It’s Time For Black People To Have “The Talk”

The one Black people never finish giving.

It’s Time For Black People To Have “The Talk”

The one Black people never finish giving.

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Racists Are Angry With Us

Most Black people know what I’m about to say, especially if you live in the South, but I’m sure there are plenty of you who have no clue about White America’s history of White mobs and White rage. Many people will be trying to redirect you to the Holocaust, but America has it’s own violent history of genocide and killing citizens, that’s lasted far longer than the Holocaust did. White violence towards Blacks has never ended.

While many other once Brown groups have been grandfathered into Whiteness, Black people have never had such fortunes. Black people have been the permanent underclass of this nation, and White folks plan on keeping us that way by hook or by crook. We voted and resisted. White Supremacy is pushing back the way it always does.

Black folks witnessed last week an insurrection because we voted against White Supremacy in large numbers despite all of its trickery. We also witnessed the first Jewish man and the first Black man win Senate seats in the state of Georgia, sending racist White Americans over the edge. The country racists were so desperately trying to take back was fighting “Make America Great Again” racists.

Black and Brown people winning power is not supposed to happen in the South. While White Southerners hate both Black and Jewish people, they hate Black people the most. The number one goal of Southern Whites is to keep folks with Black and Brown skin out of power. They failed. Now they’re mad. White people stay mad, and Black people need to prepare. We were warned about domestic terrorism and White people in power ignored those warnings. Now Black people must prepare for violence.

Black saved America (again), and apparently she didn’t want to be saved.

The Talk

I love my people and I want us to be well, so it’s time for us to have “the talk.” You know, the one Black folks start getting as soon as we begin school. The talk for Black people never ends. It’s the talk about White people, weaponized Whiteness, and White violence. I’ve been warning my readers about what was coming, and now we’re here. Well, the moment is here. We need to talk about some things to keep you safe. I realize a lot of readers don’t live in the South so you’re not aware of what’s about to happen to us.

Let me prepare you. It’s time we had “the talk.”

