Jussie Smollet’s False Allegations Have Put Black People, Black Gay Men At Risk

He lied

Jussie Smollet’s False Allegations Have Put Black People, Black Gay Men At Risk

Most people wanted to give Jussie Smollet the benefit of the doubt when the allegations originally came out over social media about him being jumped by racist White men. The moment my partner read and told me about it, I knew there was a dead cat on the line. The story was wack, it didn’t make sense to me.

And while there is no textbook method on how victims should act after a crime or violation, Jussie’s story stunk. There were cameras at the Subway he was at in the middle of the night in a big city like Chicago, and no proof he was there. Smollett didn’t call the cops immediately even he’s a celebrity. Like why wouldn’t he, where were his people? Even if he was alone, why didn’t he get help at the restaurant or run back? Why did he go home and wait before making a report? Not to add Smollett’s story kept changing.

There was a dead, stinking cat on the line.

I was very tight-lipped with my responses on Jussie’s allegation because Black folks were automatically assuming anyone opposing the story as phony were being homophobic even though I’m in a same-sex relationship. Black people wanted this case to not be taken seriously because it had the potential to shine a light on hating, racist ass #MAGA hat wears, White supremacist and LGBTQ hate crimes. God knows we needed him to be a real victim. Gay Black men, trans men, and Black people, in general, are really out here dying in American streets, churches, and grocery stores at the hands of racists and homophobes.

Surely Jussie Smollett wasn’t conjuring up a story using real-life plots to garner unwarranted attention for himself. He’s an accomplished actor and singer, why on earth would Jussie do this if this is true?

Black people needed these allegations to be true because if they were unfounded or a flat out lie, Jussie’s story would give Fox News, White Supremacists, the President and homophobes ammunition to discredit any and all allegations made by Black people from now on. Our credibility is always on the line — Jussie should know this. This was not the time to be playing games.

Celebrities and politicians were sending well-wishes while denouncing racism and assaults on the Black LGBTQ community. Lee Daniels, the creator of hit series Empire went online to show support for Smollett. White allies also gave their unwavering supports.

Even President Trump sent his condolences in a rare show of decency. It all made me a little uneasy. I felt in my spirit this case would set us back. And it did.

The truth was revealed.

Last week the Chicago police detained two Nigerian brothers, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, after landing in Chicago on a flight from Nigeria. The brothers were initially identified as potential suspects, but on the same night of their arrest, they were released without being charged. Investigators announce they are no longer considered suspects but do not say why. Additionally, the police said “One of these purported suspects was Jussie’s personal trainer who he hired to ready him physically for a music video. It is impossible to believe that this person could have played a role in the crime against Jussie or would falsely claim Jussie’s complicity.”

Smollett lied. He has done a lot of harm to the credibility of Blacks, the gay community, Black men, and Black people who are being victimized by White Supremacist alleging hate crimes. Not only that, he has likely aided in eroding trust by police. It was already difficult to get the police to take LGBTQ assault allegations seriously and to investigate the murders of Black trans people killed around the country.

He also gave real MAGA racist a new out — and that’s the most egregious thing about all of this.

Smollett’s allegation simply put makes thing worse for vulnerable populations — hell for all of us really, and he didn’t give one fuck about any of it. All Jussie cared about was his career, so much so, he paid someone to beat his ass so he could garner sympathy with hopes of being retained on his hit television show Empire.

I’m pretty sure that possibility has gone up in smoke. He’s made an ass out of himself and all the people who supported him.

Smollett’s selfishly lied about being harmed by White Supremacist, and he deserves whatever punishment he receives for wasting valuable police resources, sending fake poisonous letters to himself, and lying to his fans, the police, the media, LGBTQ allies, Black people, or anyone of any color for that matter who believed in him.

If Black lives truly mattered to Jussie, he wouldn’t put them at risk by lying which could result in many of us not being believed — and making it more difficult to protect ourselves. Jussie owes Black men, the Black LGBTQ community, and Black people dealing with racism every day an apology for endangering our lives. Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t wait to pounce on the “fake news.” We didn’t need this smoke!

It’s time for Jussie to stop with the bull and allow us to deal with the fallout from his bullshit so that we can go on trying to survive racism and real homophobia in the age of Trump. The sooner the better in my opinion.

Jussie’s story is another reminder to not believe everything that is shared over social media. In an era where being first is more important than being right or receiving justice, it’s extremely important to wait for more facts. It’s also a friendly reminder that we all have the right to not believe any allegations made by someone. Take some time, wait a minute — or a few days.

Sometimes, some of us have the gift of seeing right through gab. Instead of shunning us and getting tangled up in your underwear because you believe we are being anti-Black — how about believing us! I got roasted by Black people for my views, but I stood my ground knowing the truth would eventually be revealed. The damage done by Smollett has done to communities of people of color is irreparable. Jussie didn’t need any justice.

Just because someone makes an allegation, especially a criminal allegation it doesn’t make it true. We all need to take a step back and understand people are human, and people lie too. I can decide to not believe anyone I want to if I believe their story has holes or if I believe they have motives for making allegations. I think we need to respect the stance. All people shouldn’t be believed blindly. We need to use our common sense. Listen to the allegations. Read for ourselves. Take our emotions and our own baggage out of the matter. Doing so would make things much clearer.

Some Black people lie to other Black people. We shouldn’t ignore it or excuse it. Jussie Smollett clearly needs treatment for mental health issues, but he also needs to man up and take responsibility for his lies. He won’t be getting another moment of my sympathy or time.

Jussie Smollett is fake news.