It’s Time For Black People To Take Their Rest

America is White folks’ problem right now.

It’s Time For Black People To Take Their Rest

America is White folks’ problem right now.

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We all knew it was going to be challenging to get Trump out of office when he won, and Black people knew we were going to catch hell voting to get him out. Black folks everywhere, knowing these racist states of America, planned to vote during a pandemic and we succeeded. Brave Black activists like Cliff Albright and LaTosha Brown of Black Voters Matter and Stacey Abrams of Fair Fight mobilized Black voters in Georgia and all over the South to ensure the old orange scallywag couldn’t cheat his way back into the White House for a second time.

Black people voted around the nation voted like our lives depended on it, the same way our ancestors did when they sensed White Supremacy getting too close for Black comfort.

Trump tried to cheat us all out of our rights to vote. Black people not only rose to the challenge, but we also taught White folks how to vote under duress. We persisted and we were successful. When it came down to controlling the Senate, Black folks understood the seriousness of the moment, and again, my people rose to the challenge. Black and Brown voters went to the polls which lead to Georgia electing the state’s first Black and Jewish Senators and Democrats barely gaining control of the Senate.

Black people make America a democracy. White people keep fucking it up.

Black folks saved America, just like we’ve always done. We put our heads down working diligently to clean up the messes White folks made over the past years. We knew Trump would be a problem. Black warned America about Donald J. Trump, and no one listened to us. Before Trump, Black people warned America about the Tea Party, the Republican Party, and birtherism. Black folks knew where this train was headed, but White people didn’t heed our warnings.

Now, look at us, tangled up in our underwear dealing with the impact of a White upper-middle-class insurrection.

An insurrection of upper-middle-class white people | Will Bunch
It was a couple of days after a violent insurrection aimed at stopping Joe Biden from becoming the 46th (or maybe 47th)…

White people have made one of the biggest messes ever by ignoring racism and supporting the faux-White grievances that led to the insurrection/coup. America has become a national and international embarrassment.

White people have made a mess of this nation, and they’ll be calling upon Black people just like they always do to clean their messes up. Not today, Satan. Not today.

We don’t have time to babysit America anymore. Our lives are in danger, and Black people are preparing for the Whitelash that comes with Black and Brown progress. We have a Black Vice-President, and that’s surely going to anger racists. We’re getting ready to experience Reconstruction Era violence.

This is the time for White allies to step-up and take over. Black people are tired, and this battle really isn’t ours to fight anymore. We’ve done our parts to piece-meal this shithole country back together. Fixing the beltway, racism, and fighting racist middle-class wanna-be hillbillies are battles for White folks to fight. Black folks are just victims, we shouldn’t be asked to keep saving our abusers.

For far too long, racism has been something allies could check into and out of at their leisure. They’ve treated racism as if only certain subsets of White people are the problem.

All White people are the problem, including allies.

White people have voted against our interests and their own. You’ve watched White people literally and figuratively destroy America. You’ve watched Black people save America. Your hope in the great White and over-confidence in White optimism also incited the insurrection. Racism was created and has been upheld by White people, so White people must end it. This part of the battle isn’t ours anymore, it belongs to you now, White people.

It’s above us now.

We’re tired, too busy trying to survive navigating weaponized Whiteness on all fronts. The insurrection is White folks' business. Fixing America is White folks’ problem. We don’t have the power to change White people. If Black folks did, America would be changed already.

The second impeachment trial of 45 is upon us, and we already know most of the jelly-backed White men and women in Congress on the GOP side are gonna vote to let Trump go. We are literally are getting ready to be a lawless nation and it’s all because of White people. Add to that the slowness of Biden purging all the old Trump folks from office, it’s just a disaster waiting to happen. Biden has been riding with a lot of his enemies for almost 3 weeks after an insurrection.

I’m never understanding how White people think, how White people move, or the racism at the root of it all. All I know is you can’t keep asking Black folks to clean White folks’ shit, and no one White or Black is going to continue guilting Black people into making America be something she doesn’t want to be.

