I Got The Government Shutdown Blues

Each day feels like a I’m a little closer to the edge of the ledge. How the Trump Shutdown impacts everyday folks.

I Got The Government Shutdown Blues

A New Year, Another Year of Uncertainty

It’s the new year, and I am ready to get back into the swing of things with my federal and state government contract gigs, but I can’t because tiny hands decided he’s going to shut down the government for the border wall Mexico is supposed to be paying for.

It was funny when ignorant Trump supporters voted for him. It was funny to watch them chanting foolery at his stupid little ego-stroking pep rallies. It was hysterical watching him try to come up with a coherent sentence to describe his non-policies and stances as it relates to a plethora of topics. It’s been sad and confusing to watch so many White and Black Trump supporters stand behind him even when a policy or Executive Order meant direct harm to them financially, but I was all for it as long as it didn’t harm me or taxpayers wouldn’t be on the hook for Trump’s latest and greatest nothing-burger.

But now Trump and his supporters are fucking with my money, my income, and my livelihood and I’m angry as hell about it. There ain’t no telling someone to calm down when past due notices hit the mailbox or the landlord calls about his rent check to simply adjust” to this absence of income. He doesn’t care about the shutdown, he needs his money.

People aren’t working because they want to. They work because they need to.

I Already Girded My Loins For the Holidays

After making it through a slower than usual holiday season by keeping my movement and activities to a minimum (to include practically buying all essentials from the Dollar Tree), I began getting emails from my regular government clients and gigs already have contracts with that my projects are stopped indefinitely due to the government shutdown. Now, Trump says he is just fine with having a government shutdown that lasts for years to get the border wall funding he wants. The funding that should have come from Mexico and the funding that Mexico said they weren’t giving to us.

I know how to live on little, but I didn’t punch all the tickets the American dream told me I needed to for this shit to happen at this phase of my life.

How Do I Live Like This?

So now I can’t eat or pay my mortgage, make my boat payment, pay my internet bill to watch television or do my work, put gas in my car, buy toothpaste, or pay water bill in a few weeks possibly because Trump wants to look good in the eyes of his White supporters by standing his ground. Many of his foolish supporters who aren’t going to get paychecks either (i.e. Trump voters enlisted in the Coast Guard). I’m not trying to live in the lap of luxuries like Melania and Ivanka Trump. I’m just trying to LIVE.

It’s not like employers are falling all over themselves giving 40 somethings job opportunities. Do people like me turn to the illegal economy to make our ends meet? How do I survive this? Some people make it hard for everybody else.

That Stupid Wall

The reason for this shutdown is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. When are Trump supporters going to stop believing in him? No wall is going to stop illegals from coming here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been fishing on the pier here in South Florida and people wash ashore from a capsized boat or some other method to reach our shores. What about the tunnels underground leading into some states? And let’s not talk about the people and high places paid-off to allow drugs and illegals in through our borders?

No wall is going to stop people from coming here illegally. Use your common sense for peanut butter’s sake!

Many Families Will Suffer Financial Ruin, But They Won’t End Up On Their Feet Like Those Trumps

Do Trump supporters not realize how many businesses and households will have to file for bankruptcy because of their stupid desire for a wall to keep out illegals just like has filed for multiple bankruptcies? This means the man makes terrible decisions people! Once is a mistake, but multiple bankruptcies certainly is not good business acumen. It’s a sign someone makes poor choices. So why are some people gleefully following this deadbeat?

Do they realize how hard it’s going for many of us (and America) to bounce back after this significant loss of income and dinged credit? We can’t ask the mortgage company to let us paint our own property. The grocery stores ain’t lending our their good food to those of us without it. The gas station won’t lend us gas to find a temp job until the government decides to get their shit together.

What. In. The. Hell?

Do Trump supporters not realize Trump is doing to America what he’s done to nearly every business he’s ever touched? He’s ruining it!

Trump has fucked up nearly every business he’s ever owned so badly that they’ve shuttered. And when Trump shutters one business, he simply has another scheme to get another money train rolling on crooked tracks. The man is a con-artist, and we, the sane non-Trump voters are nothing more than collateral damage of this malignant narcissist. Trump supporters are being conned by a con.

Ain’t that something! I would say it’s even nice, except now the con’s knocking on my door.

Not only am I suffering, I have numerous professional colleagues who work contracts or are in positions that rely on federal funding in state positions (i.e. magnet school education). There are many people who provide essential services services to the government who can’t earn a living. Not only area we not able to work, the time and income loss will never be regained because we are contractors.

Financial ruin is the only alternative for many of us. The President telling federal employees working without pay to adjust, coming from a privileged man who has never had to adjust to anything ever. A man who received a $200,000 gift from his father at the age of three. He’s telling people to do something he’s never done.

Adjust my ass.

Are Trump Supporters Being All They Can Be?

Are Trump voters going to do anything to help the people impacted by the shutdown? Show us how great you can really be! Can we eat at your house when we run out of groceries? Can I get my light bill paid? Will you buy my sanitary napkins? How about my morning java? Pay my wifi bill maybe? Can I have a few rolls of toilet tissue? Are you going to buy groceries for my home? I’m just asking because it’s your fault Trump supporter that I can’t just work as a decent human being and earn my keep.

Now I need a handout.

But I don’t see many White Trump supporters with helping hands extended right now. They should be out, making this shutdown less painful for those of us who don’t understand or value the wall.

All I hear is talk.

The Wall Won’t Stop the Flow of Illegal Crossings

More nonsense and more time wasted on this non-issue will only waste more of our hard-earned tax dollars. How in the fuck is a border wall going to get built if I can’t work and pay taxes Trump supporters? Corporations aren’t going to pay any taxes, they just got the tax deal of the century, remember. I’m a small business and an individual? What are you people even thinking about?

If you Trump supporters want to take an “L”, file for bankruptcy and fool up with Donald Trump and his family’s shenanigans for a border wall then so be it.

But I just want to work. I need to work. I live paycheck to paycheck. I’m not trying to chase the American dream because I realized long ago it’s really a nightmarish fantasy. All I want to do is work. I just want to eat. I’m just trying to live in the cold-cruel world. Your support for the orange ass-hat is preventing me from doing so. Your willingness to harm Americans to protect you White people from the inevitable. America will be Brown and there is nothing you can do about that. A wall won’t stop people from having sex and making babies people.

Think about it.

If I Can’t Work, I Will Need Hand Outs, Your Other Pet Peeve

So here’s the thing Trump Supporters. If you don’t let me work, I’m going to seek public assistance and handouts…the other things you don’t want me, the Blackitty, Black, Black girl to receive. If I can’t take care of myself, I am going to use a safety net I’ve paid into to support myself until I can do better. I won’t lose one night of sleep about it either!

I Just Want To Work

All I need is for the government to open its doors, do business, and fulfill their contracts with subcontractors like me and millions of others like me who do business with the government. We just want to work, take care of our families and households, and mind our own business. I feel it’s unfair the good, hard-working, self-employed people of this country have to suffer because of your delusions of grandeur and beliefs in fairy tales.

I want to work! I want my checks. I want to pay my bills. And I want this government to work for all people, not just racist ones!

I’m all for freedom of speech, vote for who you want, and believing in what you want to believe in. But when it impacts my livelihood, I must draw the line. I got the government shut down blues, and the longer the shutdown goes on and the less money I earn from work, the more you’re going to hear about it.

Stay tuned.

Marley K., 2019