It’s Hell Living In A Failed State

And it’s hell living with White people in denial about it.

It’s Hell Living In A Failed State

And it’s hell living with White people in denial about it too.

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Let’s face it, America is a failed state. For African Americans, America has always been a failed state because when White America is doing well, it’s at the expense of Black people. America and the rest of the White/Anglo-Saxons/European nations love to view places like Sudan, Syria, Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other Brown nations across the globe in crisis as failed states.

When White-European nations fail or begin to fail, they’re failures get different, fancier names for their failures, like insurrection, austerity, and Brexit.

The way White folks view failing White states is the same way White folks view crimes and criminals when the suspect is White versus when the suspect is Black or Brown. When White folks are accused of crimes are found guilty of crimes, the first thing the White crime reporter does is describe the goodness of the person. White folks have a difficult time seeing the bad in each other. Bad makes them feel uncomfortable, and heaven forbid White folks are made to feel something. White folks also hate looking bad. They have this superiority fallacy. When White folks behave badly or looking bad, their default is to cover it up, change the story, put lipstick and perfume on the pig to make it look and smell better.

But it’s still a pig. Black and Brown folks don’t get such luxuries, because White people are always in positions of power to tell the stories, make the rules, and put the lipstick and perfume on their pigs.

Well, the pig called America has rubbed it’s lipstick off and it’s stinking right now. America is failing fast. The entire world sees it, but most White folks are sitting around thinking politics will get us out of our failing state.

Racism got us here. It’s the very racism America has ignored since its inception. It’s the same racism ignored during and post-slavery. Racism drives our racist economy. Racism is the root of every foundational, systemic, and institutional problem this nation has. Racism is a White people’s issue. The insurrection is White folks’ business. The failing state of America is White folk’s problem.

Y’all broke it, y’all fix it, right? Wrong.

White people now wanna deflect, blaming other people and other things for their moral, economic, and societal failures. White folks want to lie and pretend this has never happened before. White people don’t want to take responsibility for their failing state. They fucked America up, but “we” gotta fix the shit.

It’s hell living in a failed state, and it’s hell living with and among White people who won’t accept responsibility for their behavior and failure, their unwillingness to address racism head-on, or their lack of desire to live up to the ideas the failing Founders dreamed of is nerve-wracking.

We’ve failed.

We’re failing.

We’re failures.

We keep failing.

We’re all suffering because of White people. It’s embarrassing as hell too, especially when the world knows America can do better but crooked, rich, well-connected, greedy folks continue being elected or appointed to power because that’s what most White people are accustomed to. They love failure. They are addicted to it. They continue repeating the same habits, behaviors, and creating the same environments which breed the same thing over and over again… more failure. Something as simple as wearing a mask and staying home so we can get back to normal life is absolutely impossible because White people need to be free to move and all they care about is money. It’s absurd.

I’m preparing myself for the downward spiral of America. We’re living on borrowed time in this failed state.

Signs of a Failed State

Photo by Brendan Beale on Unsplash

There are several factors used by foreign policy experts use to determine whether nations are stable. Each country is given a score for a dozen or so political, military, social, and economic indicators. These include demographic pressures, refugee numbers, economic growth, external intervention, and the legitimacy of its government. The more unstable a country, the higher its total score.

Fund For Peace (A U.S. based organization, FYI), uses four indicator categories to assess the vulnerability of states to collapse. Those indicator categories are Cohesion, Economic, Political, and Social. Work with me here. Look at America as a Black person. Click on the links below to view the metrics used to assess a state’s fragility.

For the category Cohesion, indicators include: C1: Security Apparatus

C2: Factionalized Elites, and C3: Group Grievance. America failed, failed, and failed this entire category if you look at America through the eyes of Black people. Our police and military are corrupt, we just experienced a failed coup, with more being planned. Elite politicians openly practice racism. We had a whole President and his Administration openly practicing White nationalism, xenophobia, communal irredentism, ethnic cleansing, and defending the faith (see Evangelical, radial Christianity). We have unresolved group grievances. See Black Lives Matter last summer, the Civil Rights Movement, Voter Rights issues, the immigration debates, etc. America failed the entire category. Thank our White-run, nationally sanctioned racist systems and institutions for our failures.

For the Economic category, indicators include:E1: Economic Decline

E2: Uneven Economic Development, and E3: Human Flight and Brain Drain. America is in Economic Decline and has been for decades. The industrial revolution and globalization left lots of America behind. America doesn’t fund public education the same, therefore, our children aren’t being prepared to be in the economy the same way. The pandemic is killing those who were already just barely holding on, those low-skill/low-wage workers, and the ass-hats unwilling to wear masks, stay home, or govern based on science/medicine are killing state and local economies. We have dumbasses running the country.

