Looking Forward In 2020

New topics, new focuses, same passion.

Looking Forward In 2020
Source: Photo by Denise Karis on Unsplash

These last few years have been a roller coaster for many of us. Some of us woke up to the realization they live in a racist nation, as seriously racist nation. For Black and Brown people, we’ve been navigating the cards dealt to us. Overt anti-Blackness globally is higher than it’s been in a very longtime. We’re hoping for the best, bracing ourselves for worst America has to offer us.

For others of us, the inequality we see here in America and around the globe can no longer be ignored. We aren’t paid our worth. The rich are getting richer and the poor and middle class continue to vote for leaders and support policies that put us out of work, depletes our communities, and starves us to death. We are in the final throws of a New World Order, and if we don’t take a stand now, we may lose the world for no good reason except our own stupidity and ignorance.

As ugly as it is now, it can always get worse, and it will.

As we fight forward in 2020, I’ll be focusing my writings more on parenting, equality, social equity, broken systems, Black Issues, and navigating racism. I’ll provide a little insight as to why each topic is important.

Parenting & Children

I’ve decided to focus more on parenting because there are a lot of people who clearly have delegated child rearing to the children. Too many children are taking care of themselves and their mentally ill parents, suffering in silence. The suicide of Bryce Gowdy last week shook me to my core and reminded me of the hidden traumas of living life with a mentally-ill, unstable parent and how some children aren’t able to cope with being their parent’s parent. I haven’t been able to sleep. I feel like he was my son.

Bryce committed suicide by throwing himself in front of an oncoming train. He had a full ride football scholarship to play football for Georgia Tech, but he felt he couldn’t leave his siblings and mom behind. Where was his safety net? Why didn’t we help him? Here’s is another other young boy forced to be a man long before his time. Another young Black life lost because we as a society failed to put systems and supports in place to care for and stabilize families living with mentally ill family members.

Bryce felt he couldn’t live another year in his situation. I feel I personally failed him. Too many times those of us who have suffered at the hands of mentally ill parents cower because it’s not socially acceptable for victims of the verbal, physical, emotional abuse and neglect to share how they suffer. No more. I’m going to speak for those who don’t have a voice, choosing to tell stories about the horrors of normal children like me living with mental illness. Even the strongest child can’t stand strong very long living with that type of neglect and abuse, regardless of whether it’s intentional or not.

Too many times we miss the signs of children struggling at home, and too many parents use their mental-illness as crutches, failing to take responsibility for their harmful behavior and actions. If children are our future, we need to examine who we are our children toxic. Toxic children become toxic adults. I want to talk about it more.


Inequality is the root of all America’s evils. Equality is the only thing that can wash those sins away. I’ll be writing more on my thoughts about how to make America more fair as I continue to highlight systems and actions which serve as obstacles to achieving equality. We cannot move forward until we address inequality nationally and globally. Too many systems created in America are made to cheat us all of different things, at different times, and for different reasons. You need to know how inequality thrives in order to dismantle these systems, institutions, and structures. Knowing what we are up against is half the battle.

Social Equity

In 2020, I am plan to write with more of a focus on the ideals of justice and fairness, especially after all the cheating that led to Trump winning in 2016. After the emails and GOP gerrymandering strategies of Thomas Hofeller, a prominent Republican redistricting strategist were released, there needs to be a serious discussion regarding how race plays a role in politics as well as how certain groups cheat to remain in power. These tactics maintain inequity and explains why Whites maintain unfair political majorities in states. Those majorities won by fraud and deceit have led to Whites maintaining power and unfair advantages for centuries. The cat is out of the bag now thanks to Hofeller’s daughter, so we need to must discuss it.

Social equity must be examined to help those interested in solving inequity aware of the unfair advantages Whites have had nationally for centuries and how they maintain them. You cannot fix things you don’t know about.

Broken Systems

In order for America to address system and historic inequity, every system (and I mean EVERY system) must be examined, deconstructed and overhauled. Every system in America includes people who believe inequity either consciously or subconsciously or was created with inequity as a central focus so that no matter how hard we try. Broken systems don’t have to stay broken. We are not helpless, and many people have the power to do something about them, they simply don’t. Broken systems impact all of us, not just disenfranchised groups. I want to examine them so that those of us with voices and power can work together to fix them. It’s not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue, it’s a matter of humanity.

Black Community Issues

In case you’re new following me, I’m still Black. I have Black kids, a Black pappy, lots of Black friends, and Black communities have lots issues. I want to not just talk about what’s wrong with our communities, but I also want to provide tips which may aid in solve or at least alleviate some of our problems. I like connecting the dots so to speak. There are some things wrong with the Black community that are systemic and entrenched in our nationally history, but there are plenty of other things we have done to ourselves. We can and should fix them on our own. I believe there is a natural order of things, and we are seriously out of order. Let’s start getting our house in order in 2020.

I have come to the conclusion we Blacks did not create racism nor any of the problems associated with/stemming from racism and White Supremacy, therefore, it is not our jobs to solve them. We also don’t benefit from racism, so the beneficiaries with the unfair advantage over us need to address it.

Racism and White Supremacy are things all White people need to work on who desire a more peaceful, harmonious, healthy nation. I’m not going to spend any more energy telling White people how to fix themselves because: (1) they rarely listen; (2) not enough are interested in changing; (3) they often have unteachable spirits (they know everything already); (4) no matter what we say, Whites recenter any and every topic back onto themselves; (5) there are plenty of great White allies (like Jane Elliott and Tim Wise) doing fantastic anti-racism work and who would likely be far more influential than I could ever be; and (6) frankly, it’s depressing.

I’ve decided to tell more stories about how racism literally impacts our upward mobility and how it diminishes our physical and mental health. Whites live longer because their racism helps them live longer. Racism kills everything it touches. Whites live longer by mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially siphoning life from us, so we cannot spend time helping them kill us when conscious and subconscious racists won’t help themselves. As a Black woman, I have the power to tell our stories from our perspectives and share my individual experiences about being Black in America. All I can do to fight racism at this point is wait on White people to do the work of changing themselves.

I must admit though, my patience is razor thin. Most of us are coming to the same realizations about America our grandparents were already quite familiar with.

Black Americans must learn how to survive this vicious cycle of undying racism in America. While I understand there are a number of groups who endure racism in America, there is not a rush to come aid in anti-Blackness specifically directed towards Black Americans which many People of Color can opt out of when it suits them. We Black people need safe spaces to discuss our experiences and talk about our suffering. For many Black men and women, we need to have our experiences to be validated, and some of us need to loved back to life.

Navigating racism and anti-Blackness in America is layered, complex, and evolving. We must talk about them. Navigating racism is a matter of life and death for us.

Moving Forward

In order to move forward, we must have these conversation. This year is going to be a wild one. I’m sure the media will have much of the nonsense and outrageous hot takes covered. Let’s continue to discuss topics the media doesn’t cover. These are the topics that will bring about change and lead to equality. The media wants to keep us distracted and bound to ignorance. Their wealth depends on it. Let’s change that.

I’m looking forward in 2020!

Marley K.