress is planning to do nothing more than use an Executive Order, yet again letting Democrats and Republicans off the hook. The President doesn’t really have as much power as they claim he does. Obama was wrong using his executive order with DACA pandering for votes, and Trump is wrong with all of his foolishness. Immigration needs to be addressed by Congress, but they will do nothing. #votethemallout

Police Brutality/Black Lives Matter: Big ole nothing burger. Two of the 2020 Presidential candidates running for office helped police get off and aided in harming Black lives (Sen. Klobuchar and Sen. Harris). Others have done nothing about this their entire time in Congress. Dem Congressional politicians know BLM is under surveillance as a domestic terrorist organization by the Department of Justice for almost 3-years, but have done nothing about it.

These Democratic 2020 candidates will come to your towns, give you arousing speeches and go back to DC to do more nothing. They have no control over local and state police; the ones beating and killing Black people. Congressional candidates have the power to withhold federal formula grants to states which fund many state and local police efforts. They also can’t control individual implicit and explicit biases. Anything short of giving all police tests for biases and race-based polygraphs (which no state, federal, or local police agency really does after they hire officers) is a lie. It’s all talk, no action. Candidates couldn’t care less about Black Lives Matter or Black lives. Just figure out on your own how to stay alive long enough to vote…

Trump/Mueller Investigation/Impeachment: If Black folks have learned nothing over these last 2 years, we all have learned that White collar crime is paying, bigly. If you are still waiting on something to save us from Trump and his cronies, it will not happen. Mitch McConnell has stacked every district in the U.S. with White men who will make all their wishes and dreams come true and make all their sins disappear. If Democrats are talking about doing anything it’s just talking. It’s hilarious how much confidence White people have in the justice system when they want justice. It’s also a trip watching them react when justice shows them she is unfair. We can’t allow them to trick us into believing they will save us from Trump. They can’t.

We know how this criminal justice works better than anyone else. Nothing surprises us about it, therefore, you already know what time it is. Prepare for the worst and read your non-white washed history books to see what is coming. The world is on fire because of corrupt leaders and people are protesting violently across the globe and here in the civilized U.S., we wait to vote as if we don’t understand we have the power. We are supposed to be the government; we are supposed to be a democracy — except we’re not! Sadly, what we are experiencing is nothing new in America, and this rise in White nationalism, political parties cheating and evil, corrupt presidents is just par for the course. We move forward a little; we move back a lot. This is the Obama blacklash effect we’re enduring.

Racism: If any Democratic 2020 candidate is talking about racism today (or not talking about it) and they haven’t been discussing racism outside of their favorite go-to racism category (antisemitism) prior to running for President, just give them the side-eye and keep moving. We don’t have time for gaslighting and massaging their egos. We don’t have time to wait on them to figure racism out. Our lives and livelihoods are in danger and our communities are under siege. If 2020 candidates and the Democratic party are unwilling or incapable of addressing their own racism and bias issues, ignore them. In the same way, we call out Trump on his shit, the 2020 Dem candidates need to be called out on theirs.

What matters to us is important and clearly we all aren’t on the same wavelength. Don’t allow them to tell us what we care about, we must tell them.

Inequality: We know what it is, there are plenty of old and new studies identifying the ways inequality impacts Black folks. Well, what are Democratic 2020 candidates going to do about it? Nothing that’s what. Inequality and inequity is throughout every system and institution in America. If addressing the problem is simply a give away without systemic and behavior modification tools which decrease inequality and inequity throughout our systems and society, the plan is a crock of poo and we need to call them out on it. Use your critical thinking skills on this one. It’s deep, it’s old, it’s historic, and it’s complex. One person can’t come up with a plan to fix it, and they surely can’t fix it without including the disenfranchised to the table.

Any proposed plan without victims of racism, inequity, and inequality at the table aiding in its development is nothing more than bullshit crafted by strategists, not “We the people.” Therefore, it’s likely not going to work long-term. Something, in this case, isn’t better than nothing! If they will not do it right, then don’t do it at all. Our lives are depending on it in this age of re-surging White Nationalism and Supremacy.

The Economy/Jobs: If 2020 Democratic candidates are not willing to do something about inequity, racist/biased employers, inequality in school and public resources for Blacks, unequal opportunities, etc., they can’t do anything the way of jobs. Black unemployment is so complex, no piece of legislation will fix it. If the next Democratic President isn’t willing to tackle the way capitalism works or national racism — their plan is DOA (dead on arrival). You can’t legislate prejudice, hate, and racism away. Our government has tried that already (and lost). We need a new plan, one that works for us.

In Closing

Democratic 2020 Presidential candidates are up to their usual shenanigans. I didn’t want to capture them all, but please leave your favorite pet peeves below as a warning to Black people and a guidebook for all Democratic candidates. Political pundits and strategists talking about the Black as if we’re a monolith vote will not fly in 2020, even if the pundits are Black (we know they get paid to reel us in too). The usual political ploys won’t work either.

I was born at night but it wasn’t last night. Black people are not stupid. I need to show them we aren’t. We Black folks know our evils, and we’re sick and tired of the Democratic party pretending they aren’t one.

© 2019, Marley K. All rights reserved.