As it relates to Uneven Economic Development, White people hold the majority of jobs in control of hiring therefore they control economic development. Racism drives the large economic gap between Blacks and Whites in America. We don’t have fair hiring practices. Most White employers are anti-Black or they have Black quotas. We definitely don’t have equal rights and legislation specifically protecting Black people. When we did have it, White folks watered it down and made it a junk drawer for other non-White groups. Economic opportunities are not equal/fair either. Black and Brown folks don’t have the same opportunities. Access to fair housing, quality free, equal educational opportunities, and job training is primarily preserved for White people offered by predominantly White institutions which explains the huge wealth gap in America.

The Human Flight and Brain Drain hasn’t happened much, but that’s only because of Rona. As soon as things get better, I’m sure immigrants, the wealthy, and the educated will flee to safer, more stable pastures. Those with means and dual citizenship will flee regardless. Black people are fleeing racism in America and living abroad. If the borders were open, we’d see plenty of folks leaving America. I’m considering it myself. We’re failing honey. America is in danger. We’ve lived on the edge for so long. All this because White people want to be a White nation.

The final category is Political, with indicators including P1: State Legitimacy. P2: Public Services, and P3: Human Rights and Rule of Law. We failed the who shits too. As far as State Legitimacy is concerned, Black people have never trusted the government. Over the last 12 years or so, the trust in the government has been in steep decline. We have peaceful demonstrations as long as protests aren’t about race or money. Police have always been violent towards Black protestors, more so as of late, unless they are White men of course (see the insurrection where White folks get to break into the government and go home). Transparency has always been shitty, especially with Black folks. It went to hell when Trump took office. There has been an uptick in political violence too, a lot of it. We have terrorism by militias, police, and the government.

America has armed insurgents walking around like they are crazy, and there have been several attempted assassinations over the past few years. The federal government did nothing to protect her. The insurrection was one big political assassination attempt. Human Rights and the Rule of Law, please don’t make me go down this rabbit hole. We have two justice systems, Black people are begging the cops to stop beating, over-policing, and killing them extrajudicially, and we’ve run detention camps for the past four years holding human beings against their will without due process. The point is we failed the entire category. Amerca is a shithole country.

The last category is Social. The stability indicators are S1: Demographic Pressures, S2: Refugees and IDPs, X1: External Intervention. This category is stable for now, but could easily spiral downward if White folks don’t address the previous three categories. Demographic pressures are about to explode due to Covid, trickle-down economics, Trump tax-breaks, and good old racism. While we have a refugee problem at the Mexican border, with the proper interventions we could get things under control. Due to Covid, we’re going to have a significant number of homeless men, women, and children. People who can’t work pay rent, utilities, buy hotels, or pay mortgages.

America already had an affordable housing crisis, which only exacerbates the problem. We have a ban on the types of immigrants we allow into the country. America wants people who can contribute to its economy, even if it’s done illegally. Illegal immigrants continue coming to America because White people will employ them. America also appears to be unwilling or unable to provide more relief or relocation services not just for refugees in need of assistance to assimilate, but also for its citizens who are drowning in racialized inequity. There are plenty of people sleeping in cars, in tents in the woods, in campgrounds, etc. because of the poor response to Covid by the Trump Administration. Lastly, America has had external intervention in our politics.

Racism has been the weapon of choice for cyber terrorists here and abroad and physical interventions by White politicians and scammers have also been devastating in our nation’s instability. The funny thing is, no one has offered any assistance to us. If we were Ghana, Haiti, Syria, Iraq, Zambia, Myanmar, or some other Black or Brown nation around the globe, we would have foreign military assistance, peacekeeping, police training by foreign police who don’t engage in violence, and there definitely would be some type of foreign aid or financial interventions to help Black people. Hell, the entire world sees us struggling, but they won’t throw us a life preserver. Why is that?

In any event, we’re a failing state. We’ve failed three of the four indicators and if we go another year without getting Covid under control, without getting the Republican Party lawlessness under control, and getting the federal government working again, we’re going to be a failed state. The next election cycle will be a telltale sign. If more crazies are elected and we fail to get rid of Republicans, this shithole is a wrap.

This my friends is what not doing anything about racism, xenophobia, and inequity gets us. We’re a failed state. We’re not okay honey. America is on life support. I don’t know how else to tell you.

It’s hell living in a failed state. It’s harder living with White people who allowed it and are not acting like all is well. The utter ignorance is horrifying.

