I Thought Mexico Was Paying For The Wall

A lie doesn’t care who tells it. The president is asking us to pay for a wall. The same wall he stated Mexico was going to pay for while campaigning for the Presidency. Mexico said Hell no, and I don’t blame them. It’s a dumb idea…

I Thought Mexico Was Paying For The Wall
Flickr/Gage Skidmore

The president is asking us to pay for building the border wall he wants to keep dirty Brown people from South America and Mexico out of America. The same wall he stated Mexico was going to pay for while campaigning for the Presidency. Now there is some kind of shenanigans linked to NAFTA. There is always some bullshit afoot with this man.

Mexico said hell no to that idea, and I don’t blame them. It’s a dumb. Our own roads and bridges need repairing and we are building a stupid wall. Who does that? It’s his big idea and he wants it, why doesn’t he use his own money to pay for it.

So now in order to save face, Trump’s gaslighting his peeps asking us taxpayers to pay for his wall in an effort to save face to appear as though he’s a winner, a great deal maker, and a smart man with the best ideas.

I noticed he was smart enough to sign the First Step Act today to coincide with the re-authorization of the Second Chance Act. And of course, he would.

He’s criminal enough to make sure all of the “best people” who are going to jail fucking around with his lying ass in his administration have a great first step when they leave prison, to include his children. He will kill himself before he goes to jail because he’s a wimp.

Look at Whiteness looking out for themselves dressing it up like their new Act is for us. Ain’t life grand?

The President is such a con-artist.

Trump’s a pathological liar, a bullshitter, and a terrible businessman. He’s a man who can’t make a good deal if it landed on his nose. Trump is a man with no integrity, a man who has no respect for public servants and civil service. He is a freeloader, a waster or public tax dollars, a mobster, and a follower, not a leader. Trump makes bad choices, with little concern about how those decisions impact others. He has no empathy, highlighted by the people his administration has left behind on farms via stupid tariffs, or the best people failing to provide proper aid in after hurricanes, wildfires, and floods.

Trump is stupid, and he has his followers doing stupid stuff to put their own livelihoods in jeopardy because they so desperately want to have a great White Savior, a White hope, a White man with a grand plan.

Too bad, so sad. Put your money in the slot machines and try again people.

He’s an insecure wimp, admiring bully types of men he’ll never be. He has to hug himself because he’s insecure. He’s an old mentally-ill man who will can’t help but destroy everything he touches because his mind doesn’t work as everyone else’s does. He’s not well. You’ll find out soon enough. It all shall be revealed.

If you think all that sounds good, you just wait and see.

Trump is going to bring America to its knees. America is doing the slow-walk of shame after a long night out with a bad date. I never thought I’d see the day when our adversaries could infiltrate our White House and run our nation.

At least no one will be able to blame Black people for America’s makeover. We tried to warn ya!

Some of you are going to need to learn how to live on the bottoms because that’s where this nation is headed. For once, I’m thankful for my peoples’ persistent oppression.

Because of it, we won’t have that far to fall to reach the bottoms.

Marley K., 2018