I’m Tired of Dreaming Dr. King’s Dream

My thoughts on African-American people still fighting to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream our reality.

I’m Tired of Dreaming Dr. King’s Dream

My thoughts on African-American people still fighting to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream our reality.

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I’m tired of White people misquoting Dr. King’s speeches. I wish they’d keep them out of their mouths. His dream is our dream, and the number one obstacle to achieving the dream are White people and their co-conspirators, the White man’s non-White anti-Black allies.

Black folks are tired of waiting. We’re tired of imagining possibilities. African Americans are tired of hoping. I know I’m tired of dreaming.

I’m tired of dreaming today, dreaming that one-day White people will get tired of racism, and stop being racist, specifically anti-Black.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day White people will understand Dr. King didn’t die for our freedom, but rather Dr. King was assassinated by a White man in the middle of his fight. White men always kill our good Black men trying to liberate their people.

All we can do is dream of liberation and equality. Anything otherwise causes White men to snatch Black lives.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day White people will stop acting like toddlers, being jealous of others getting something they badly need because they’re poor and need it. I’m tired of waiting on White people to mature, understanding the reasons others need more than they do is because they intentionally gave them less to start with.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day White people not only fight for others, but they stand up to themselves, clean up their messes, and stop making the rest of us pay for their sins.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day I don’t have to explain racism to White people. How can you not know what you do to others? White people should understand better than anyone the contracts they enter into.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day we’ll be left alone when we don’t have to live under duress when it’s safe for our kids to play.

I’m tired of dreaming about the day we’ll receive our pure reparations from America, and trying to convince White people why they are necessary. Every day they delay is another the day they run their up.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day my vote will save us when our rights work for us not just for others, and when we no longer give those of us with negro blood running through our veins “the talk.”

I’m tired of dreaming White people will someday finally respect us the same way they respect themselves. They don’t need a holiday to remind them to do it.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day immigrants aren’t climbing on and stabbing us in our backs. I would like to live in a land where people come here respecting all people, not just the White ones. Maybe then all those colored children Dr. King dreamed of can hold hands together.

I’m dreaming of the day we’re allowed to control our destinies. I’m tired of dreaming of the day when what happens to Black folks isn’t White folks’ business and Black folks didn’t have to consider a White person before living. We should be able to grow our hair from our scalps, gather with friends, and talk without White gazes, concerns, and policing.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day police won’t kill us or the day when our elected leaders won’t steal our votes. We still can trust our government.

I’m tired of dreaming of they day we’re treated like an endangered species instead of America’s constant threat. The only threats to America are White people.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day White folks don’t view us as their help. I’m also tired of them viewing allyship as if they are doing us a favor. Racism is about the bad behavior of White folks. Their behavior is the whole reason Dr. King had to dream about equality, fairness, justice, opportunities, restoration, and love.

I’m tired of dreaming of the day race will be abolished. There is no need for such designations or preferences.

I’m tired of having dreams. I’m tired of not having the liberty to dream. For African-Americans and many Black people in the U.S., dreaming is damned near impossible.

Our dreams are snatched away from us by Whiteness. Our days are spent surviving instead of living. We’re doing our best with less, surviving every type of inequality imaginable.

Our dreams are not dreams, but a series of long nightmares that all Black people share. I don’t have to know a Black person to know his or her dreams. For his struggle is my struggle. We’re bonded by Black skins. Our dreams are discouraged by White mobs.

Black folks are tired of dreaming Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. We want to live it. After a whole 53-years, the dream should be a reality. Instead, we got a holiday and MAGA.

America should be ashamed. Congress should be ashamed. White people should be ashamed. A dream so simple shouldn’t be so hard to achieve. Dr. King’s dream is hard because White people make it hard. White people make life harder for everyone.

I’m tired of celebrating Dr. King’s Dream. I want Black folks to live his dream because White folks finally realize his dream benefits them too.

Dreaming about Dr.King’s dream is hope, and to me, hope when it comes to racism in America is delayed disappointment. The reality is White people won’t change. They are adamant about not changing. We’re living a nightmare right now because White people will not change

The loss of Dr. King to our community is huge. We’ve never been made whole. Black people are done dreaming.

It’s time for America to cut our checks. Dreams are not reality, and Black folks want to live out Dr. King’s dreams.

I’m tired of dreaming.

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Author’s Note: Today as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, if you’re White, don’t cherry pick his struggle, our struggle. Don’t pick the quotes that make you feel good which focus only on his dream for equality.

Listen to Dr. King’s words for yourselves. The clips below are some of the last insights on Dr. King’s views on America, inequality, and racism before his assassination.

White people, you bring shame upon Dr. King’s legacy every day you don’t change. You make life for African-American descendants of slaves unnecessarily hard because of the color of our skin. At what point are you going to reckon with your roles in making his dream remain a dream.

Dr. King’s dream is about the shameful behavior of White men and women. That’s what we need to be talking about.

Listen to Dr. King’s thoughts on Reparations, inequality, racism, white handouts, and civil rights. Context and tone are everything.

Dr. King is on Fire preaching pure unadulterated truth in Mississippi 1968. Source: YouTube/Roy Tatem
In 1967, at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King spoke with NBC News’ Sander Vanocur about the “new phase” of the struggle for “genuine equality.” on YouTube
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1967 speech at Stanford on the “Other America,” posted by The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change on You Tube.
Dr. King Discussing Reparations in 1967 prior to his death. This is the Dr. King White folks hate talking about. Source: The Root on YouTube