White Fragility: The World Is Afraid To Tell Us We’re Failing

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Because White folks are so fuckin fragile, the world can’t even tell us we’re failing, and even when they do, White folks go back to their favorite go-to’s. “This isn’t who we are,” and “We’re better than this.”

Nope! I hate to break the bad news to you, White people. We ain’t shit. America ain’t shit. We’re a shit hole country. The world is looking on in horror. How could you allow yourselves to become addicted to White Supremacy, America’s drug of choice?

Because most of the world is afraid of the bully called America and most European nations because of the wealth they’ve accrued through ill-gotten means (i.e. recall colonization and the African continent), their instability tends to be ranked differently. Also, because the rely and have relied on the exploitation of Black and Brown people for their survival, for the most part, the organizations ranking fragile states tend to rank White nations at the bottom of the scale while ranking Black and Brown nations at the top of it. I’m skeptical of all these fragile state list rankings because they tend to rank racist White nations differently (at lower risk) than they rank poorer Brown nations (higher risks) without factoring in the role of colonialism. Just because the data is skewed doesn’t mean the indicators aren’t still appropriate to measure our national fragility.

America is fragile. We’re failing, and too few folks are concerned.

If America can’t do something with its White citizenry, we’re headed to a type of instability regionally, nationally, and internationally as we’ve never seen in our lifetimes. White folks are either angry or apathetic, either of which is dangerous to the state of the nation.

For Black Folks, America Has Always Been A Failed State

For Black people, America has always been a failed state. The old girl was always a liar and a trick. She’s never kept her word, always allowed White people to abuse us, and she never played games fair with us. America never treated its citizens equally, and she’s always been violent toward Black and Brown people. She’s allowed White folks to be mediocre and violent while demanding the rest of us be much smarter and docile. She’s intentionally killed us and allowed others to kill us. Black folks have never been well economically. To us, America has always been a failed state.

America is a fragile state on the way to being a fully-failed state. All indicators point to it happening fairly quickly. This is what you get when you don’t take care of business at home — when you mind other folks’ business. America has spent a lot of time trying to teach people how to have a successful democracy when we’ve never had one. We’ve always had a zero-sum state. For White people to have, they’ve had to take from Black and Brown people, creating an unconscionable amount of inequality and inequity.

For four-hundred years America has practiced inequality and its colonial-era caste systems (immigration and racism) which have helped to drive us to this failed state. Changing the course of failure requires hard work, studying where you went wrong, and making significant changes quickly to avoid complete failure. We’ve had ample warning. Racists aren’t playing with America. What are White folks going to do about it?

White Folks Are Making Us A Failed Planet

White Supremacy is failing across the globe. Everyone is tired of living in White states except White people. People are tired of being robbed by White Supremacy. Folks are sick of fleeing their own countries to be safe because White folks are intervening behind closed doors with money and weapons to destabilize them. Folks are tired of White folks coming to their countries raping them for their natural resources to enrich their White nations, and they are tired of White folks getting Brown folks to follow suit.

People are tired of serving Whiteness. Black and Brown nations are tired of serving White folks through tourism, which is nothing more than glorified slavery. People are tired. The climate crisis, Covid, terrorism, cybersecurity, nuclear proliferation, displaced people, genocide, world hunger, failed states, and conflicts/wars all can be traced back to White Supremacy and colonialism. White people have ruled the world for a long time. They’ve also made it worse.

The failing of the entire planet can be traced to White people and the industrial revolution. At some point, America is going to have to deal with its role in our national and global failure.

You can’t solve a damned thing if you’re looking at our state in terms of fixing a little boo-boo or if you view your role as helping.

White people, you broke the thing. You’re failing, and let’s keep it real, you’ve failed. The only way to fix what’s broken is to fix it. The only way to pass a test after failing it is to understand what went wrong, understand it, go over the lessons, then change your behavior.

I hate living in a failed state, and I’m tired of White folks not understanding the dire need for them to change. You can’t just rely on politics and kick your damned feet up. You gotta call shit out in your towns. Challenge the education systems for and by White people. Combat White terrorism. Don’t tolerate and don’t bow to it. Most importantly, punish White people. Stop seeing White people as some innocent baby lambs, innocent kids, and people deserving of second chances.

We’re a nation of laws. White people need to follow the law like everyone else and stop using their White skins as a reason to not face punishment. If you don’t punish racists and others who don’t adhere to the law, it says to them what they do and say is okay.

It’s saying nigger innocently today, flying go D.C. for an insurrection tomorrow.

A state is what you make of it. You get the nation you deserve. America shamefully is the state White people made it. Black people don’t deserve this. No one does.

Marley K. 2021, Living in a failed state.

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