Many Say They Are Patriots

But I can’t tell. An essay about patriotism, questioning the words, actions, and beliefs of American patriots.

Many Say They Are Patriots

They Say They Are Patriots

Photo by Edgar Colomba from Pexels

They Say They Are Patriots

Many say they love America. Many say they love this country. They would have you believe they live for this country. Many say they’ll die for this country, but their actions don’t line up with their words.

Many will say to us they are patriots. You know, those patriotic people vigorously supporting America and are supposedly prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. But it seems these patriots have double standards, kind of like religious folks when they want you to listen to what they say, just don’t watch what they do. Their actions and their words conflict. They won’t fight when called to defend, nor to they raise their children to fight for it either.

The patriotism of many so-called patriots means it’s someone else’s job to manually fight and defend America (i.e. wars, drafts). Are patriots draft dodgers? Do patriots skirt war for Wall Street? Do patriots pay doctors to avoid taking up arms? Apparently true patriotism is for peons, the poor, fearless people, brave people the little people, stupid people. Is there such a thing as a smart patriot?

Many say they are patriots, but they have levels to law. As long as their team members are break laws in this great nation, it’s okay. Laws sometimes are for other people, not for the “patriots.”

That ole patriotism is conditional.

Many say they are patriots, but some of them act as though they don’t understand the definition of an enemy. Enemies are things (or people) that weakens things. Enemies are hostile to our armed forces or citizens. Sometimes enemies are people who actively oppose or are hostile. Some of our patriots wear two faces. With their mouths they speak patriotism, but with their actions those same patriots act like they are hostile enemies not only to America citizens but also to the America they claim they love.

That ole two-faced patriotism is adversarial.

Many say they are patriots, but they don’t love America more than they love their party, their profits, their wealth, their political parties, their cliques, their financial interests, their community, their school… their, their, their. Those patriots quickly shift from America a land that belongs to us all of us, to a less patriotic, possessive viewpoint entailing words like me, mines, ours, and we with equality, equity, sharing, fairness, and social responsibility.

Many say they are patriots, but patriots get to determine who are patriots, define what patriotism is, which acts qualify as patriotic, and which races and ethnic groups are allowed to get under the patriotic umbrella.

America’s metric for patriotism is looking and sounding like fascism, and many of her patriots are looking and sounding like fascists. I can no, longer tell the difference between patriots and traitors. Many patriots today are law skirters, law benders, Constitutional ear hustlers, racists, family crushers, selfish, political pirates, story tellers, greedy, rights takers, lawbreakers, and mind bogglers.

That ole patriotism is really White, scary, and divisive.

We now have patriotic fascist thieves pledging lies to a rag in the Un-United States of America. Standing in this fake republic, as it crumbles, lots of tiny nations, lying on their god, divisible, where all people don’t have liberty, and there never has been and never will be justice for all — because many self-professed patriots have turned into fascists.

Fascists believe deeply in political movements and philosophies more than they do their country. They defend their party and their beliefs instead of defending their country from enemies within and outside. They have blurred the patriotic lines.

They say they are patriots, but I can’t tell.

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