White people love pretending they have no power when regardless of their political persuasion, they have all the power. Your White skin is your superpower.

Only White folks are allowed to have insurrections, and only White people can stop future insurrections. But they gotta deal with structural, institutional, and systematic racism. Everything wrong with America is rooted in racism. Period.

White folks can be a nation of law abiders, or ya’ll can be a lawless nation. Seems every chance they get, they choose the latter. We see it clearly now.

The whole world does.

Voting is not going to get White people out of this, and America is old enough for White people to know better by now. This is a behavior issue. This is a self-control issue. We can’t control White people. We’ve never been able to control them. They can’t even control themselves.

Confederate America is a failed state, and we can’t do anything about it. Do be coming at us with all that we nonsense. We ain’t did shit. We ain’t gotta do shit. We just gotta brace ourselves, our children, and other Black folks for what always comes when White folks feel like taking their racist nation back. More violence, more bad legislation, more punishment for being born Black.

We Black folks handled our business in November, and White folks told us everything would be better if we got Trump out of office. That’s what White optimism does to us. It hides the truth. White optimism forced onto Black folks puts shit off for another day. It gives non-White people hope when if they’d open their eyes they could see the truth for themselves. There is no reason on earth we Black folks should believe White people or White America will be better. Not with the systems and institutions still intact anyway.

Not as long as White people are allowed to remain in power with no regard for our lives and no punishment ever for harming us.

To me, the politicians, the police, the systems are predominantly White people, regardless of their political party affiliation. I say White because I see White. There is no need for me to be help folks who work to consistently undermine me. There is no need for us to remain optimistic. Optimism is a trap.

Black people are always more optimistic about America than White folks are, especially poor Black people. Having been poor and because I am Black, I totally understand why. We don’t understand the system, not until we get much older anyway, and even then there is so much about America poor Black people just don’t know. We often cling to our faith (hope).

Many of us have been conditioned over the centuries to put our trust in a white God, tolerate wrongdoing and oppression, as we wait for our heavenly reward, or maybe we’re just waiting on the Lord will punish our oppressors. It’s the waiting for me (smh). We worship their God, and they worship their beloved racism. Public schools pump the fantasy of the American dream into us as kids too. Our parents reinforce it at home. They just wanted the best for us like I want the best for us. We’re just looking for better. Most Black folks don’t have a clue things are never getting better.

Yeah, we might take two steps forward, but White folks drag us ten steps back. Progress is also an illusion. White folks tout our progress, they forget to count the setbacks caused by them.

Better isn’t stacked in the deck of cards for us as Black Americans.

We live in a White nation, made by racist White men, making racist White laws, systems, and rules to govern Black people. America ain’t ours to fix.

We can’t fix what we didn’t make.

We can’t fix what we didn’t break.

We can’t keep cleaning up after White folks trash the place.

We’re not your titty mammies (a thread).

Source: Twitter/@Tinu

We are no longer the caretakers of our slaveholder’s children. White people apparently haven’t gotten the memo. It’s where their constant calls for unity come from. It’s why they bully us into voting against our interests. It’s why we’re always in this together when it’s time to clean up the shit in the shittiest shithole country of them all.

This part of the business is White folks’ business now. These calls for unity, along with that “we” and “it’s on all of us” bullshit is nothing more than gaslighting to place the burden of fixing America our backs. It’s expecting us Black folks to be America’s titty mammies. We’re free ya’ll. Black people really are free.

We can’t keep allowing White people to saddle us with their trash. Making America right is White folks' business.

To my Black sisters and brothers, it’s time for us to kick our feet up and take our rest. Put your titties back in your shirts. America needs to be weened away from their Black help. We’ve done all we could do for these racist states of America. Take off your capes, housekeeping, and maintenance uniforms, take your rest and mind your business.

Marley K. 2021

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