How White Supremacy Forced Me To Vote For Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the White man Black people know most White people will vote for. America isn’t as progressive as it believes it is.

How White Supremacy Forced Me To Vote For Joe Biden
President Barack Obama fist bumps Vice President Joe Biden, with Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett looking on, before a meeting in the Oval Office, Sept. 16, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Some Housekeeping On My Support For Biden

I’m making no bones about this. Former Vice-President Joe Biden is the White man Black people know the White people will vote for. Period. White people never put up a candidate we can feel safe supporting, and this election cycle is no different. Black voters have been forced (again) to sift through the field of 2020 Presidential candidates with traces of racist tendencies and/or policies to pick the most palatable. Hence, the explanation for the Black vote for Joe Biden. He’s the devil we know so to speak.

Black people don’t have the time or energy to be guinea pigs for plans and promises. We also know there are many Whites who will never vote for a woman, a non-Black person of color, a Jew or a socialist. This is a Black woman being pragmatic here.

Besides, every candidate running helped break some stuff he/she wants to fix, a story for another day.

Many of us don’t care about all of Biden’s other baggage, like his son or whatever. I don’t care about anything except getting Trump out, and I know Biden is our best shot.

Our lives and our freedom are on the line here, and we know most White people and immigrants hailing from socialist countries hate socialism, especially the ever-growing Latinx population.

Most Black voters are not wasting our votes on people who are progressive because we know from personal experience America isn’t progressive at all. If we were, America would have apologized formally for slavery and all the schemes concocted to keep Blacks oppressed. We wouldn’t still be fighting for basic civil rights 233-years after forming as a nation. We would have already had the first female President and Presidents who reflect skin colors and cultures that aren’t White. Much of America is about White and the status quo, not the exceptionalism we love touting. We would already be number one in the world for most financial, physical, and emotional health and wellness indicators, but we aren’t.

We aren’t because most White people aren’t progressive.

We’ve had 44 White male presidents and one Black one in 233-years, so please spare me on how far we’ve come.

The Democratic Party cannot consider itself progressive until it deals with its own racism, sexism, and bigotry problems. Until then, the party is just moderate. Period.

With that said, Joe Biden is the moderate candidate who can appeal to most of the White factions within the Democratic Party. Black votes will be used to ever-so-gently chorale hard-headed White people who can’t seem to vote without harming others into seeing the White light, Biden. Black votes act as the moral compass nationally, even when the influence doesn’t translate into power for us.

Listen to us.

White people have proven on more than one occasion White people some of them are not as progressive as you think they are. Many Whites voted for Trump. Look at us now.

Let me break this down for my White readers in the simplest of terms to let you know how me, my father, my brother, and most of my Southern Black friends think when it comes to casting votes. If you White faux liberals and progressives are too far to left in search of whatever you believe is progress or if you put forth a candidate who has anti-capitalism tendencies, the other White folks in your collective group who dislike all that progress will either vote for Trump or stay home. And God forbid a candidate like Bernie makes it, we will have more Charlottesville racist rallies to look forward to — if not worse. White folks came and unleashed an entire Nazi flag at his rally.

We. Know. Y’all.

Black folks are losing no matter what happens because we don’t have a candidate who is fighting to dismantle racist institutions and systems, we just get perfume sprayed on a rotting pick. All the White candidates who ran mentioned fighting institutional racism, but not one had a plan to alleviate structural racism. To us, it doesn’t matter. Besides, if the House and Senate are lost, the next Democratic President will be a lame-duck anyway.

Black folks are overwhelmingly #TeamBiden because we can read, we have stories passed down by our elders, and we’ve lived Divided States of America.

White Supremacy Dominates 2020 Presidential Campaign

The last two years have taught me how strong White Supremacy is in America, and that the miseducation of White Americans is a danger to us all. Voting for Biden is maintaining the status quo and appeasing the White Supremacy in the most liberal and progressive voters, but we must.

If you want to know just how progressive the Democratic Party is, just look how Bernie Sander’s supporters and all of Warren’s White feminist keyboard warriors disrespected South Carolina Black voters who finally exercised their rights to vote after White middle America exercised theirs. Black voters suddenly aren’t competent enough to decide who can keep us free because they aren’t supporting their candidate of choice.

It was vote like a Black woman until the Black women voted. Suddenly we became “low information” voters, like MAGA people. White people have some nerve.

