Goodbye and Good Riddance Megyn Kelly

The wicked witch is…fired! An ode to the firing of Megyn Kelly

Goodbye and Good Riddance Megyn Kelly

Goodbye Megyn Kelly. It’s been a long time coming, but your exit is welcomed by many nonetheless. Your tongue has been like a poisonous snake, your words have been like venomous poison spreading through the souls of Black and Brown people across this country. You have devalued and degraded us for far too long.

You have spewed your racism and hate under the auspices of freedom speech, and you have been shielded by the lily-white clouds of feminism. No more hiding for you though, your time is up!

The sun has finally set on your bad ass attitude and bullshit dog whistles to your fellow White supremacists. Your hollow apologies have finally fallen on deaf ears.

People of color saw right through your crocodile tears (like we always do) as you attempted to White wash your ignorant Blackface explanation. You tried it girl, and you failed.

Bless your little heart.

I’m still boycotting NBC for getting rid of and underpaying Ann Curry, Tamron Hall, Natalie Morales, Craig Melvin, and other talented Brown folks in the industry. NBC has a history of getting rid of brilliant, lively Black and Brown talent to make room for skinny, arrogant White women…. but none of them were quite as vile as you Megyn.

Funny how you all end up in the same boat: Always the next best thing…and consistently like clockwork never quite cutting it. NBC likes losers and losing I suppose.

Now you can go back to Box News where you can be overtly racist with no consequences, like you’re used to.

Bye-bye Megyn, and good riddance. Please don’t forget to go when you leave!

People of Color threatened by your White supremacist views and racism can see clearly now your racist clouds are gone from mainstream television. You will no longer have a bully pulpit to spread misinformation and to incite fear.

Your firing will make American television a little better again.


Marley K., 2018