It’s Time For America To Get Serious About White Male Terrorists

Will White Terrorism Ever Become Extinct? An essay on White extremism and America’s failure to call it out.

It’s Time For America To Get Serious About White Male Terrorists
A counter-protester gives a white supremacist the middle finger. The white supremacists responds with a Nazi salute. Charlottesville August 12, 2017.

Will White Terrorism Ever Become Extinct?

The old saying what’s old is new again is true with White Nationalism in America. White male terrorists have been killing, harassing, and terrorizing innocent, defenseless people around the world since forever.

For a season, prospective killers must have been taking their anti-kill pills to keep their murderous tendencies at bay, but something about the election of Obama did something to the world, apparently. While most of the world was happy to see America (aka the world police, aka the melting pot) resembling the world, a small fraction of White America hated the idea of America’s headquarters being occupied for 8-years by a Black man.

In the minds of White Nationalists, their big ole plantation style house where all the nation’s white leaders governed was now occupied by a “spook” and they were never going to let that happen again. Hence all the terrorism.

Add to it random studies picked up by White Nationalists propaganda mills noting the browning of America in 50 years or give or take… it was enough to drive some White men to the brink of full-out-crazy. They are going bat shit crazy for no good reason.

Instead of them facing their fears and screwing more pure White chicks (whatever the hell that is) to make more babies, their solution to stop browning is genocide. Someone, please tell me how killing Black and Brown people will solve a White man’s “fake news” problem of the world being overpopulated by Black, Brown, and non-White Evangelical Christian people. Killing People of Color and non-Christian worshippers will never solve their false problem. These White/European/Anglo terrorists who are the majority population in some nations, are worried about keeping their race pure, not having mixed babies, living with children born to parents who have liberal ideologies, and staying in the majority are conjuring up ways to have more babies with the priceless White women they don’t want anyone to have.

The shallow White terrorists’ solution to his own problem is to kill us, People of Color. Does that sound sensible to the sane? Let me be the first to tell you they won’t be getting any Nobel Peace Prizes for solving their perceived problems. Make more White babies not war with Black and Brown people — duh!

Next, let’s talk about who the pansy White Nationalists/White Extremists kills and how.

Where And How A White Extremists Kill Says Everything About Them

These White terrorists never go to Compton or any hood. They aren’t seeking to harm real killers and shooters like the Bloods or Crips gang members. These “bad ass” White extremists aren’t seeking out MS-13, and they aren’t going to gang-ridden communities to carry out terrorist acts. Instead, White terrorists go to their high school and kill their classmates and neighbors.

The White extremest pansies don’t go to the country western bars in “Stand Your Ground“ Florida where it’s likely every motherfucker with two hands and one good eye has at least one gun on their person. They go to Sandy Hook Elementary School and kill innocent babies and their teachers in a safe, sanitized, upper-middle-class community instead.

These White male jelly-back incels don’t drive onto a military bases through barriers. They don’t go to the White House to “make a point,” long-rambling manifestos in tow. The loser bigots choose instead to go to a historical Black church, Mother Emmanuel Church’s bible study and kill people as they pray instead.

These weak White nut jobs don’t stake out Opa-Locka, Hialeah, or Little Haiti, where the site of a strange White man can immediately earn himself a brand new toe tag. Instead, they blow up federal buildings.

White terrorists don’t go to kill White people at a Trump rally where most of the constituents carry guns and are pro gun rights for a shootout. Instead, White, privileged terrorists go to the one place People of Color can escape the wrath of Whiteness, racism, and oppression — they go to mosques, temples and synagogues and kill innocent people seeking relief from a world made miserable for them, in part because of White men. Oh the irony.

How weak as fuck! And they always manage to get taken into custody alive like trophies. If it’s brown it must go down, but if it’s White, it gets to see the light!

These scary White terrorist pick soft targets and easy, unprepared victims to kill. They choose churches and movie theaters, certain parts of town where they know people will be defenseless and at rest, and sadly elementary schools — because who teaches their kid a White terrorist or White extremist incel will come into their school to kill them. Schools are supposed to be safe places and nurturing spaces. Not killing grounds.

You want to know why these criminally insane White terrorists select these targets and places? It’s because most of them are weak and all of them are just pure evil just like the Taliban, Boko Haram, or ISIL. So are the people who harbor and protect them.

These young, White male extremists are projecting onto us everything they are not and everything they wish they were. They wish they were smart enough to solve their own problems and communicate like civilized people. They wished they were as strong as the oppressed people they hate. We can take a licking and keep on ticking because most people of color have no choice. We are tougher than leather and damn sure well put together!

These privileged sociopaths wish they had a sense of belonging and a community that loved them. And because they don’t belong, these bigots make the People of Color around the world pay the price.

