Jim Crow Joe Has Shown Us Who He Really Is (Again)

Can We Finally Believe Him Now?

Jim Crow Joe Has Shown Us Who He Really Is (Again)

Can We Finally Believe Him Now?

Joe Biden hifiving Barack Obama, April 16, 2015. Source: Wikimedia Commons/Creator:David Lienemann

If you’re Black, you’ve likely heard all the buzz about the recording given to the Intercept of the Zoom meeting between messy President-Elect Biden, Harris and Civil Rights leaders from across the nation. Leaders were meeting to ask Biden when he’d begin resembling the man who promised November 5th, 2020 to uphold his promise to have our Black backs because we’ve always been there for him. Biden has been looking like the racist a lot of us have always known him to be.

To those who love hope and optimism, Biden’s new money shine is finally beginning to wearing off. Biden has shown us (again) he’s the same old White Supremacist he always was. His impatience and discontentment with Black leaders is clear (see the video below or in the link above). He’s proven too many times he doesn’t respect Black people, which is why he has no desire to do anything we Black folks want him to do for us.

Although Biden offered his lukewarm Black supporters a crappy, general Black plan, it wasn’t the plan we wanted. The plan to me was the equivalent of giving desperate, starving dogs naked, dry bones, and they were happy with having no meat for a little attention. Those folks would soon learn like the rest of us White (and a lot of Black and People of Color) politicians are all the same. They all work to uphold the institution of White Supremacy.

Biden is the equivalent or Trump light.

Biden’s Old Toothless “Lift Every Voice” Plan

Many African-Americans were excited to see Biden and Harris placed their Black sounding “Lift Every Voice” plan on their campaign website just for us. Most African-Americans didn’t take the time to read the generic plan to understand most of it would need to go through a racist Congress for approval and funding where the answer is always “No” for our needs and desires for our well-being. The plan wasn’t a plan, more of platitudes, hopes, and fishing expeditions.

Plans proposed were plans in which all Americans could benefit from. African-Americans would still be competition with people in the Black and Brown coalition, the coalition that’s really more of a competition. The “Lift Every Voice” Plan is a plan any man, woman, or child could benefit from, regardless of their race. How does that really improve inequality?

It doesn’t.

His Past Jim Crow Dabblings

Biden’s cabinet picks, White House Staff, and advisory roles look like he and Harris went on a diversity and inclusion hiring spree which was light on African-American people. Biden is making it clear he can’t or won’t allow Blacks to have a bigger role in his administration. Not surprising from a man who only recently admitted he made a mistake and went too far with his 1994 Crime Bill, which led to millions of Black men being labeled as predators and sentencing Black men and boys more harshly than Whites committing the same crimes. In true Jim Crow fashion, Biden only apologized for his racist sins when he figured he needed something from the people harmed most by his legislation, Black people. He does not differ from Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd, and some other racist Klansmen he’s served with in Congress. Biden needed our Black votes, and we rose to the occasion. We foolishly gave up what little power we had again in order to clean up another mess Black people did not make.

We also elected a known racist.

And while Biden has apologized, he’s done nothing tangible to make things right for the people harmed by his racist legislation that imposed penalties on poor Black people just trying to survive a drug war started in our communities by our own federal government.

Biden also has made racist stereotypical slip ups in the past, like when he said of then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama’s candidacy back in 2007, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” It’s the typical racist stereotypes Sharon Hurley Hall writes about all the time when working in professional settings.

Biden is no stranger to casual racism. I don’t know why some are just realizing this is who Jim Crow Joe Biden truly is, but it’s been a helluva week. He doesn’t like us. He just used us to get to the highest office in the land, and sadly a lot of us helped him get there. Now we gotta live with this old dude and his throwback 1960s mouth.

