How The Trust Fund Baby Will Destroy America, The Middle-Class, And The American Dream

The shut down is on its 4th week now, and millions (yes millions of us aren’t working) of people are out of work or not getting paid. Some…

How The Trust Fund Baby Will Destroy America, The Middle-Class, And The American Dream
Orange trust fund baby with no empathy. Source

The shut down is on its 4th week now, and millions (yes millions of us aren’t working) of people are out of work or not getting paid. Some families have two federal employees working in a household, neither of which able to earn their income because the orange hostage taker forbids them to pay them or allow them to work.

There are millions of sub-contractors like me who are non-federal employees expected to perform vital services to the federal government linked to funding nonprofits, governmental entities, and communities (and required per federal law), but we can’t provide those services because the orange man-baby having tantrum decided a wall that won’t be built during his lifetime is more important than ensuring nonprofits, schools, governments, and communities have the resources they need to run.

Eventually, the trickle-down economics of the shut-down will be felt in your communities.

People with security clearances need to pay their bills on time or run the risk of losing their clearance because their bills are late, making them appear to be in debt or some sort of financial trouble. If a federal employee can’t keep their security clearance due to questionable financial track records, you lose your job, you can lose your company, or you could be demoted to a position not requiring a security clearance (earning less money due to the nature of the work) which in turn puts their households finances and financial obligations in the shambles.

Additionally, these employees who may be desperate for money to pay debt and retain to their clearance are susceptible to being compromised by foreign agents.

How does this keep us safe? It doesn’t.

Contractors rebuilding areas hit by the Hurricanes Michael and Maria here in Florida can’t pay their construction workers. The rebuilding has stopped and the people helping with the rebuilding are being laid off. No money is flowing from FEMA. The President has deemed this as a non-essential expense. Try telling people homeless from these two devastating hurricanes their needs are non-essential. It’s a shame.

There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses that rely on federal employees, federal contractors, and federal sub-contractors for their livelihoods and existences. Their employees feel the pain after four weeks of people not being able to dine out for lunch or dinner or buy drinks during happy hour at a local bar. Grocery store shelves are staying full because people have changed their eating habits in order to pinch pennies and to sustain themselves until the money runs out.

Many people are already living paycheck to paycheck. Missing one paycheck will be devastating to a lot of households. Thank goodness for good friends, charity, and the kindness of strangers. There really are some good people out here in the world.

Those small businesses are the mom and pop local boutiques, coffee shops, tailors and dry cleaners, farm-to-table restaurants, department stores, Starbucks, grocery store chains, the landscaper, the dog walker, and the housekeeper. Many people are being impacted by this shutdown. And while the number of federal employees furloughed or working for free is between 750,000 — 800,000, the number of people unable to work because these people aren’t working and earning income quadruples that.

People with jobs are going to food banks to feed their kids in AMERICA the self-proclaimed richest nation in the world. Just think about the irony of that.

People aren’t going anywhere because they have no gas and are seeking assistance from community organizations to pay for basic necessities like utility bills. I’m thankful I only have to worry about myself these days. I feel sorry for those families with children and kids in college relying on their parents support for in their efforts to complete a degree program that will likely never pay for itself.

This is the new America with a new New Deal. America has gone from lifting up the forgotten man from poverty, to sending him right back to the forgotten places she picked him up from. Some deal. We’ve really been brainwashed.

It’s likely this will be the year the middle-class will officially be decimated if the shut down doesn’t end soon, and it’s all because a trust fund baby is only able to speak in monetary terms of millions and billions. He is absolutely incapable of understanding the monetary terms used by the majority of regular, everyday, working-class Americans. Monetary terms like $10 for gas, or a few hundred dollars per month for childcare services, or a few thousand dollars that will be needed to catch up on our mortgages we can’t pay. This President can’t grasp the suffering at the lowest levels of society, because he’s a trust fund baby brat.

Trump has never experienced a real hardship due to income loss other than the ones he’s created for himself. Even then, his daddy bailed him out until he died. Because this President is incapable of feeling empathy, many of us will suffer. Trump says this shutdown could last a long time, for months or even years. What a shame we have a government that will allow its people to starve, children to die, people to lose their business, and steal the little bit of hope people have left.

