Here Are The Products of Segregation and Whitewashing

Today’s ignorant, racist White leaders are the result of allowing whites to censor public school textbooks and segregate their white kids. How segregation benefits no one.

Here Are The Products of Segregation and Whitewashing

Why Segregation and Whitewashing History Is Bad For America

U.S. National Guard photo by Cotton Puryear

Segregation and White Washing History Makes White People Racist and Ignorant

Do you want to know why White people are so comfortable wearing White blackface (i.e. Governor Ralph Northam), so ignorant about the trauma they cause Blacks by doing it, and so ignorant about real American history?

It’s because White people, in particular, White mothers/women, have engaged in grassroots White Supremacy politics, lobbying local and state elected officials, censoring textbooks, deciding racial identities of their Black neighbors, school choice, White flight, and building racist national segregated education networks in the late 60s and early 70s.

Segregation and allowing Whites to censor what we all learn in public schools has played a huge role in the number of ignorant White people who unfortunately have acquired positions of power to lead the very people they’ve fled and hated all their lives.

Attending private schools, living segregated lives in White spaces, and refusing to read anything not created for White people, by White people, and about White people gets us smart dumbasses like Governor Ralph Northam, Donald Trump, Steve King, Strom Thurmond, Brett Kavanaugh. Even when And although some White people may believe allowing their kids to go to school with our Black kids a good thing (it really is, but it’s just one aspect of learning), their kids likely still aren’t always getting the best education. It’s a detriment to our society, usually manifesting itself in White leaders much later in life (i.e old racists Trump and Northam).

Their kids don’t receive the best possible education because we don’t always get the best books and curriculum. White women and men have done their Whitest duties to ensure sure they are in charge of what we all learn — for better or for worse — since always.

It’s a detriment to our society, usually manifesting itself in White leaders much later in life (i.e Trump and Northam).

For example, Ralph Northam’s great-great-grandfather, James, who along with his son, Levi Jacob, had owned slaves. Ralph Northam was unaware of his family’s slave-owning history until his father conducted research into their ancestry during the time of Northam’s gubernatorial campaign. Learning about his family’s history along with his blackface shenanigans just makes the sting hurt a little worse. The lack of Black history taught in schools clearly placed Northam at a disadvantage for leadership in a state like Virginia in the era of Trump.

And while Northam graduated from Onancock High School, where his class was predominately Black, we all know most predominantly Black schools receive hand-me-down books, and whitewashed curriculum depriving Black students of the most basic education regarding Black history. Decades of the South’s inscribed whitewashed history brings us to this ugly place we’re in 2019. Maintaining racial segregation always comes with a cost, with Black folks ultimately paying the price.

I believe the role Whites have played in public education, private education, and segregating White children are the reasons for so many proud, ignorant racists in our midst today.

How Segregated Education Worked

According to the shocking and horrifying book, “Mothers of Massive Resistance” by Elizabeth Gillespie McRae, the book clearly yet painfully describes how ignorant, racist, White men and women like Gov. Northam were educated. Pages 190 of the book describes just how White women ensured their kids received a conservative, post-Confederate war, whitewashed education free of Blackness.

“The expansive vision of massive resistance held by the South’s female segregationists became apparent when even with some White children attending integrated schools, White women continued to work for the educational production of a Jim Crow order. They touted White of Black textbooks, public history celebrations and essay contests. In Mississippi, the Citizens’ Council established the Women’s Activities and Youth Work (WAYW), granting middle-class segregationists women a more formal role in the Council’s education outreach.
Led by a former high school history teacher Sara McCorkle, WAYW aimed to “indoctrinate the nation’s youth” with “patriotism, states, rights and racial integrity.” The WAYW distributed handbooks for elementary schoolchildren, through her school visits in 1958 and 1959, McCorkle passed on these lessons to high school students.
United Daughters of the ConfederacyDaughters of the American Revolution American Legion

If White people are wondering why White people are so naive, color-blind, tone-deaf, ignorant — this is the method to your madness. And if Black people are wondering why seemingly naive White people are so entrenched in their old racist White Nationalism, White Privilege and White Supremacy — well, now here you have it.

The Reason Black People Must Now Teach White People About Racism

Whiteness has worked for nearly 100 years to be ignorant and racist and to stay ignorant and racist. It’s for this reason, I have absolutely no forgiveness in my soul for blackface “mistakes,” racism coded as jokes by White people, Whataboutitis, and other racist fooleries.

Nothing when it comes to Southern racism is a mistake, my friends, it’s all by design. We’re seeing the results of the resistance to desegregation in Virginia and throughout the South. Northam’s racist yearbook photo appeared on his yearbook page 20 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He should have known blackface was bad, but he says he didn’t — I don’t believe him, but it’s highly possible.

The intent of White people was to cause an invisible type of harm to Black using racism back then, and the indirect results of that intent is to harm Black people today. Whiteness is mean. Whiteness is stubborn. Whiteness has been selfish. Whiteness has been self-centered.

Just look at White leaders today. From Trump to Northam, to Steve King, to Chuck Grassley. In all their ways — they are the epitome of Jim Crow. They walk it, they talk it, and they act in various ways using various and effective methods to that Whiteness retains power. Even when engaging in overtly racist activities. Instead of these arrogant, pompous, racist asses moving on, they simply circle the wagons and protect themselves — continuing to hurt Black people will forgive their actions forget all about their pains.

That’s why we’re tired of White people. It’s also why Black folks are done forgiving racism. It’s in your DNA White people. Too many of you had mothers and fathers who thought they were giving you the best shot at a good education — when in essence, all they did was make ignorant people who want to save and lead people they don’t even know. They even created arrogant little snots, having them believe in all of their glorified segregation they really were smarter and able to tell people of color what would be better for them…without ever really knowing anything about the very people they spent years running from.

