I Had A Dream Last Night

My dreams are the only place where things work out right for Black people.

I Had A Dream Last Night
Cassandra Hammer/Pexels

I had a dream last night, that White men’s dog whistle’s didn’t work anymore, the police no longer used dogs to terrorize people, and Karen and Becky finally became team Black players because they understood what intersectionality mean.

I had a dream last night, that White people were protesting things that really mattered, like Americans starving because their jobs closed instantly with no timeline for re-opening, the paltry $1,200 that will save no one, and the slow/no government’s response to the Coronavirus. White folks were angered because Americans didn’t have the right PPE to protect ourselves instead of being angered because they were required to cover their filthy little mouths and noses used to suck the air out of anything not centering them. White people didn’t White people.

I dreamed last night White folks finally stopped lying about the government treading on them and the Tea Party was a racist movement, with racist ideas, led me racist people. They admitted it on the Breakfast Club Morning Show with Charlamagne the God. White folks all over finally came clean about racist codes used to subject us to their bullshit, and they apologized — finally. They paid us reparations too.

I had a dream last night scary White men didn’t need big guns anymore to compensate for their tiny dicks, terrible interpersonal skills, and fear of otherness. They could no longer insinuate threats or intimidate “We The People.” The rights of White men no longer take precedence over any other men. The wives and significant others of forever grieved White men could now live in peace, no longer tormented by the constant bombardment of faux aggrieved White man petitions. White men learned they had nothing to fear because they already ruled everything they complained about. They realized they were already at the top of the food chain and they stopped blaming the Blacks, the Jews, the Asians, the Mexicans, and the other people they believe are taking stuff from them.

I had a dream last night that my Black son could jog at night during the pandemic without being harassed by the police (without a mask) because the cop wanted to make sure everything was all right. Blacks had the same liberty to jog as White men, wear masks in stores without being harassed to protect their lives and the lives of their families back home — just like White people. We did our own thangs and lived in peace, and it was all good.

I had a dream last night that Karens and Beckys sat down. They stopped calling the managers on people. They realized calling the police for non-emergencies made them look stupid. They checked their White privileges and killed their White Supremacist ways. Karen stopped stealing Tonja’s credit for her work, and she didn’t accept the raise she didn’t deserve. Becky stopped harassing little Black kids in school — they no longer would have to go through life believing they caused Ms. Becky to treat them that way. Karen stopped acting ugly in grocery stores, skipping lines at the Starbucks, and telling anyone who will listen how great Trump was. Karen’s broke ass finally learned Trump didn’t give a damn about her or anyone outside of his family members. She ate crow and came back to the land of the living.

I had a dream last night that Uncle Toms, sambos and other such gatekeepers for which we have no nice names got the fuck out of our way, minded the White people’s business they love so much, tended to White pearly gates from the inside, and stopped blocking Black progress — because White people aren’t the only oppressors Black folks have. Because sometimes it is our own people.

I had a dream last night that a nation full of White people stopped being so stupid. They weren’t conned anymore by Southern Strategy politics. The White folks in my dream understood White men held all the power and that top 1% had pale skin that looked just like theirs. They apologized for being so stupid and tormenting us for so many centuries. I dreamed White folks learned White men were the ones who took their beloved rights and jobs away along with all the other bullshit they believe they were the only ones entitled to. We rallied together finally and really fucked some shit up. We broke barriers and systems. Together we got somewhere, and Blacks and people of color didn’t have to tell White people what to do to help us moves.

