Jesus (J) Ain’t (A) Got (G). A poem about the wrongness of of sinful righteousness. An poem about Jesus and religious justice.


J.A.G.- Jesus Ain’t Got

Jesus Ain’t Got

A poem about the wrongness of sinful righteousness.

Jesus Ain’t Got

Enough soap to wash away all of those sins. You keep doing the same things, over and over again.

That kind of bleach. The kind that whitens Black hearts, and dirty souls. Wearing white or washing your laundry in Clorox won’t get the wicked into his kingdom.

Time time to keep teaching his children how to treat his children.

Another instruction manual, because y’all won’t read the first one he left.

The energy to continue to shepherding an unruly flock.

Jesus ain’t got the heart, to tell his daddy to pull the plug on this now wretched old place called earth we destroyed. He’s keepin the light on for ya, but you can’t see it.

Jesus Ain’t Got

No love for those who engage in meaningless talk. You know who

No room in his heaven in his heaven for those who have done the least of these brothers and sister of his. That fire is hot. Drink plenty of water.

No room in his kingdom for more than one king — claiming they are our new kings, our messiahs, our saviors. He warned them fools, but they didn’t listen.

A new sun for this world’s darkness, or a new moon to give this world more light.

Time to babysit his spoiled brats following fake messiahs, ignorant men, and foolish man-children. He says he showed you who he was, and you rejected him.

He is out of patience, and some of us are running out of time.

Jesus ain’t got-to save us. He already told us how we can save ourselves.

Jesus ain’t got

No shoes for your soon to be burning feet

No shelter from your personal firestorm

No time for your fake apologies

No love for the heartlessness

No more patience

No refuge evil portraying the evil wary

No food for those who withheld our daily bread

No money for those who stole from his children

No arms to swaddle evil man-babies who starved, abused, and killed his babies

And no everlasting life those who walked the earth causing our deaths

He see’s the truth in their actions,

And the lies in their words

Doing a slow walk to an eternal hell

Tormenting us along the way

©2019 Marley K. All rights reserved.