Whore (Hoe) Phases: Every Woman Should Have at Least One

“She doesn’t fuck me and suck me like you do.” ~ A male friend who shall remain nameless

Whore (Hoe) Phases: Every Woman Should Have at Least One
“She doesn’t fuck me and suck me like you do.” ~ A male friend who shall remain nameless

Sex is serious business. If you don’t do it well, eventually you’ll be put off to pasture for someone that has better sex than you. Sometimes, your mate will just cheat on you, frequently (but secretly), to have his/her needs met.

Sex is important in relationships, it’s the glue that keeps physical relationships together. Not sure why we are unwilling to admit that, but it is. It’s not shallow, it’s the truth. Sex has value.

If you’re desire to be with a man for any extended period of time you’ll have to deal with two things: Monogamy and Sex.

It’s going to be pretty hard to keep a man satisfied if you have very little experience in the bedroom. He may tell you it doesn’t matter. If he does, he’s a liar and you should mount up and move on immediately.

To most men (unless their junk isn’t working well), sex matters. It matters so much to them because they are allowed to be exposed to it earlier and more often than we women are.

We have to keep our pussies “virtuous” and/or with low-mileage, while men get to explore sex to the fullest because “boys will be boys.”

Men get to visit Asian massage parlors, and have group sex and orgies with their frat brothers in college. They get to call it a part of the initiation process. Men are allowed to be serial daters, until they find who they want to be with. Some of that dating includes exploring different pussies.

Men are allowed to explore their fetishes, and consume as much porn as they can tolerate (they even created Playboy and porn to quench their sexual thirsts). Men get to be all they can be in the “hoe” department. They even get passes to be hoes over multiple phases of their lives. In high school when he first starts having sex. He gets to be a hoe.

In college where he first gets to see women from outside of his immediate community/circle, he gets the honor and privilege of continuing to be a hoe.

After college, men get to be called “bachelors,” just another fancy name for advancement to senior hoe status.

But then, he finds the woman of his dreams. Her pussy has little wear. He must marry her so that he can have her.

She’s virtuous because her pussy has no/low-miles. She has been sitting on it on church pews, in her parents’ home, and doing all the things women are told to do in order to be ready for Mr. Right (aka Mr. Hoe Snacks) to swoop in and save the day.

Never mind that he’s been around the block at time or ten. Forget that he has a black book, notches on his bedposts, and memories as long as a dogs of the old sexcapades he’s had long before you came into his life.

He breaks you in, or turns you out in the bedroom. You’re impressed!

You’re impressed because he has so much experience. You’re also impressed because you don’t have any experience. You fall in love with him. Sex is the thing that connects you both. You decide to commit to Mr. Hoe Snacks. You’re getting married. You never think to discuss your sexual experience levels.

Your lack of experience and his plethora of experiences are eventually going to come to a head.

You get married, settle in, begin making a family, and creating debts together in an effort to solidify your family. He’s happy he’s got his “virtuous,” low mileage pussy, and you’re happy because you have the man of your dreams.

In about 5–7 years, if not sooner, he’s going to be sick of your sex honey. He’s going to remember all of the wild sex, good dick sucks, the freaks of the week, and variety of pussies he once had at his disposal as a teen, a frat boy, and a bachelor.

You’re busy making a house a home, and he’s reminiscing about his days as a bachelor.

Your sex is now boring to him. You have too little experience to try anything new, nor do you have the desire to. It just doesn’t feel right. Good girls don’t do that kind of stuff. You also have been taught to be reserved, and prudish, in an effort to not be labeled a loose woman.

Had you had a hoe phase, none of this would have happened (maybe). If you were free to screw boys early, focus on your social and sexual development as you did on your Masters degree, perhaps you wouldn’t be in such an awkward position. If your father would have told you how important men’s dicks are (to them anyway), and how high up on the totem pole sex is to men, you could have perfected the art of pleasing him.

Now, he’s off fucking the community, maybe he has a work wifey, or maybe he uses some online platform to get what he believes he’s missing. The point is, he’s going to tend to his sexual needs, whether you participate in the process or not.

If women were allowed to have hoe phases, we could hone our sex skills. We would have the opportunity to learn what’s good our pussies, and what’s not. We would have the opportunity to get our sex game on point. Women would have have the ability and foresight to tell a partner what she likes and dislikes when it came to sex. A hoe phase would allow women to see, feel, taste and smell different dicks. We women would be able to explore oral sex (giving and receiving) with various individuals to determine if we like it. Many people don’t like oral sex because they haven’t had it performed properly, taught by the right partner. Hoe phases would help women learn what she likes and what kind she didn’t.

That’s something we women don’t get the benefit of, because of the double-standards where hoeism is concerned (and yes, I just made that shit up).

Instead, we women get married and then cry to our girlfriends about how dissatisfied we are in the bedroom. We are married to partners and spouses don’t know how to satisfy them, and these we don’t have the sexual vocabulary to describe to their partners what they need or desire to be fulfilled sexually.

There are women are walking around that have never had an orgasm, because the one man they latched themselves to just doesn’t know how to give them one. He’s focused on his own needs, not hers.

A topic for another time: Men who fail miserably to capitalize on their hoe phases. With so much experience and opportunity, why do some men suck in bed?

If you’re goal in life is to get and keep a man (as a mate, long-term partner, etc.), the number one thing you’re going to always have to deal with besides finances is sex.

Too little sex is a problem. Prudish sex can be a problem. Not adventurous enough? It’s a fuckin problem! Men really do want that lady in the street, freak in the bed shit, though most would never admit it.

I’ve seen the most religious, charismatic, wholesome family men bitch about how terrible sex is at home. I would always look at their wives. They’d be the the type of woman most men aspire to have.

He married her fresh out of high school, and was probably her first. They were high school or may be even college sweethearts. They had kids, and he told her he would take care of her, she didn’t need to work. So she settled into her role as the perfect homemaker. Taking care of her man and their kids. She never had a chance to experience sex with other people, nor did she have the chance to explore what she needed in the bedroom.

Her whole entire world has been this butt crack who is now sitting at work complaining about how terrible his wife is in the bedroom.

I advise all women to have hoe phases. You don’t have to make public announcements about it. Men don’t. You don’t have to screw in your local communities if you fear being discovered, although there should be no shame in exploring your sexuality. If your goal in life is to raise daughters to find a provider to care for her, you better teach her about sex. Real life sex, not that fairy-tale bullshit. Practice makes perfect, and this includes good sex. You can’t be good at sex, if you never practice having it. Hoe phases can enhance your skills and abilities.

There is nothing wrong with having good, safe sex.

What one women won’t do, a Clean Up Woman will.Don’t know what a clean up woman is? Read my story below. She’s everywhere. At your man’s job, she’s at church, she’s online. They are plentiful, and ready to oblige your man’s sexual needs (and wants).

The Marriage Saver: I’m The Clean Up Woman
You call me a home wrecker. He calls me his marriage saver.

Be a hoe, have a hoe phase. It’s never too late, except if you’re married (sorry).

I’m Marley K, and I approve of this hoe phase message!

Got hoe feelings? Missed on on your hoe phase? Let’s talk about it. Your feedback is appreciated. This is a sex-positive zone.