“He’s Not Hurting the People He Needs to Be” Trump Supporter Says

Finally, the truth is revealed. White Trump supporters want People of Color to be hurt.

“He’s Not Hurting the People He Needs to Be” Trump Supporter Says
White female Trump supporters at his 2017 Inauguration. Source: Lorie Shaull/Flickr
“I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this,” she said of Mr. Trump. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”
~ Crystal Minton, a 38-year-old secretary, mother, caretaker, and Conservative Trump Supporter

Some White People Want People of Color to Hurt…What a Revelation!

Florida resident Crystal Minton in a New York Times piece said aloud the dirty little conservative secret People of Color have known since Donald Trump took his oath of office. Donald Trump, the GOP, the Tea Party Patriots, and a large portion of Trump’s White supporters want people to be hurt.

They want us hurt physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally. She didn’t say this, but People of Color understand this is exactly what she meant.

This White woman has said openly People of Color, and perhaps liberals are supposed to be harmed. Other people, not “them.” “Them” equates to Black and Brown people.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

This White woman felt so comfortable, is so bold, and feels so good about her political position and ideology she’d say it, aloud, to a national newspaper. Clearly she can’t be wrapped to tight.

Crystal Minton also feels the pain of being in the crossfires having decided to support a cause and leader who has views, policies, and beliefs that are not within her best/household interests. And while I’m never happy about anyone else’s misfortune because I know how a misfortune of any kind feels, I have zero ounces of sorrow for her.

She deserves every bit of lack she receives. She’s earned it, just like those other federal employees and contractors who support practices and beliefs of White people harming or taking from other people as right and good.

Crystal Minton’s state clearly illustrates how Whiteness desires to inflict cruelty upon poor People of Color simply minding their own business trying to make a way out of no way. Whiteness wants people harmed even if it means Whiteness gets harmed in the crossfire too.

Voting against their own interest to ensure others are harmed is cutting off your nose spite your face. It’s foolish and insanity.

This is how Trumpism work, and exposes the dark heart of American politics. Even though many of Trump’s supporters are vulnerable and living paycheck to paycheck themselves like Crystal Minton, they’ll bet on Cheetoh Satan Trump because he will literally hurt people they dislike. Their racism comes to life in Trump.

In racist Trump (and the GOP) they trust, and ain’t no shame in their game.

How can good White people (allies) expect People of Color of America to trust any White person, when White people secretly (and now days loudly) harbor such feelings of hate and ill-will for no reason? Their hate is misplaced, and I don’t feel like we should have to continue to educate the evil Whites on the errors of their ways. The entire system fucks us all. Politics is no poor or working class family’s friend. The sooner people learn this, the better choices they can make.

White women like Crystal Minton are our worst nightmare because she’s ignorant and she’s racist. Her ignorance is deadly, and her ignorance is why the government is shut down. Her ignorance is why I don’t have work. She’s succeeded in harming me and other Women of Color.

Thanks Crystal and those of your ilk.

We, People of Color, aren’t taking jobs from White Conservatives (or anything else for that matter). People of Color aren’t lurking around White communities trying to figure out what laws we can create to take from you. We aren’t stopping you from voting. We aren’t going into schools, movie theaters and concerts killing you. Read my lips.

We. Are. Not. Trying. To. Hurt. You. White. People.

We are just trying to survive you.

White Congressional representatives are making your jobs go away through trade acts, the invention of technology which degrades the industrial age, and

The People Hurting White People Are Other White People

Just look at the pictures in these archived White House posts. How many Black people/People of Color do you see in the background standing behind the President in support of legislation that causes Whiteness lose their jobs?

President Obama Signs Historic Legislation Signaling Progress on Trade and Jobs
This morning, President Obama signed legislation implementing three job-supporting trade agreements with Korea…
President Bush and President Garcia of Peru Sign H.R. 3688
President Bush on Friday said, "Peru and the United States are strong partners and today we're making that partnership…
President Signs Trade Act of 2002
President Bush Tuesday signed the Trade Act of 2002 which gives the President Trade Promotion Authority. Trade…
President Bush Signs Chile, Singapore Free Trade Agreement Bills
President Bush on Wednesday said, "The United States is taking an important step to promote economic growth, to bring…

Besides Elaina Chao (Mitch McConnell’s wealthy, assimilated, and well-connected wife), the overwhelming majority of harm inflicted upon angry-bird White conservatives are White people. White men in particular.

Why can’t they see this?

We Aren’t Trying to Harm White People

People of Color didn’t create these bills. We have very little power within the federal government. We aren’t the ones harming Whiteness. Whiteness harms Whiteness, then brainwashes it to blame others for its injuries.

Mother Nature harmed White people in the Florida Panhandle, a Trump/Conservative stronghold. Hurricane Michael in October destroyed her area. The current White President and his White administration neglected Florida residents impacted by Hurricane Michael, yet Crystal Minton wants People of Color harmed because she’s raggedy, ignorant and paycheckless at this moment. It’s very hard to wrap my head around such evilness, but I’m thankful that’s she said aloud what we already know. Too many people mean us no good (harm), and they will risk injuring themselves to make sure that happens.

Well Conservative Whiteness, let me tell ya something.

You all should be extremely careful what you wish for. Life has a funny way of coming back around to give you what you gave to the world.

The grave you think you’re digging for me and other People of Color may very well be your own. The harm you’re wishing upon someone else may come back to harm you and your family. Besides, you never know who your savior may be during your time of trouble. The helpful hand extended to you might not be a White one.

So be careful what you wish for.

Marley, 2019