It’s Time For A Power Outage

Can we have White power outage for a season? It’s literally making us sick. An essay on White power and how White people use, abuse, and harm people, especially people of color with it.

It’s Time For A Power Outage

It’s Time For a Power Outage

We Need a Power Outage

Let’s admit it. We all need a break from White power in America. We need a break from White rule, White Privilege, White rage, White Supremacy, White majority, White victim hood, White bullying, White Identity Politics, White systems, White structures, White policing methods, and White criminal justice systems.

We. Are. Tired.

Even White people are tired of White power if they’d admit it. It’s no fun playing a game and where you’re always the winner because you’ve set up systems to win by cheating others. It takes a lot of work and thought to maintain those advantages.

White power and White privilege constantly puts us at odds with one another about whose interests are most important any and every time there is a state, local, or national issue at hand.

White Power Historically Excludes Non-Whites

For Black People of Color, White power and White privilege is like being invited to a big dance for Whites only, going to get formal digs (clothing) to make your grand entrance, getting inside of the dance, and finding you’re overrun by a sea of Whiteness. You already know they will not ask you to dance, and they aren’t interested in talking to you because they are so self-absorbed. But you went to the dance anyway because you were hoping for once the White people at the dance would prove you wrong. Unfortunately, they don’t — but deep down; you knew that too.

Black folks and People of Color are just standing around hoping someone will care about you being the minority, except they don’t. The people at the party are self-absorbed in any and everything that looks like them, sounds like them, and comforts them, they don’t notice your discomfort, beauty, intelligence, or their frustration. Even if someone White wanted to talk to you at the party, they probably won’t because they’ll be too worried about what the other Whites would say.

White power only cares about White people and what White people think, no matter how cleaned up you become. It’s been this way historically.

White people should also be tired of White power because it’s a lot of work trying to keep good people down. White suppression and oppression is actually bad for your mental and physical health. For example, Trump voters stay angry all the time. His undeserved, tainted, and seemingly unbridled White power gives him the ability to transfer the anger from his voters into others via trolling, physical violence and threats of violence, creating laws and legislation for the soul purpose of exerting unfair power, privilege, much pain.

White Power Is Bad For Our Health

White power and the rage (regardless of what side of the coin you’re on) associated with the power is bad for our health.

A large study published in Circulation in 2000 found that among 12,986 middle-aged African-American and white men and women, those who rated high in traits such as anger — but had normal blood pressure — were more prone to coronary artery disease (CAD) or heart attack.

In fact, the angriest people faced roughly twice the risk of CAD and almost three times the risk of a heart attack compared to subjects with the lowest levels of anger. Do you realize how many people are walking around angry because of Donald Trump and his treasonous administration? Just look at social media threads, the news, the newspaper, or talk to friends, relatives, or co-workers about the state of America. Anger is raging everywhere. We’re all at risk.

We need a long reprieve from White power, or at least a power outage. Anger seems to come from victors and victims alike. The long-term anger can cause liver damage, gastritis, arrhythmia, heart disease, muscle aches, diarrhea, headaches, and dermatitis to name a few health problems. And since White power doesn’t want us to be able to afford to care for ourselves, we sure as well don’t need it trying to make us sick.

But it does anyway, and no matter how hard we try to stay well, directly or indirectly White power is making us all sick. Trying to get healthcare is make us sick, and the White powers that be fighting to keep us from good health are killing us. The link between anger and increased risk of a heart attack is not new. In March 2014, a study by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, MA, suggested anger outbursts could raise the risk of a heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular events.

We Are Tired of Living Like This

It’s been a not-so-good run over the past decades, and I’m tired. You promised us things would be better and you would get your shit together repeatedly, but you didn’t. You just keep tricking us all into thinking you’re going to change and do right by all of us, or at least that’s what your mouth says. You don’t deserve to remain in power. You’re not a good steward of it.

If you’re a right or an extreme right White person or pro-Trumpster Person of Color, you’re angry because you feel your guy isn’t getting a fair shake. We’re all questioning your values and allegiances at this point, but that’s neither here nor there. Pro-White power has gone to your head (see Mitch McConnell and the entire GOP).

On the other hand, White people and those passing as such on the left are angry that Trump supporters are so angry and so in the tank for White Supremacy, White power, and White privilege they’d let a thuggish con-artist basically steal the country from underneath them.

The rest of us Black folks and People of Color are anxious, exhausted, stressed, and afraid of the future in America with this new/old form of White power White people have allowed to flourish under your reign. You’re the majority, so you have had got to own this.

The bottom line is that the same White groups of people remaining in power for so long is killing us. We can’t trust our government (which is the plan of the new White power), and they’ve sown seeds of distrust and discord in our communities so we don’t trust each other. I can’t help you if you don’t trust me, and if White people with White power always has me under living duress, I can’t trust it.

I don’t want it. I need a power outage, and I can’t wait until 2020 to get it either. For the love of the country, relinquish your power.

Liberals Aren’t Exempt From the White Power Backlash

White liberals are not exempt from the White power outage either. Your indecisiveness when it comes to non-White matters including threats against our lies, apathetic view on the urgency of getting White Supremacists under control, your lack of a desire to share power equitably, and your pro-White Power stances despite your verbal liberal leanings make it difficult to trust you. You too have privilege and power issues, and your inability to see how your unearned privilege and power detrimentally deprives and divides make you dangerous.

I have enough things snatching at my health and well-being already.

White people have been power whores for decades, hell centuries. Let someone else lead, plan, legislate, police, get credit, work, breathe, eat, live, have, attain, and win for a change. White people and White power are making both you and I sick. We need a break.

It’s time for a White power outage. It’s a matter of life and death.

You’ve had plenty of chances and you’ve blown them. It’s time to try something different. We’ve entrusted our lives in your hands for centuries. How about you do the same for a spell?

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