  1. Assume all White people are racist White people. Some White folks may be good and engaging in antiracism, but a whole lot of them are not. There are more bad White folks than good ones. Good White people aren’t going to stand up for you when they see White folks being intimidating in the store, and they aren’t going to call the police on their racist relatives threatening Black and Brown lives. Those other White people not practicing racism are going to be silent and allow racism to happen. Good, silent/scary White people are just as dangerous as the violent racists. One thing you’re going to learn when it’s all said and done is most White people are scary as hell, and when the going gets tough, White folks will get in line with White violence just like they always have to remain comfortable. You’ll be left in the dark all alone, again.
  2. Buy firearms for personal and home protection, especially if you live in an all-White neighborhood. If you haven’t already purchased personal protection, you’re almost too late. White gun owners aren’t going to want to sell to us, protection and ammunition are very expensive now, and it’s hard to find. White gunshop owners were barely welcoming pre-Obama. Most are catering to White extremists. Get your protection. Your choices are to prepare for a trial or have someone prepare you for your funeral.
  3. Know thy community. If you live in Black communities you’re probably good because we look out for each other during times like these. Black men, the staple of our communities in times of trouble, look out for us which is why I love us so much. In diverse and White communities, Black people could be easy sitting targets. You don’t know who the Trumpanzees are in your parts. As we’ve seen from the Trump train, he has plenty of Blacks and People of Color who hate themselves and our people not on the Republican suicide mission. If you’re Black living in a mixed or White community, keep an eye on shady, racist neighbors, the ones who had Trump signs with bad attitudes to match. Coordinate with neighbors on what to do if something happens. Have a plan. White folks are infamous for being too late and supporting after the fact. You may want to explain to allies in your community how to protect you.
  4. Communicate more frequently. If you’re Black and riding alone or working at night, let friends and loved ones know where you are going, when you’re out alone, and when you’ll be among groups of White people.
  5. Stop hanging out. These are the times when angry White men/mobs grab Black people up off the streets and hang them from trees, beat, torture, and mutilate their bodies, and kill them. Because so many police are corrupt White Supremacists and have the support of fraternal orders and White juries, crimes against us are rarely solved, go without receiving any justice, and when they crimes are suspected of lynching, they are often labeled suicides. Some racists have the potential to become killing machines, especially those with military and police training. If you don’t have to be out, don’t. And talk to your hard-headed, know-it-all Black young teens and adults. They aren’t ready for the old Jim Crow America. If you don’t prep them, racist White people will.
  6. Drop unconcerned White friends. If you have White friends and they aren’t calling to check on you, sending you stress-relief care packages, or talking about racism in America with you, they aren’t real friends. We’re in danger, and they either don’t care or are more concerned about their feelings getting hurt than your body being physically harmed. Normalize prioritizing your safety and comfort in 2021. White people already have been doing this. White friends don’t let Black friends struggle during race wars in the New World. White friends also don’t make checkin in about your feelings That’s some old slavery time shit. If you’re White, learn what to do and what not to do, and if you don’t know what’s good for your friend, shame on you. It means you’re not really that good of a friend.
  7. Practice Sundown Safety. If you need to go out, do it before the sun goes down. Nothing good is gonna happen to us if we get caught out in the dark. The most dangerous time for us will be MLK’s actual birthday, the MLK federal holiday, and the whole month of February because it’s Black History Month. Confederate Memorial Day will also be a biggie which in many places in the South is in May. Racists will desecrate important dates and places of significance for Black people while commemorating all sorts of races shit. With this comes some rituals of violence, stay out of their way.
  8. Be prepared for mass chaos. The entire government is compromised. The entire nation is compromised. There isn’t a job or business not impacted by the Trumpanzee infiltration. Just look at the career fields of the people who attended the insurrection rally on January 6th. There were CEOs, police, firemen, first responders, IT professionals, politicians, and lots of local dummy heads with no education but may work at your local deli. Racist people are in positions of power frequently to make life difficult for us, more difficult than necessary, in high White folks fashion. The FBI has put out a nation-wide warning of violence all over the country. The nation is at war with itself is the best way to put it, and the Hillbilly Taliban are planning on attacking power grids, cellphone and landline communication, etc. Transportation may be interrupted, and we may be on lockdown because of martial law. The military is as infiltrated with White Supremacists as police and fire and rescue are. Get what you need and be prepared to live without your normal comforts. I did a Twitter post on some things folks could do prepare to survive whatever.
  9. Buy books and things to occupy your time. We’ll need to unplug from the real world a little to de-stress. Buy board games, books, crossword puzzles, coloring books, or get a library card to access library services online. Do what you can to remove yourself from reality. This is gonna be a long, ugly period in our nation’s history, and we already know what White people are going to do about it. We’re on our own.
  10. Stock up on food and supplies. Get lots of canned stuff, non-perishables, and items that can be cooked (or eaten straight from a can) if the bad-bad happens. Also, get over-the-counter medications in case you get a cold and get the Rona. An ICU nurse had a really good thread on Twitter about the things you should have to ride out a case of mild Rona at home. Also, be prepared for rationing. If you’re on a limited or fixed income, you may want to buy early and plan ahead for a few months in advance. I put a link below on how to shop for things and live with less on a budget.
  11. Talk to your children about what’s happening. My partner has kids so we talk about race a lot, now more than ever before. They grew up in all White spaces being the only Black kids, so it’s very hard convincing them of racism. I didn’t have this problem with my kids because we lived in the South where it’s cool folks let you know they don’t like or respect you. It’s annoying how little Black people talk to their kids about racism today, so start. All Black kids need crash courses in racism. I watched the insurrection all day together with my partner’s kids and we talked about their feelings, what they were witnessing, and even the ridiculous commentary from White media pundits. The kids were angry about how White folks got to do all that damage and go home. We talked about racism and racist classmates, their experiences, and how it all connects to this day. We discussed racism in education, civics, government, politics, and inequality.
