Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Ted Cruz

Drag Poetry and Commentary

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Ted Cruz

Drag Poetry and Commentary

US Senator Ted Cruz official portrait, 2019. Source: U.S. Senate Photographic Studio

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be rich and selfish like Ted Cruz.

The kind of man

that will lead you


a snowstorm,

then take off

with his wife and kids

for expensive, sunny


in another country

inviting rich friends

leaving you


to freeze

and starve to death

Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be a jelly backed Ted Cruz

The kind of dude that

will lie

on the kids

throws his wife

under buses

to avoid

taking responsibility

for not leading

his stupid followers

to safety

in their time

of trouble

Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be weak like Ted Cruz

The kind of man that

is weak


other men


lets them call

his wife ugly

does nothing

makes nice

turns his enemies

into frenemies

instead of


his wife’s honor

Mamas don’t let your babies group up to be leaders like Ted Cruz

The kind of rich Ivy League man

that’s self-serving

wildly unnerving

never learning

he took

an oath

now we loathe

takes our money

it’s so sad honey

takes us for granted

leaves you stranded

takes flights

with all his rich White man rights


skips fights

takes advantage

he’s a treasonous savage

takes dips

to take trips

watch him skip

out on


the kind of


most mamas want

their babies to become

Senator Ted Cruz Is An Awful Man

To me, there is nothing worse than a wimpy, lying man regardless of his socioeconomic status, which is why I’ve always hated Senator Ted Cruz. From his whining, nasally voice, to his polished, Ivy League school lying and his thinly veiled racism, he’s the kind of man I knew would be no good for anyone but himself.

He has no business leading ducks to a pond, let alone people in a failing state and nation.

Not only is Cruz racist, he’s a pathological liar and a jelly back. He’s the kind of man I guess rich women with low self-esteem can tolerate. I’d never be with a man who would allow another man to call me ugly on national television. I’d leave a man who would be willing to sacrifice my kids because he exercised poor judgement. A man unable to run his household shouldn’t be running a country.

That motherfucker certainly wouldn’t be able to come home and get in my bed every night after not defending me and throwing our kids under the bus. If loving a man like Cruz is right, I wanna be wrong.

Any man who won’t stand up for his wife and throw his young children under the bus will leave your grown ass out to starve to death, will allow you to freeze to death and laugh all the way to the bank. Cruz has proven to be the man I knew he was the first time I ever watched him speak.

Folks need to have better discernment about the types of men they rely on to lead them. Be better voters. Be better judges of character, and if you thought he was good and a man with integrity, perhaps you don’t know what a good man is. Stop voting straight party line. Fuck these political parties. All these people are for themselves, they don’t have our best interests in their hearts and minds. They are gold diggers and stupid America voters are their gold mines.

Please learn to pick men with integrity instead of spineless, jelly backed Ivy League freeloaders like Ted Cruz and my dumb Ivy League polished asshole governor Ron DeSantis. Stop listening to professional liars. When officials show you who they are, vote them out of office. White voters need to really evaluate themselves and their own character if they believe anyone in the Republican Party truly has their best interests in mind when holding office.

The GOP has shown us time and time again they will let this motherfucker burn to the ground, they will hang a sitting Vice-President, they will kill women, and elect/follow anyone espousing hate as long as the can profit from it or hold onto White power.

America is a failing state because voters vote for elitist polished liars, grifters, sociopaths, narcissists, and after Trump, psychopaths, to lead them nowhere slow. White men have always told White people White lies to preserve their White grifts, and America is worse off for it. We are saving ourselves right now. Our governments don’t even have the power to save us at the moment. They are literally useless, but they still get their six-figure incomes monthly, without ceasing.

No politician has missed a meal or a check since this pandemic began, but millions of us have.

We’re literally pay taxes to not be served. We help the entire world, and no one helps us. That’s what you get when you pretend you have all your shit together and you don’t. Eventually, the lie is revealed.

America has been undressed and the world sees we’re not right.

The ditches White folks have dug for Black and Brown folks for centuries is finally swallowing them all up whole. Most White folks it seems would rather us all suffer than to see us all succeed.

White folks would rather not have as long as we don’t have too. What an evil, stupid thing to think or feel. What a horrible type of human being to be. There is something inherently wrong with White people.