I am tired of waiting on White people to educate themselves on the consequences of systemic racism, including how you all vote and select candidates to represent non-White people. Year after year, I’m forced to choose from the least racist candidate to half serve my interests, if they serve them at all. To say 2020 had the worst crop of presidential candidates I’ve ever seen in my entire life would be an understatement.

No one candidate had a record that represented protections specifically for Black people. Just go to Congress and look for yourself.

I tried to sit on the sidelines to let White people choose from the shitty options they set before Black and Brown people, but the more I sat, the more nervous most of them made me. Most White political choices were being centered around White interests, White wants, White needs, White wishes, White hopes, and White dreams. Their votes place Whiteness before humanity, almost every single time.

Per usual, White Supremacy is on the ballot.

I received my primary ballot by mail three weeks ago, and I was sadder than I’ve ever been. It’s hard trying to decide which implicitly biased White Presidential candidate will hurt me the least. I’m tired of making this choice, and it seems White folks still don’t get it.

Racism is on the ballot in 2020. Are White voters going to keep ignoring it or do we address the pink elephant and donkey in the room? It seems White people are ready to kick the racist can down the road, promising change on a later date once again to the people who need it the most.

Why I Chose Joe Biden

I have several reasons for voting for Joe Biden. My main reason was because of a casual conversation I engaged in last Spring while I was on a work trip in DC. It was the most revelatory conversation about White men and politics I’d ever had. It was almost a privilege these men felt comfortable enough to share their White man space and thoughts in my presence. I listened eagerly.

Some of these men were active-duty officials stationed at the Pentagon, and a few were military retirees subcontracting like I was. We all talked about how awful it felt coming to DC since Trump was President. The vibe in town is just different.

All but one man were Republicans who admitted they’d voted for Trump and made a big mistake. The other man was a moderate Democrat who hated Hillary and Bill Clinton, so he voted for Trump too. I was the Independent voter in the group. We’re all disgruntled about the state of America. We were discussing how we weren’t happy with anyone in the race.

I sat and listened to what the men had to say intently.

They told me they would not vote for a woman. They didn’t want a woman leading them. They didn’t like Bernie or Elizabeth because they were too progressive and they used the term socialist. They weren’t voting for that mess. They said they’d stay home or vote Republican if Sanders or Warren were the Democratic nominees. They said they wanted Joe Biden to get in. They liked him. They trusted him. They felt like he was a safe, middle-of-the-road pick, one they could live with.

These men weren’t wealthy, but they were very comfortable. What they were though was in positions of power. I recognized the power and influence they wielded and how easy they were willing to weaponize it, with no thought of the chocolate bunny at the table.

This is why I don’t trust most White people making decisions about Black lives. Their loyalties aren’t to humanity, they are to parties and philosophies.

The men had already weaponized their power with their votes for the most corrupt, inept President in our history. To stop them, Black folks understand we must appeal to their warped way of thinking. Yes, we Black folks desperately want change, but most of White men in power don’t.

There Is A Lesson In Everything

I learned something that day. Those White men didn’t know it, but they were sharing with me they had no respect for women in leadership and wanted nothing to do with anything that remotely looked as if it was equaling the playing field. Helping Brown immigrants was also an undertone, though they wouldn’t say that with a Brown woman sitting at the table. Those men hated Trump, but if they had to choose between a woman or giving up more power to Blacks and Browns, they’d just assume have Trump. Biden was a bumper for them, the status quo — a throwback they could live with.

You can learn a lot about White people if you just listen to them. I heard what those men said. I knew they were a part of a group who ran the nation. I had my marching orders. To get rid of Trump, I needed to support Biden. It wouldn’t be progress, but at least it could stop our national regression. Look at how Black women think and vote.

Take note.

I knew when I left that table Biden was a White man Republicans and Moderate Whites could get behind in order to beat Trump. They made this declaration long before Joe Biden got into the race. If Biden got in, I would have to support him regardless of my personal feelings. In order for Black skins to be safe from willfully ignorant Whites, I must play the chess game with them. I waited, Biden entered, and if he could make it to the primaries, I was voting for him.

I did my duty to save Black and Brown people. I’m sure those who support more progressive candidates won’t understand. I just beg you to get history books and study American history, particularly the 50s and 60s. Older Southern Blacks know the feeling of this moment. We can’t blow it. Young folks don’t understand it. They are impatient, and they too have been punished by the bad choices of the wealthy, powerful, and well-connected, but they underestimate the power of White voters and those who in favor of White Supremacy. Folks who didn’t grow up under the oppressive Jim Crow have no clue. This moment is dangerous. America is on a cliff.

