Media, Call Them By Their Names

They are White Nationalists, White Supremacists, gang members and thugs. This is a topic the media can’t afford to under report. Calling on the media and White allies to label violent, racist White men and their criminally insane behaviors appropriately.

Media, Call Them By Their Names

Call Them By Their Names

Alt-right members preparing to enter Emancipation Park holding Nazi, Confederate, and Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flags. Source: Anthony Crider/Flickr

By Marley K.

I’m calling on America’s mainstream media to speak out about our White domestic terror problem the same way you talk about Palestinians, Venezuelans, Boko Haram, terror cells, ISIS, ISIL, Donald Trump, 9/11 and the Saudi’s crashing the planes into the twin towers. It’s way past time for America to talk about its White terrorism problem like they would any other people or groups deem bad.

Call these White men by their names. They are White nationalists, domestic terrorists, White Supremacists, separatists, segregationists, and fascists.

They are not good people on either side; they are bad. These killers are bad for the earth, bad for equality, and bad for humanity. Their pale White faces and their khaki pants should no longer be able to hide their sins. Stop disguising their evil, stop avoiding talking about them. Our media’s lax attitude encourages inaction. Supports indifference and keeps White America oblivious.

Call Them What They Are

Man wearing an Adolph Hitler / Nazi T-shirt prepare to enter Emancipation Park. Source: Anthony Crider/Flickr

The Proud Boys, the Alt-Right, The Tea Party, Unite the Right, Fox News, Laura Ingram, Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly, the Aryan Nation, Rush Limbaugh, Jeannie Pirro, Neo-Conservatives, Neo-Fascist, White Nationalists, the Klu Klux Klan, and White Supremacists — call these evil White bullies what they are. It’s time for the White run liberal mainstream media to call them what they are.

They are trouble, evil stokers of fire, stirrers of shit, bigots, haters of Black and Brown men, criminally insane, and the originators of hate. They are segregationists, racists, bigots, dangerous, and radical. Call them what they are.

The world is watching you. Your bias, incompetence and racism is showing. No longer are you the world police. You’re complicit. White silence is supporting White Supremacy and White Nationalism.

Source: Creative Commons/Steven Depolo

Every day the liberal White and White passing media pundits do not shine a bright spotlight on these White Supremacists and White Nationalists, calling them by their names, they put Black and Brown lives in danger. The White liberal mainstream media doesn’t care because White people aren’t being stalked. We already know conservative media doesn’t give a crap!

If pretty little White girls were being hunted be these incels, they’d care. If their sons were being killed by these immature video game playing sociopaths, they’d call it a national crisis. If White women were being killed while grocery shopping for their families enough — it would be all over the news. If White people were being detained at borders, raped, and beaten, the liberal media would plead to the world for help. The media would never allow us to forget. If Saudi residents were killing White people riding on the Amtrak or Metro, there would be national alerts causing fear and over the top coverage.

But because the people being hunted, the most are Muslim, Black, and Latinx, our White run mainstream media turns their heads leaving these groups to fend for themselves. There is a White revolution happening, and our White media isn’t televising it. But the world is watching you White people, and your allyship is up for evaluation. The rest of the sane world is having a conversation about how good and decent America used to be, and how complicit and backward our media is. White Silence is consent to state violence.

People of Color are living under duress every, single, day…and White silence says to us you don’t give a shit!

I care about children at the border, I care about global warming, I care about climate change, I care about rising waters, I like dogs (but not more than people), I care about everything that has life and has the ability to give life. To me, humanity is more important than anything on earth. We need each other.

The least populated, poorest states rely on the wealthiest, most populated states to take care of the smaller states’ poor, fund their hospitals, provide public school funding to their schools and colleges, provide funds for dams, bridges, and roads, etc., fund foster care for kids not aborted, and to provide food stamps, disability, social security, Medicaid and Medicare to those who need social safety nets. My tax dollars don’t go to Black people. They go to the government and they allocate my money where they see fit. We take care of each other, and I’m thankful for the infrastructures in place that allows us to do so.

But there are some things money can’t buy. Like human decency. A moral compass, or allies who help you stand up to bullies.

Where are our White allies (and those passing as White) who are speaking out boldly against White Nationalism and why aren’t they holding the press accountable? The bias is evident. Lives are on the line. Blood will be on your hands if you remain silent. No one can stop these evil men and women except you allies.

Allies, open your mouths. Write to major liberal media companies and tell them they are complicit in the death of Americans. This is the time to use the trusty old “All Lives Matter” mantra. Write White run social media companies and demand they do a better job or reducing the White hate they export around the globe (especially Google/YouTube) and warn the public about the rise of White terrorism around the globe.

It’s time for the media to call these evil White social outcast by their names. They are White nationalists, domestic terrorists, killers, White Supremacists, separatists, segregationists, and fascists.

Call them by their name. Call them until it becomes their names become a rallying cry for racial equality and equal justice under the eyes of the law.