Now ain’t that some shit.

I think people who grew up in sanitized, segregated, and “private” White spaces don’t deserve and should never have the opportunity to lead all people — because they don’t know how to (see Trump and White folks like him). They aren’t equipped to, and by the time they learn this fact — it’s often too late. They’ve unfortunately traumatized us with their lack of history and exposure. White people need to learn real American history, including how White people have been in charge of what we all learn in school.

White people Whitewashing history and White parents segregating their White fragile angel children has been devastating to all of us. No one is left unscathed from the ignorance, intolerance, and subtle bigotry learned using these methods of teaching. It’s the main source of so much of our casual and subtle racism today in this post Civil Rights and Obama era.

Children spend more time in school than at home — unless the kids are homeschooled (a whole other can of worms)

Why We Need Real History In School Now More Than Ever

My problem with White people walking saying their racism is a joke or child’s play is that if racists were never taught real American history and real Black history — the good, the bad, and all the ugly — you don’t realize what you’re saying and what you’re doing is racism — and you don’t care!

White people, for the most part, have literally received Jim Crow segregated educations that exclude or whitewashes the harm and trauma Whites have caused non-White people of color whether they want to admit it or not. Any White person growing up after the Civil Rights Era should have learned from his or her home state’s troubled history with race relations, even as early as elementary school. If you didn’t, please let me be the first to tell you -you are ignorant — no matter what kind of school you attended and what kind of grades you receive while in attendance.

Learning about America’s ugly history and how institutional racism plays a role in White racism. And god only knows how hard White ignorance about racism and race relations makes like hard for all people of color everywhere — and I do mean EVERYWHERE!!!

It’s Time To Do Away With White Washed Education

White parents worked diligently (and ignorantly) post Civil Rights era to maintain their preferred systems of racially segregated education, whitewashed histories and Jim Crow in America — but especially in the South. That fearful “sheltering” of Whiteness unfortunately made their kids as ill-equipped for real life as the parents were.

Many racist White mothers sent their children to finest White segregated private elementary, secondary schools, colleges and universities in order to keep them from mixing with us Black folks while thinking they were preparing them to lead the very people they were afraid of.

Sorry, most of those White parents failed miserably.

Now all grown up, these fine, so-called upstanding “intelligent, cultured” young White people have grown up to become overtly racist, ignorant, old White people who don’t know how to lead people of color, and don’t have enough decency and respect to leave when we, People of Color, tell them they’ve failed.

Men like Ralph Northam, Donald Trump, Steve King, Mitt Romney, are ill-equipped to lead people of color. White women are included under this umbrella too. Their segregation has rendered them tone deaf and a subtle racist whether or not they’ll admit it. They too are racist, and should be re-educated before being allowed to teach our kids or lead us to a Dollar Tree, let alone leading us in a position of power.

This Is Why We Can’t Trust White People

How can anyone in their right mind question a person of color’s distrust of the leadership abilities of White people, especially when they lack the self-awareness and historical context to understand how something like blackface harms Black people.

White people don’t know how to talk to us Black folks really. They know how to talk about us well (a little too well, unfortunately), but because they haven’t spent any time in our spaces dealing with us, they don’t understand what’s offensive and what’s right. White people don’t know how to respect us in ways that are meaningful and edifying to People of Color. They don’t realize when they’ve crossed the line.

And no matter how much we tell them otherwise, they continue to tell us something is wrong with us — and not them. Well, White people, there is something wrong with you. I suggest you start by unlearning what you’ve been taught and engaging heavily in learning the truth about our nation’s history. They immerse yourselves into the cultures of other people of color. There are more people of color on earth than there are White people. Learn about these people especially Black people, and learn how much harm you’ve caused by simply walking around ignorant as hell thinking.

We don’t bite and we don’t eat people.

Some White people love to blame “mistakes” like Northam on childish ways — -even though they were grown men and women at the time of their blackface and racist rants. I’m not having any of it. It’s nothing more than a White Privilege pass for more ignorance. Deal with yourselves! It’s people like these who make life hard for all of us.

I choose to blame it on White willful ignorance. Ignorant White parents groomed their ignorant little people to become big ignorant people and I have absolutely no sympathy for them. It’s been intentional and by design. When the fruits of Whiteness’s labor finally reveals itself, I am not ever surprised — because it’s the fruit their parents really wanted for their White children in the first place.

And that’s fine. If White people want their kids to be racist, segregated, in White spaces, doing White things — that’s cool. Just keep them out of places where they’ll come in contact with people of color.

Because they’ll end up doing us more harm than they’ll ever do us good. Just look at your history. So instead of talking and telling us what we’re doing wrong White people, think of what you’re interpreting like this — you were educated wrong, so you have no authority to tell anyone anything. You’re in essence the most ignorant one in the bunch when it comes to history and people of color thanks to the intentional post Brown vs. Board of Education segregation. Now, marinate on that.

Being book smart and the top of your class doesn’t equate to shit when if missed out on getting life and people smart! Color matters!

Dear Readers: We all need to learn about the history of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, DAR, and the American Legion to learn how these organizations along with White women have diligently to infiltrate our public school systems, our political systems, our law enforcement and our military to benefit Whiteness. Learn the history of our evils. Read the book. It’s eye-opening and puts the racism of 2019 in perspective.

Disclaimer: I don’t know the author, I’m not receiving compensation for any book promotion, nor am I affiliated with the book.