How Whites Are Being Exploited by White Supremacy

The perceived greatness of Whiteness is a lie. I want to talk about White Supremacy, and how some evil men and women have manipulated some of you into thinking you’re superior and you deserve more, better than any other people on earth. It’s a…

How Whites Are Being Exploited by White Supremacy
Photo by YesMan.Pro from Pexels

Dear White People,

I want to talk about White Supremacy, and how some evil men and women have manipulated some of you into thinking you’re superior and you deserve more, better than any other people on earth.

It’s a lie. Your race is not better than any other race. Nor is your “race,” that White one, superior. You’re not “supreme” either.

Let’s define superior.

Superior (adjective):

  1. higher in station, rank, degree, importance, etc.: a superior officer.
  2. above the average in excellence, merit, intelligence, etc.: superior math students.
  3. of higher grade or quality: superior merchandise.

What makes White people “superior” than any other ethnic group? Do they have a new way of putting their pants on besides on leg at a time like other people? Do they live in a society or world that’s not interdependent on other people or other nations? Do they have the lock on creativity, civilization? Not hardly.

Now, let’s look at what it means to be supreme.

Supreme (adjective):

  1. highest in rank or authority; paramount; sovereign; chief.
  2. of the highest quality, degree, character, importance, etc.: supreme courage.
  3. greatest, utmost, or extreme: supreme disgust.

If you’re White and you believe your racial construct falls within any of these definitions, you my friend are a part of the world’s problem. Get over yourself and get educated.

Did the world take a vote (including Yellow, Black and Brown folks) and decided that White people and Whiteness was the supreme race? Who, other than White people, decided White people and Whiteness was the greatest thing ever? When did that happen because I missed nobody counted my vote? Did you ask White people ever ask anyone besides other White people and those who have assimilated into Whiteness whether Whiteness was the greatest?

Likely not, because if White people did, I’m sure they’d be in for a rude awakening.

Whiteness for too long has had an over-inflated ego.

The only people who think White people are supreme or superior are White people. Whiteness must boost itself up and encourage itself like a parent of a just average kid as if being “just average” is a bad thing.

Whiteness is constantly attempting to justify and substantiate its more important or greater when the evidence usually says otherwise. Whiteness builds itself up by putting others down. Constructions of whiteness have changed over time, shifting to accommodate the demands of social change. But the mirage of White superiority never changes.

Whiteness seems to be disillusioned with something all the time, blaming others for its own shortcomings and dashed expectations. Expectations always dashed by their White counterparts. For instance, Whiteness loves to say other people are stealing White jobs.

Umm…No, no, no, White people gave away White jobs away via deceptive and unfair trade acts and/or policies. So, don’t be mad a People of Color. And the jobs that haven’t been given away are jobs Whiteness believes are beneath it (unless you happen to live in a place where the bottom according to capitalism is it). White people are systematically exploited selfishly or unethically by politicians for their personal political and financial gain.

What you don’t understand is that we all need each other. I need you, and you need me z (and People of Color globally) for your mere existence. If Whiteness was as intelligent proclaims, it would know this and act accordingly. It shouldn’t bite the hands that clothe and feeds. I know I sure wouldn’t.

Unless Whiteness (White people) lives on an island where its entire existence is based on sustaining it via its own hands, its connected to the world. We all are. Everything you need to exist likely comes from someone who is brown making it for you.

That White farmer you love to support likely has poor migrants from Guatemala, Mexico or some other country picking tomatoes and lettuce for your fine salads. Brown migrants are picking the beautiful tropical fruit you like to drive to the grocery store to get or raising the “sustainable fish” on the fish farm so you won’t have to go fishing yourself to have it when you desire it.

Brown migrants are superior at feeding White people it seems.

Those nice clothes you and your children are wearing or the nice bag your wife adores likely weren’t made by White people in the United States. Politicians paved the way long ago to ship our manufacturing jobs overseas. That shirt is probably made in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, or China. Hell the President of the United States and his daughter didn’t even have their “fine clothes” made in America by White hands.

