FEMA Chief Quietly Resigns 4-Months Before Hurricane Season Begins

I’m getting a little fearful now. Hurricane season will be upon those of us living in Hurricane and flood zones soon and the FEMA (Federal…

FEMA Chief Quietly Resigns 4-Months Before Hurricane Season Begins
San Juan, PR, September 25, 2017 — FEMA Administrator Brock Long and Senator Marco Rubio meet at the Convention Center in San Juan, and talk about the response efforts taking place in Puerto Rico, in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. They didn’t do shit! Photo: Fickr/Yuisa Rios/FEMA.

I’m getting a little fearful now. Hurricane season will be upon those of us living in Hurricane and flood zones soon and the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) Chief, Brock Long, resigns. Brock Long, quietly resigned his job this week with little fanfare just two days prior to the Satan-in-Chief indicated he plans to declare a National Emergency in order to move federal money already appropriated by Congress from federal agencies and pots to fund his stupid wall — and get to the 5 billion dollar mark he has in his head for god knows what.

We all should be afraid. FEMA’s primary duty is to respond anywhere there is a natural or man-made disaster within the continental U.S. and our territories. Trump has noted he plans to raid some of FEMA’s funding to fund his wall.

That means if we have wildfires in the West, hurricanes, mass shootings, floods, or war — your President has taken our money to protect and aid us in our time of need in order to fulfill his campaign lie.

With the world getting hotter, and hurricanes hitting us more frequently, it’s going to be just a matter of time before the big one hits and we’re not prepared. I’m sure none of us are invited to shelter at Mar-a-Largo or any of the golf courses.

Brock Long was a terrible FEMA administrator, his lackluster oversight and response to Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Florence, and Hurricane Michael, and the recent California Wildfires is nothing to envy. He should have been gone long ago, but the timing — leaving this week, it’s simply another sign our government is not going to be able to take care of us. We’re going to have to save ourselves.

I guess Brock Long hit the bricks because he didn’t want to be responsible for any major loss of life due to satan’s defunding the agency he was responsible for overseeing.

People in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, other states, and U.S. Territories impacted by recent hurricanes have been all but forgotten. The media doesn’t even talk about those places destroyed by hurricanes on Trump’s watch. Hurricane Michael was the most recent hurricane to hit Florida, devastating the Florida panhandle, including two military bases. No one remembers those people left to fend for themselves.

The majority of people left hanging in the Florida panhandle in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, for example, were Trump supporters and voters. It seems some of the hardest hit places were places that went overwhelmingly for, Trump. I hope these loyal voters know “their guy” is prepared to reallocate FEMA funding to fund a wall. The Army Corps of Engineers, which, according to a report by the Associated Press, has nearly $14 billion in emergency funds that Congress approved last year — and which could be used by Trump.

That money is used to make temporary repairs after disasters, like replacing shorelines washed away by storm waters and rough tides making temporary repairs to roofs damaged by hurricanes and storms. Diverting these funds will put American lives at risk to “protect us” from imaginary immigrants who illegally cross the border.

Does this make any sense? It sure does not.

No one is for certain where sneaky Pete plans to “actually” steal the money from. He wants to take money allocated to the military for repairs on military installations. Two military bases and about 30 fighter jets were destroyed here in the panhandle. I believe we should take care of home first. I want to make sure if there is a threat here in Florida, our military has us covered.

If we don’t fight this, Satan-in-Chief will just continue to take our hard- earned tax money he’s not supposed to. He’ll continue to do it too until eventually he takes something you or your household cares about or you rely on.

Maybe you’ll care by then.

Hurricane season will be here soon, and I’m preparing now to take care of myself. We have an incompetent governor, nearly a full body of incompetent Congressional representatives, and an incompetent President.

I hope Trump voters are able to care for themselves. I also hope they can live with their guy and their votes.

It’s just a matter of time before we need our tax dollars to really work for us, and they won’t be there because our President chose to pay for a made up, unsubstantiated crisis instead of preparing for our nation’s steady increase in hurricanes and natural disasters.

Our government is sending us all a message loud and clear, I hope you’re getting it. Be prepared to save yourselves, because this government isn’t concerned about making life better for citizens. It’s only concerned with winning — even if we all lose in the end.

Hurricane season is 4-months away and we don’t have a plan. All we have is a wall. America, we are in a boat with no paddle, and we’re going to have to save ourselves.