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Are you committed to antiracism and making our racist shithole communities better? Show me.

Being antiracist means continually educating yourself on your own in the privacy of your own homes, at work, online, within your own families, basically everywhere. Being antiracism isn't some glorified title you use to show off in front of your friends. Antiracism is a lifestyle.

Being an antiracist means reducing your racist footprints and listening to the victims of racism instead of over relying on the feelings and excuses of perpetrators of racism. I'm a victim. Not a day goes by that I don't experience racism, so I talk about it. A lot. My talks are unvarnished, shared from the perspective of a Southern Black woman with a diverse professional, social, and personal background. While I don't claim to be an expert on everything, knowing what racism is and experiencing racism for over 40 years, I'd like to think I know what in the hell I'm talking about (lol).

I talk about racism because I want to make the world a better, safer, less hostile place for my sons and their children and their future children. I enjoy teaching my readers, connecting the racist dots between government, politics, individual and groups of people and communities.

If you enjoyed me on Medium, I'll still be giving readers the same hard-hitting, uncomfortable life-lessons I've learned over the decades. If you'd like to learn how to see racism, follow me and become a member of my new Marleyisms.

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I can't promise you my words will always feel good, but I can promise you that you'll be smarter when you're done reading my thoughts. I am practical. I provide readers with wisdom and insight they can apply to their lives if their hearts, minds, and eyes are open.

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As we all know, there is nothing in life for free. It takes money to live. It also takes money to learn. I don't ask for a lot. As Black people say all the time, everyone can earn a decent living talking about Black people except Black people. Not only do we experience racism, we're often expected to teach racists how to be better...for free. Meanwhile, White folks are out here making a killing from Black folks' suffering while upholding White Supremacy, helping to increase the wealth gap between Blacks and Whites, and taking up space victims should have.

Supporting me here on Marleyisms with a $5/month or $50/annual commitment allows me to be compensated for my antiracism education and efforts in a not-for-profit sort of way. I'm not trying to get rich, but I definitely don't want to be in the poor house and exploited for the work I do.

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