I picked up three pieces of clothes in my house writing this essay, and two were made in India, one garment was made in China. Pretty sure no White people were in those factories making my clothing.

Even the White kids need for play and child development are mostly made somewhere outside of America, outside of Whiteness.

I likely don’t own any garments made by White people, and neither do most White people. It seems People of Color across globally are superior American garment makers. We owe these people the shirts off our backs (literally). Forget that lovely White model peddling those clothes for your favorite brand, she’s not making jack. So, don’t get it twisted.

Your television is likely made by a foreign company, I’m pretty sure your cell phone is too, even if it’s an American brand. Your car likely has car parts made in another country, if it’s not a foreign brand altogether. We seem to have an affinity for the higher quality and/or less expensive foreign brands these days.

Girls love diamonds, right? Well, the majority of diamonds mined in the world are brutally mined in Brown nations by brown people. So that ring your White sweetie is wearing you love her so much likely wasn’t mined by White hands. Superior Brown hands mine the majority of diamonds worn on White hands.

In America, intelligent African American people have invented all sorts of things like egg beaters, pioneered open heart surgery, developed refrigeration systems for trucks used to transport food, and even the modern blood bank. Whiteness would have the world believe no other ethnic group can do anything better than it can.

The narcissism of Whiteness has away of forgetting the accomplishments of others to uplift its own.

Migrants build the beautiful homes and shopping centers you love to inhabit, hotel rooms you enjoy on your travels are cleaned by Black and Brown immigrants, and the license plates on your car are created by a criminal justice system that is overly saturated with Black and Brown people.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no White Supremacy. There is White dependency.

To me, it seems American Whiteness, and Whiteness globally for that matter relies heavily on the services and inequality of Blackness, Brownness, and other non-White groups from around the globe for its survival. Whiteness needs others to keep it alive and to sustain it.

And yes, while Whiteness has cornered the market on all the high fa-looting jobs and high paying gigs by keeping other groups down and oppressed, Whiteness still needs Blackness and Brownness to survive. So I laugh when I see White nativist marching in their little preppy Polo shirts carrying the tiki tiki torches (lifted from Polynesian/Hawaiian Culture I might add-Brown people), they have no clue how UN-superior they really are. They are misappropriating culture, in garments made by the very people they hate, and they probably ate food prepared by Black and Brown hands.

Whiteness needs Black and Brown people. We are interconnected, and it’s inescapable. No matter where Whiteness moves, where Whiteness educates its children, where Whiteness sends its children off to college, where Whiteness dines or shops, or where Whiteness goes to earn its living, it needs Brownness to survive. So, every time a White person gets caught up in the falsehoods of Whiteness and White Supremacy, they are simply being exploited.

White people are being exploited politically by White people. White supremacy thrives by exploiting, oppressing, devaluing, dividing killing, and self-prioritizing. None of those things are good. None of those things are intelligent, and none of those characteristics can be deemed as high-quality. Please stop believing your own hype!

You need me Whiteness, and I need you. I need you not because you’re White and you can speak for me better or because you’re smarter. I need White people because you’ve strategically placed yourselves in positions where I need to rely on you.

You’re the cashier at the grocery store where I buy my ribs and laundry detergent, and in the classrooms where my grandkids go to school. You’re the police that patrols our streets and the fireman that comes to put out fires at my house. White people are waiting on tables at my favorite diner, and they are supervisors on the job. White people are making my favorite fishing rods right now and helping to repair my car at my favorite garage.

I need you. Not because you’re superior, or more intelligent than I am. I need you because I can’t do everything myself. We are connected and more alike than we are different.

There is no such thing as a superior race. Sorry to disappoint you Whiteness. Get over yourself.

There is no such thing as a superior race. Sorry to disappoint you Whiteness. Get over yourself.

There are only good humans and bad ones. The sooner White people learn this lesson, the better off we’ll all be. White supremacy is a bunch of bull, and it isn’t fooling anyone except White people. So, please stop playing the fool in support of Whiteness for political theatrics.

It’s not intelligent.

Marley K., 2018