Liberal White Supremacy At Work

Biden’s current cabinet nominations are People of Color (POC) heavy, light on Black people. That’s the first telltale sign Jim Crow Joe was back. There are plenty of capable African-Americans already employed in every federal agency in the federal government who could be promoted to help Biden and Harris on day one, yet he hires former Obama folks, and people from states where they believe they’ll have a competitive advantage in 2022 and 2024. Biden’s picks look like one of those fraudulent diversity and inclusion hiring sprees White people go on to have that colored rainbow they love to brag on. If you’re Black and you have worked in corporate White America, you’ve seen this movie before.

They’ll do anything to keep from hiring a Black person.

There were a lot of Hispanics picked for key cabinet positions hailing from California, Senator Harris’ home state, and home of the most electoral college votes in the country. White Biden is playing chess with American minority chess pieces, and apparently his new chess game won’t be having many Black pawns, rooks, queens, kings and knights in it, and if it does, they’ll be captured early so he and Harris can get on with the business of upholding White Supremacy and working with those “other minorities” they feel more comfortable around. Biden, Harris, and the Democratic Party are planning on using Black folks to help keep them in power until the Hispanic vote can overtake the Black vote in 2040. Sadly, they don’t know their voting blocks well. Forsaking the Black vote is a death sentence for the Democratic Party, but if that’s the hill they want to die on, so be it.

They have more to lose than we do.

Biden and Harris Are Looking Towards Their Party’s Political Future

Biden and the Democratic Party understand most non-Black minority groups will work in tandem with them to uphold White Supremacy for more crumbs than they give to us. The Party has no desire to make Black people whole. They expect us to duke it out. May the most loyal assimilators win. The White delegation of the Democratic Party also knows large majorities of other ethnic and immigrant groups are anti-Black. Liberal Jim Crow is coming, and Black folks seem to not be willing or ready to accept the fact we truly have no value to the Democratic Party anymore. Biden’s abrasive video lays bare the intention of his next four years and the future intentions of the Democratic Party.

Once Blacks vote, it’s a wrap. We have no more power. The minorities that help America uphold liberal White Supremacy and engage in casual racism, the kind White folks like. They don’t have the history with America like we do. And just like America, minorities are ready to move and take our places instead of helping us get what we deserve, rather, what we’re owed.

Civil Rights Organizations Are Concerned

Some of the nation’s oldest Civil Rights leaders met on a Zoom call to discuss Biden’s lack of African-American cabinet nominations. They are concerned Biden isn’t doing enough for African-American communities and not providing central roles in his administration. I’m uncertain why they are concerned now, when they never asked Biden for anything tangible or different, and Biden didn’t offer us anything we wanted/needed. During this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, Biden let it be known he was a blue-collar, pro-police politician primarily for White people. Biden showed Black folks he was concerned more with the boys in blue than he was with the people living in Black skin being harassed and killed by them. He lived through the summer of protests and unrest like the rest of us, yet his only concern has been about not defunding police, because defunding the police means White people will lose their good blue-collar jobs, and heaven’s forbid White people lose anything.

Biden let us know who he was early and often, and per usual, Black folks didn’t believe him. So Biden’s rollout of his two Black nominees so late in the game last week was a red flag for Civil Rights activists and African-Americans seeking to have sufficient representation with power in Biden’s new Administration.

Biden’s has nominated only two African Americans, one being Congressional Representative Marcia Fudge, who wanted to be over the Department of Agriculture where she could help Black farmers and rural Southern communities where Blacks are often left behind. Instead, Biden placed her over at HUD (one of the few trusted places nice Negroes and coloreds are relegated, token placements) choosing a white man with a controversial history in the agency already, and one had served in the role previously from Georgia. Of course, Dems need Georgia in order to take over the Senate.

Everything politicians do is for them and their little games, not us.

The other Black nominee is General Lloyd Austin (Retired), who has been nominated to serve as Secretary of Defense so they can sully his excellent reputation like they did Colin Powell’s. All other Blacks in the administration are biracial Black people or second generation descendants of immigrants, and they have been handsomely rewarded with positions as advisors on committees. The only African-American woman representing the United States at the United Nations is Linda-Thomas Greenfield. Ms. Greenfield won’t be helping African-Americans at all in her position abroad where most of her work will be done, nor will she be assisting us stateside where we Blackitty-Black Blacks who voted for Biden live.