  12. Start talking to your kids early and often about racism, their racialized school experiences, and their feelings. Your kids can see. Also, let them witness this moment, they are living a history lesson just like we are. In the event White folks rewrite history, they can’t erase what we have in our minds from witnessing history ourselves. Most importantly, our kids need to see their enemies in action. Let them see how some racist classmates grow up to become domestic terrorists. Our kids need to be prepared for lifelong battles with Whiteness. Don’t leave kids out of this moment. They are our future leaders and civil rights activists. They also need to understand racism for their own mental and emotional well-being.
  13. Be kind to yourself. My motto is you only live once, and I tend to have this attitude about everything. I’m not reckless, but I’m kinder to myself. My diet is flexible to accommodate stress eating, and I don’t allow others to force their religious practices and beliefs if I don’t want to. It’s okay not to be positive or optimistic, you can live for a moment in reality. Curse if you need to, cry if you want to, write about your fears, and talk to others about your feelings when necessary. Don’t abuse drugs or alcohol, they just create more problems. Seek professional help if necessary. It’s hard to find therapy these days, so you may have to help and heal yourself for a season. We all need to learn how to cope with real-life more.
  14. Get some cash. Just keep some on hand in case power goes out or some foreign adversary screws up our banking and electronic funds transfer systems. They aren’t talking about the hack that has happened under Trump’s watch much, but it’s the worst in American history. It’s also intentional. Be ready to possibly have a period where cash is king again. Also, keep some change. If you use cash, many businesses are asking for exact change. Make your life easier. Use cash when required or necessary. Be prepared for mass rolling internet and power outages.
  15. Talk to your adult children. I’ve been talking to my adult kids for the past year about this what could happen this year and they were prepped and ready. They weren’t surprised or shocked. They have food, home protection, and we’ve always had corrupt police talks. We live in the South so they grew up living with racism and microaggressions. We know our Whites. Help your adult children navigate the new Jim Crow/Civil War 2.0/Insurrection Defection. While your kids may be adults, they still need to hear explanations and soothing words of wisdom from parents and elders who have been through this type of racialized trauma before.
  16. Understand all of America is the South now. I don’t care if you live in New York City, Oklahoma, California, or Washington State, the entire nation has become the South, and America is in the early stages of its second Civil War. White people all over this nation have been indoctrinated by Southern Strategy politics on top of their White Supremacy they grow up living in a racist nation. All Black people should govern themselves as if they live below the Mason-Dixon line and be aware of their surroundings.
  17. Stay connected. There is strength in numbers and we Black folks gotta stick together. I’m going to do a few “Lives” so my Medium folks can connect and talk about what’s happening. I realize a lot of us are isolated because of Covid. Next month it’s going to be one entire year of being confined to my house except to buy groceries and run business errands. I did cheat and go to the beach a few times just to get out, but that was pre-crazy White people. The wifi and television are my friends now. Stay connected with people online, phone, text, and don’t forget to check on our elders in the neighborhood. They are lonely and may not be aware of all that’s going on. Put White America’s rugged individualism in the garbage where it belongs.
  18. Be ready to fight. White people are going to try you. They aren’t the same racists solo they are in angry White mobs, in their racist motorcycle groups, or at their favorite racist bars, but they will still be trying to start shit with us. Start nothing, but finish everything. This is not the time to cower to White people. Cowering means you are making America great again for them, not for you. Seventy-five million White folks want us to be afraid of them and get back into our places in society so they can keep ruling over us. You’re going to have to keep fighting for freedom. Put your vaseline under your eyes, put your fight clothes on, and get your fight shoes ready. Fighting isn’t anything new to us, but I just need to say it because it’s that time. Mental and possibly physical fighting may be required. Also, watch out for our elders. Don’t allow White folks to bully and disrespect older Black folks who grew up during the Jim Crow Era. We are one right now. Your momma is mines and mines may be yours.
  19. Assume all police are corrupt. Goes without saying for most, but the police all over the nation have been emboldened by Trump’s brand of White Supremacy. Do what you can to stay out of their way. There are no good cops. There are bad ones and then there are the ones who watch over and protect the bad ones. Avoid police if at all possible, especially at night. Be respectful, but be cautious. Period.
  20. Breath. Please know this country is in danger. Never in our lives have we see this kind of violence and lawlessness. It’s a lot to take in. Everything is happening so fast. Remember our ancestors went through worse. We’re going to make it. Breath, exercise, and take care.
  21. Take off your capes. Black folks have done all we can to save America. Once again, we not only get the short end of the stick but after White folks break shit all over the nation, it’s the Black and Brown essential workers’ job to clean up their messes. The irony. It’s time for White people to do their parts. White people can’t put their heads in the sand anymore. Let’s take off our capes. Kick-off your shoes. Ladies unsnap your bras and rest.
  22. Pay attention. Things will be changing fast. As racists start getting caught and punished, they’ll find new ways to be evil. This is how White Supremacy and terrorism works. Pay attention to people who don’t belong in your community. Pay attention when you’re driving to make sure you’re not being followed. Watch your social media threads. Block racist trolls and bots. Know where the exits are at all times when you go somewhere. If your skin is Brown, you’re a target. Pay attention in stores, when you’re dining out. Watch people serving you. I wish there was a type of person to warn you about, but crackpots come from all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. Just trust your gut. If you get a bad feeling about a White person, trust it. We don’t have time to be giving the benefit of the doubt to folks now. We’re in survival mode right now, and don’t let White people make you feel guilty about protecting yourselves, because if they had done their jobs we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

If you have some other things to add to the list to help Black people survive the latest wave of White violence, please drop them in the comments. This is a serious, life and death post, so if you’re not adding anything of value to help or being supportive please abstain from commenting.

I love Black people and I want us to be well. Be safe family. These are dangerous times we’re living in. We must talk, tell our stories, and prepare the collective for danger. This period is going to be devastating for us. We’ll be poorer and sicker on the other side of it because of job losses, the pandemic, and the stress of living with racism.

Let’s do what we can to help each other get through this. Love ya’ll!!!

P.S. Black men, look out for Black women. If you see something, say something. Black men shouldn’t let White men and women bully Black women. The same for Black women. Stand up for brothers when they being harassed and challenged. Have each other’s backs. Stand in the gap as play aunties, sisters, moms, grandmas, lovers, brothers, fathers, uncles, spouses, and significant others.

Marley K. 2021 in Quarantine

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