We can no longer pretend White Terrorism isn’t a problem even though White America, our current administration and the mass media refuse to address the problem. Our President is a terrorist, and our Congress will not impeach him. It shows yet again how the White people in charge of everything have an issue with pointing a finger at themselves, to our detriment.

Our White-led criminal justice system has no issue pointing out gang violence in Chicago, Miami, L.A, Baltimore or other places where gang problems exist and involves gangs of color. But not the White gangs like the KKK, the Alt-Right, or the Proud Boys — because gangs and thugs are code words for Black and Brown people. Terror cells are labels for people of color even though White men who conduct themselves in the same manner get called a lone wolf in spite of documented evidence they have a huge community online. The term extremists is meant to categorize murderous Brown Arab people and Muslim men, not murderous White ones.

When is White America and the European Union going to deal with the White gangs and terror cells within it’s ranks and borders? It’s time for the world to stop treating White terrorist as if they are some new fucking political party because they are not. They are terrorist and future murders if they get the chance.

These men are evil, weak, scary, spineless, coddled, privileged terrorists.

Even liberals act as if they don’t exist. Conservatives (including the party of Trump) are silent about this scary, weak-minded cohort of White men. I really don’t understand why Conservatives don’t talk about White terrorism, in the same manner, we discuss race because whether not they realize it their lives are at risk too. It’s astounding to see how much apathy good White people have, to their own detriment. When are they going to sound the alarms about how terrible young and even old White men are within their ranks?

It’s long overdue.

Around 1000 people gathered near Bde Maka Ska (Lake Calhoun) to stand in solidarity with the city of Charlottesville, Virginia and speak out against white nationalists who recently held a rally there (2017). Source

Where are the parents of these kids and young men and are the parents not only silent but complicit in aiding them to conduct killing sprees by buying these unstable White men these weapons? They too have blood on their hands.

Dealing with degenerates is everybody’s problem. Where are the vigilant White women who call the police on kids in pools, men planting community gardens in parks, or attempting to enter their own apartment building? It’s time for Pool Patrol Patty to call the cops on Thomas the Terrorist, her daughter’s abusive teenage boyfriend. He is going to be a problem for the world one day. Why isn’t the White community doing more about these “bad hombres?”

Where are the national task forces, studies, and moratoriums on weapons to White guys to prevent them from attacking innocent people? Your White silence is a license for these White terrorists to kill People of Color.

Why hasn’t anyone created an instruction guide on these racist rejects to protect People of Color, innocent school children, and concertgoers. Where is the war on White Terror like the one we have for the Terrorist of Color from Arab and African countries? Where is the school drill that specifically tells students and teachers to look out for the White male school shooter? Where is our 9/11 on White Nationalism? Where is all the police and military readiness to protect America and the world from Anglo/European/and White men?

There isn’t any such thing — and there likely won’t be.

It won’t be because the very White men hired and paid to protect us have infiltrated all the institutions in charge of protecting us. White Nationalists are in the police forces. They are in our military.

And they are in our White House (again).

Everything Is Not Okay

My sentiments. Sources: Creative Commons/

It’s time we get real about our White domestic terrorist issue. Everything will not be okay. Having Donald Trump as the White Nationalists in Chief is not okay. Being silent White people will not make White terrorism stop.

Call these men by their appropriate names and label them accordingly. It’s time for America to create an intervention for the nation’s most challenging and persistent problem, White Supremacy and the old-new species of angry-bird racist White men.

Evil begets evil, and America has never properly dealt with the sins of White terrorism which is why it always manages to re-appear. White terrorism does not differ from ISIS. If you don’t completely nip it in the bud, it comes back. Will America once and for all do something about White nationalism, White Supremacy, and White terrorism, or will we be dealing with this problem for the next 50–60 years, if we survive at all.

Don’t cry after people have died. Your sympathy and prayers will bring no family’s loved one back, nor will it heal the hurt that comes from knowing you knew there was a problem within your group and you did not act. People of Color are watching how White people act, vote, and react to the rise in hate crimes occur. You can’t say you care and you don’t call out bigotry, to include calling out the Grand Wizard of the United States delegation of the Klu Klux Klan, Donald Trump.

It’s time to call these psychopathic, sociopath, mediocre, White male terrorists what they are. They are criminally insane. They are duds. They are losers. They are gang members. They are men who aren’t able to do the same thing they want non-White people to do, assimilate. It’s also time to demand that they receive the same microscope and punishment any other criminally insane Person of Color would receive for the same behavior.

It’s time for this old-new species of White Supremacy to die off, and it needs to have the funeral of all funerals to ensure it can never come back. It’s time to make this species extinct once and for all.

Demand the media and White America call these White dudes out.

They are radicalized White terrorists and White Nationalists. They are a part of a global terrorist cell and national networks. And demand they say our White Nationalist President is the ring leader in America’s biggest export these days— Hate!

Learn more about the hate in your state:

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