I had a dreamed last night the air was better, Rona was gone, and we could go outside and into stores freely. We still wore masks because certain folks were still nasty and rude as fuck (my dream didn’t get that far). The children returned to school… Black lady praise break and a hallelujah… where they proceeded to get on Ms. Brown’s last nerve. I sent her lunch and flowers weekly, because I didn’t know what teachers endure on the daily. I didn’t know. Parents worked for their respective school’s PTAs and PTOs, happily raising money for their kids’ school and teachers because they remembered being quarantined with their children they discovered weren’t all that great and having to teach/police them for 4 months. #LestWeNeverForget

I had a dream last night that Black men worked together collectively, locally, statewide, and nationally to take their rightful places in our communities to lead us out of this hellhole we’ve been in for so long. They were not afraid, and they did not waste words or time. They finally learned entertaining was just a means to an end, and that it didn’t help move us along, and Black folks learned many Black folks in entertainment were negro whisperers. Black men helped Black people reclaim our communities and they created everything we needed to have self-sustaining, self-contained communities — and there was zero harassment or jealously from White people.

I had a dream last night the strip clubs closed so daddy’s could spend that money on their kids. Mother’s didn’t have to work in them anymore, and everyone’s self-esteem improved. Mothers were all retrained and educated in careers that didn’t require them to sell their souls or their bodies. I dreamed women were free of stereotypes and condemnation, a life of injections, implants, waist trainers, fake eyelashes, hair coloring, hair weaves and lace fronts, and being the object of most rap music. We went back to aging with grace, hair graying with pride, and Black men helped set the tone for Black community building. All Blacks respected each other in every way, regardless of gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. We put aside our petty White Supremacist ways, because we learned these is only one goal. There were no battles because we were one people, one race, and one nation under the groove.

I had a dream last night, the world had her way and Mother Nature co-signed. They both said they were tired of us fuckin up everything. Mother Nature took the wheel Jesus had and stood up in it so hard she busted the dashboard. She only allowed the strongest and smartest to survive. All animals, fish, and every creepy crawly thing, regardless of age, got a free pass to live. Wildlife was here first. They gave the land back to them. Then Mother Nature purged everything that needed to be purged, allowing us humans to be culled with urgency via viruses and natural disasters. No man could escape Mother Nature’s judgement, though many escaped her wrath. The moon was broke, so space force couldn’t go there. There was no place for greedy, rich folks to escape to either. Every good and safe place was exposed, and the rich lost everything. The good, the meek, the kind and the blessed watched the bad, greedy, the weak, the racist and evil be destroyed. Mother Nature gave us back what was ours and then she left to take her rest until we got out of control again. It pleased those of us remaining; we learned from our spankings and got our asses in order.

I had a dream last night, anti-Blackness was no more, and the world treated Black people with respect. Asians business owners didn’t treat us like second-rate citizens anymore. Whites no longer believed they were superior to anyone, and they had no desire to subject us to their wills anymore. Black women were no longer the mules of the earth and White women did their fair share of the heavy lifting to save humanity. Crying and popping pills for faux anxiety was not permitted or necessary.

I had a dream last night I lived in a country where the government took care of its citizens. We didn’t have to starve to death because idiots run the nation. People of all racial backgrounds and educational attainment levels weren’t standing in long lines waiting to get a box of food because they government failed it. The government put rents and mortgages on hold so we wouldn’t have people evicted from their homes. Our government made sure every person had the resources needed to survive this pandemic. The government made White people stay in their homes to protect us from the fungus among us and when they didn’t comply, the police would clock them upside their heads and drag them off like they do in China — and they suddenly realized what it felt like momentarily to be Black. They sat their asses down and complied. There were no pictures of White folks on beaches with no mask, protesting their rights with no masks, and White folks weren’t walking around in White daze looking like White zombies from White folks’ scary movies attempting to break into Mayor’s offices so they could be free.

I had a dream last night White women put away childish things like crying when called out for their bullshit. They also stopped tokenizing Black men and women for their own resume building and other such fetishes. They stopped aspiring to be Black getting tans and shit, and buying Black features they’ve mocked Black women for having for hundreds of years (i.e breast, hips, and lips) without having to carry the daily burdens placed upon us by White people. They relinqueshed #MeToo, giving it back to its rightful creator, and they learned how to listen more than they talked. The bad ones listened to the good ones, allowing White women to become givers of life instead of being co-conspirators to White Supremacy. Life was good.

And then I woke up to my never ending nightmare.

Marley K.