Right now boys and girls, we African-Americans have nothing, and nothing is all we African-Americans have. We will go through another national election living with status quo White Supremacy from both Republicans and Democrats.

Jim Crow Joe 2.0 Unleashed

Biden unleashed his new and improved Jim Crow Joe image on Civil Rights leaders during a call setup to address their concern two days ago. During the call, Biden disrespected the leaders with swearing and a patronizing tone, interrupting the African-American women attempting to make points about certain aspects of his plan being inadequate for African-Americans, showed his disdain for the fact leaders had the audacity to question his promises and commitment to Black communities, and reaffirming he wasn’t really going to reform our police. His disdain for Black men was clear, a throwback from the Jim Crow Era for sure.

Biden spoke to leaders as if he was their slave master. It’s clear he’s accustomed to speaking to these folks this way, and it’s also clear civil rights leaders were accustomed to being disrespected and berated in such a way. Not one leader stopped him. They all sat quietly most of the meeting, making facial expressions trying to be respectful of the President of the Un-United States. At one point, Biden even said he had to go, and he didn’t have time to listen to their pleas much more. All awhile, his Black VP who was sitting next to said nothing.

Listen to the meeting in its entirety here:

Jim Crow Joe was his old self in the call. There was no stuttering, no forgetfulness, and no hesitation. Biden was apparently in his familiar racist element. He won his seat, and he is giving Black people all the middle-fingers he can find. I can’t say I’m surprised, because he is who he always was. Most African-American folks just didn’t want to believe him. Those who excited for the Biden-Harris ticket were so enamored with the first Black, biracial Vice-President they let the guards down. They also don’t know their Whites. White people never choose pro-Black people as their sidekicks in politics, because Whites can’t stand to not be centered, and heavens forbid if someone else gets something. Jim Crow Joe knew picking Harris was his best bet to get elected, and it worked.

There were so many better, less racist candidates in the field, but the Democratic Party chose these two, a racist White man, and a Person of Color masquerading as Black. The Democratic Party didn’t choose Biden and Harris for our benefit. They chose them for themselves and the party’s future. America is kicking the can down the road to continue avoiding repairing what has done to Black people. At some point, we Black folks gotta wake up and see the light.

The Party does not care about Black people. We are nothing but a vote to them.

Dems knew they needed Black folks to win, because White folks have gone full klan on America, and they ain’t coming back. They haven’t helped Dems to win a national election since the 60s. In order to get reliable Black voters to be enthusiastic about voting in 2020 to save this shithole country, the Party put forth a Black woman and Obama’s former trusty White man sidekick to get the win. Neither one of them are progressive. In fact, Harris noted in an interview she couldn’t do anything just for African-America/Black people (i.e. reparations) and even floated mental health care as reparation for us. If that ain’t about a White woman solution, nothing is. And while she later changed her response to creating a commission for reparations, the damage was done. She showed us her hand and revealed who she was.

Stand flat-footed in your Blackness or just tell us only White lives matter. We don’t have time for bullshit anymore.

Harris told us who she was long ago too, which is why she can sit next to Jim Crow Joe in a Zoom meeting and be silent as he hollers at Black folks like they are his slaves. Both people have revealed their anti-Blackness, but they used a lot of Black folks to get what their power. Now they can go back to being their anti-Black, pro-White selves again. This video says so much about the character of both Biden and Harris. It was already going to be hard to trust either of them before the meeting leak. Now, it’s damned near impossible. Clearly someone didn’t trust Biden and Harris, which was why the video was recorded and leaked to begin with. I’m glad, because now none of us can claim ignorance. If you don’t know it’s because you don’t want to know.

Obama was a White man’s president, and his former Vice-President Biden will be the White man Obama wanted to be, but couldn’t.

Jim Crow Joe has shown us who he is. Can we finally believe him?

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