Voting for weak men like Cruz is cute until times you’re one year into a pandemic and you’re dealing with Mother Nature, the woman who has a bone to pick with us for fucking up her home. Folks in Texas I’m sure are rethinking their life choices right now after days in the cold, with food shortages, and no support from their elected officials.

Red states are failed states. It’s all good until the wind blows, then all the dirt blows from under their rugs. Conservatism is a hold over from slavery that needs to die. White folks have colonized mindsets as Jordan McGowan noted so eloquently in his piece, and that colonized thinking ruined the world. Colonizing has finally come home to roost. One of the best lines from Josh’s piece:

“How can we as people proclaim to love freedom yet support any country or politician who seeks to steal away the sovereignty of another human being?”
~ Josh McGowan

White people voting for leaders who want to infringe upon the freedoms of Black folks are playing themselves. I might lose now, but they’ll surely lose later. You stupid White folks voting for Republican men like Trump and Cruz are nothing more than their grifts, a booty call, their Ponzi schemes, and their wretched sidepieces.

Aren’t ya’ll tired of being played.

Aren’t ya’ll tired of zero-sum.

Do you guys really think you’re winning?

You’re not.

I don’t see you as strong. I see you as weak idiots, like most sane folks suffering from your oppression. It’s hard to see White people as allies when they select such White idiots to lead us. Even when we try to warn you, you all don’t listen.

Hard heads make soft, cold asses. In the case of many Texans who supported Cruz and their sick Republican machine, good folks are dying and have died. They didn’t deserve that. No one deserves that. Those deaths of our fellow Texans are on the hands of everyone who ever voted for Cruz and others in the racist party of cronies. Voting for our suffering got us here.

You don’t get to vote for men like Trump and Cruz then try absolve yourselves from the crimes of inhumanity White people. Years of voting for weak, grifting White men got us here, and nothing but a radical direction change will get us out of this.

White folks must change their mindsets and Black folks must prepare themselves for the worst America and Mother Nature has to offer the world until they do. It’s not going to get any better. If Texas is catching hell now, you can bet some part of Florida or your state will be catching hell this coming Summer. That’s just how Mother Nature gets down.

Your friends, children, parents, and even your animals are in danger because White folks choose hate over love for their politics. It’s going to cost us all, dearly. You ain’t seen the worst America has to offer us yet my friends.

Get ready, and stay ready. I can’t stress this enough, be ready.

Failed states don’t take care of the people. Failed states take care of the politicians. Failed states take from the poor to feed the rich. America is that shithole country we’ve accused African nations of being and most White people don’t recognize it. We don’t have competent, fearless people in place because White people prevent them from being in those spaces. This must change.

Men like Ted Cruz don’t add value to us as a nation or us as people. They take away from us. They devalue everything we are to ensure they sustain themselves. They are parasites. We are their hosts. I’m tired of hosting shitty guests.

Racist White folks and Brown folks who love to follow racists better learn how to make better choices in selecting your leaders. They won’t save you just like they won’t save me. In times of crisis, your White skin nor your vote will matter to Republicans. It’s going to be all men and women for themselves.

Today it’s Texas, but it’s been Puerto Rico, Florida, California, Louisiana, New Jersey, and on and on. America is a failing state. We have leaders that cannot and will not lead. They didn’t just fall out of the sky, they were voted into office by White and Brown people in Texas in love with scammers.

Well congratulations Texas. You played yourselves. Big time. Mamas who raise boys to become slimes like Ted Cruz are women without souls. White people and Brown people passing as White need to be raising global citizens who can lead if that’s their gifting. Stop making mediocre, scary pansies our leaders. They can’t do it. These jelly backs fold every time they get the opportunity to do the right thing.

We’re starving and I’m hungry. It’s time we started eating our rich in America. What time is dinner and who will be first on the menu?

I nominate Ted Cruz and his ilk.

Marley K. 2021

Also, give please give Coach Josh a follow. Read his work. He’s a phenomenal Pro-Black writer, critical thinker, and freedom fighter. His dad was a part of the original Black Lives Matter Movement called the Black Panther Party, and was actually recruited by Huey Newton. I enjoy his work, but Medium makes it hard as hell to find.

I wonder why…

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