None of these things seem like they should be taking place in a land that touts opportunity to me. This feels more like the land of misery, setbacks, failure, hindrance, bad luck, threats, catastrophes, disasters, and great misfortune.

America can’t afford this type of economic hardship for a few months, let alone years. Soon we’re going to begin to feel the effects of the shutdown.

Many federal employees, federal contractors, sub-contractors, and beneficiaries of these employees will begin losing their homes in a few months because they couldn’t pay their mortgage. Their credit will be ruined and they’ll be unable to secure rental housing because their credit will be destroyed due to no fault of their own.

All because one man promised a racist wall to protect people from something that’s not even a problem. Pretty unbelievable.

I’m one of the people impacted by this shutdown and I can see the writing on the wall clearly. I’ve been through a few over my career in various jobs, but because I’m self-employed now and this shutdown is more extreme than the last two, it feels different. It’s bad, and there appears to be no end in sight. Neither side wants to budget to prove a point to the other side. And while I understand the principle of fighting for what you believe in, I don’t understand the heartless way people’s lives, homes, and health are being played with. This isn’t a game. We should be pawns in the political game of chess.

I’m preparing for poverty. And I’m fine with that. There is nothing wrong with being poor. The lower you are, the softer the fall. This fall is going to hurt a lot of families. Many people can’t seem to come to terms with the fact the American dream is just that now, a dream. The time of chasing shit and buying shit in pursuit of a fantasy if over now.

It’s time for us to wake up from our dreams, and walk into our new destinies, our nightmare. A long, lingering nightmare.

I made it to the middle-class. Been there and got the T-shirt. The journey here was long, the fight to stay here has been brutal. The hype about this place is overrated, and the instability and uncertainty of the job market make it nearly impossible to stay here. With this President sanctioning racism, he’s guaranteed that many People of Color will be shut out of the job markets in the future. Protectionism via denying employment will become the new racism. It’s the open-secret no one talks about. I feel sorry for my sons, my grandchildren, and my future great grandchildren.

I’m kind of looking forward to downsizing and being lower-income. I’m done with capitalism, consumerism, and gambling on our economy. It works for one group and one group only, and that’s the rich. It’s pretty amazing to watch our society crumble right before our eyes, and the poor, lower class, and middle-class people who support the man in support of causing this unspeakable suffering.

It was nice while it lasted. I’m getting off of this merry-go-round of trying to rich in America. It just isn’t in the cards for me I suppose. If you have a job or a business and your democratic government is keeping you from performing your job which enables you to sustain yourself, you don’t live in a democracy. Right now, America is living in a plutocracy, and every day we allow these acts of violence and oppression against us we get just a little bit closer to fascism.

Right here in America.

People are pawning their valuables. I’m getting ready to have a huge yard sale. I’ve already started vending at the flea market on the weekends to unload things that just aren’t that important to me anymore. Food is important. Gas is important now. Having a roof over my head and finding a new, less-expensive place in expensive-ass South Florida is important to me.

The President is cruel and our government is loaded with a bunch of cruel, spineless, wimps beholden to a narcissistic sociopath. Everyone knows he’s not well, yet no one will do anything about it. It’s the equivalent of know children are being abused and starved in a home, yet state child protective service workers (CPS) don’t do anything. CPS workers go home and forget all about what they’ve seen and heard, leaving the poor children in the home to fend for themselves. They provide no support, they don’t render aid, and they don’t put a band-aid of hope on the children to sustain them until help comes.

This feels very much like being abandoned, and I know a lot about that subject.

The American people have been fooled yet again by a government that seems inept and absolutely incapable of keeping promises to protect the American people from harm. We don’t have to worry about the enemies outside of the country as much as we do the enemies and traitors inside of the country.

Why in the hell do we want to build a wall so we can be trapped with the very people who are causing our suffering? Mexicans aren’t stopping me from working and earning a living. Anglo-Saxon men and women are.

I’m finished my rant for week four of this Shutdown. Now back to the business of looking on ways to eat and pay my internet bill for the coming months.

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