To save Blacks and Browns from Trump, I must align myself with evil.

Joe has a mixed history, he did some good stuff like advocating for equal rights primarily for people grandfathered into Whiteness (i.e. Jews and the Irish), and passing a Crime Act that assists female and transgendered victims of rape and sexual assault (including undocumented women). Joe was Obama’s Vice-President for 8-years. He is the most experienced candidate running for President from this perspective. He’s the only one running who has the title of a Vice-President in front of his name. He could lead America on day one.

Biden’s the only candidate who has worked in the White House. He’s not promising me the moon, stars, and the sun. I need no more lies.

Joe made some huge mistakes with the Black community in the past, and he barely has any legislation with the specific word “Black” in it — unlike legislation he’s sponsored for Jews, Arabs, and the Irish. He loves touting his civil rights history, but it’s mostly benefitted Northern fair-skinned and White immigrants. Not regular Black Southerners like myself.

Joe knows how to pander to Black people. He knows us and we know him. Sadly, he’s the devil we know. I can’t say the same for any of the other candidates left in the race. Make no mistake about this one point.

They are all problematic.

Yeah, I know Joe’s a gaffe machine. I know he’s been racist or has acted racistly in the past. I know he’s got a fucked up son. Well, so do I. We can’t pick our kids. Joe’s the only devil in this race I know, and I’m trusting the devil I know. I don’t have time to test new ones, and I can’t afford to wait 30–40 years to learn whether I made a wise choice.

I checked out the records of the other candidates left in the race. I’ve written extensively about them and why I was wary of them all, including Biden. But this moment is different.

I know White people don’t realize what’s happening in America, but this is a 5-alarm fire for Black people and people of color. We’re not voting because we want to win, and we’re not voting for free stuff we’ll never get. We’re voting because we want to live. Our lives are literally in the balance and most of you can’t see it.

You need to understand our freedoms start with the courts and end with the cops. Trumps and the GOP have stacked the courts against us. We need to undo this.

With each decision the Supreme Court makes, this President is getting closer and closer to having the freedom and power to discriminate against people of color, like the federal government used to do. The prelude to the storm is the immigrants held in detention centers sanctioned by the courts. America’s government is going backwards, and this backwards movement doesn’t impact White skins.

Some willfully ignorant White people would rather die to prevent Black and Brown folks from getting “ free stuff” from social programs or healthcare despite study after study showing Whites benefit more from social programs than Blacks and Brown folks. Yeah, their racial resentment is killing them. Still, they have that choice because White votes and voices matter.

We don’t have the luxury.

Black voters and voters of color are looking for a candidate who respects our humanity. Someone who believes we belong here. Someone who cares about oppression, systemic racism, and equality. We’re looking for a candidate not afraid of the status quo — one who knows about the critical issues in our communities. A candidate who isn’t just talking shit to us. We know a bullshitter when we see one, and we’ve seen plenty of them in the 2020 Presidential race.

Black voters and Voters of Color are SICK of the Democratic Party. I’m an Independent voter and I’m staying that way.

Donald Trump even knows we are dissatisfied with the Democratic Party, so he’s chasing our vote to help him stay in the White House and out of the jailhouse. Unlike most White Trump voters, Black voters know Donald Trump ain’t gonna shit for us. He’s in office to enrich himself and his family, and I don’t blame him.

If people are dumb enough to put him there, then he should rob us blind.

I’m ready for this nightmare to end. I’m voting for Vice-President Joe Biden, because I know my Whites. I wish White people could get behind equality and equity and dump White Supremacy, then we Blacks wouldn’t have to make such ridiculous sacrifices.

But right now, Biden is the man and I don’t care what anyone says or does, if he’s the nominee, I’m voting for him. I don’t need or want a revolution right now, I need safety, stability and sanity. For the record, I’d vote for Bernie if he’s left standing, but I’m certain he won’t win because — I know White people.

Homophobia, racism, sexism, classism, and stupidity prevent us from having a true democracy. We will never move forward if we keep hanging on to biases. If you are mad because your person didn’t make it to the finish line to be the Presidential nominee for 2020, be mad at White Supremacy, not Black people. We didn’t make this system, we‘re just forced to live in it. Until White people get to the root of that tree, we will never have peace, prosperity or harmony.

Keep kicking the can down the road, and you’re going to continue to have these divides. You can do the right thing on your own, or wait on the revolution. Just know — the revolution is coming.

Sooner than you think.

Marley K.

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