Bob Woodward and Donald Trump Are The Same Kind of Man

They are the kind of White men who will put their White legacies and money before a Black man’s trauma and pain.

Bob Woodward and Donald Trump Are The Same Kind of Man

They are the kind of White men who will put their White legacies and money before a Black man’s trauma and pain.

“Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists 2014 meet Bob Woodward” by Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Bob Woodward is no hero. Save your Hail Mary, and fold those capes up too. Bob Woodward is an opportunist, just like anyone else dealing with Donald Trump focused on protecting their legacies or pad their wallets.

There have been thousands of Black and Hispanic men, women, and children who have needlessly died because two White men played God with Black and Brown lives. One of the White men committed the actual crime of hiding the severity of the airborne respiratory illness to hide his crime’s and to aid in his reelection. The other White man withheld the fact the President was lying to all of us, allowing us to die needlessly for almost nine months now. We all knew President Orange Sherbet Bone Spurs was nobody’s hero, but I never expected Bob Woodward to sacrifice us, our physical safety, or our emotional and mental health for a fucking book deal. A gotcha moment, have the scoop and money was more important than Black lives. This is how casual liberal racism works, and I’m calling it out.

I loved myself some Bob Woodward. I respected and trusted him… until today. He’s in the graveyard with the rest of the White people who have shown us who they really are, and I believe them.

The White Factor

There is nothing more dangerous than two White power. Bob Woodward’s explosive revelations with accompanying audio proves just how dangerous and inconsiderate White men with power are. Donald Trump spoke to Bob Woodward in White-man speak, using code, subliminal messaging, and a huge dose of over-confidence only White men in the world posses. Trump knows White men, and he was clearly comfortable speaking to Bob Woodward on the record of things White men use to maintain power. Trump confessed to Woodward he’s lied to the American people about how the coronavirus is transmitted repeatedly, on purpose, hoping enough of us would listen to him and follow his instructions so we would die and he could win the 2020 Election decisively.

Bob Woodward, also well-versed in White-man speak and comfortable in his White privilege, received ample information about Trump’s shenanigans back in January — February 2020 that could have prevented millions of us from being infected with the virus and could have saved hundreds of thousands of us from dying. I’m so thankful I read my news, I watch international news, and I’m familiar with infectious diseases thanks to my background in HIV/AIDS.

Both Trump and Woodward had the power to prevent thousands of people from dying and chose not to. Woodward wanted to sell another fucking book, proving yet again Black lives don’t matter. How many books does Woodward really need to sell? He’s got plenty of cred under his belt already, millions of followers on social media, and he’s had the respect of the investigative journalism community everywhere since Watergate. He’s seasoned and at the top of his career and probably doesn’t need anymore money. So why did he put a book before Black and Brown lives? Trump didn’t tell the truth about how deadly the virus was because he’s a pathological liar and the truth ain’t in him. He also didn’t tell the truth because he’s a criminal and he’s trying his best to cheat his way to another win to avoid criminal charges and prison. But Woodward being less than forthcoming with his tea is disappointing. I’m sure a lot of White people will see the withholding of vital Covid-19 information as a minor blip to continue supporting a White man’s but there are a lot of Black people who are sitting around thinking the same way I am right now.

How many healthcare professionals could have been saved months ago with the information released for his book today? How many people would still have their jobs? How many of us could have gotten back to living our lives had Trump been forced to give us the right information to protect ourselves from Covid-19? We will never know because they took away our opportunities were taken away from us. Both Woodward and Trump decided without no consideration for Black and Brown people. God knows we didn’t need anymore burdens.

Trump knew wearing mask would save us, yet he told us we didn’t need them. He told us to wash our hands when he knew the virus was airborne and inhaled through our mouths and noses. Trump hoarded personal protection equipment (PPE), making it impossible for citizens to access what we needed to protect ourselves in the early phases of the virus. Trump and his administration allowed thousands of men, women, and children to remain ill in ICE detention centers, federal prisons, and local jails. People have died alone.The orange bastard forced millions of low and middle-income Americans to go back to work in order to “open up the economy” because he didn’t want to give us welfare, although he had no problem giving billions in welfare to corporations and farmers. Trump has allowed children and college students to return to school despite cries from medical professionals. Threats of cutting federal funding from state education departments and school districts forced many governors and superintendents to make the heartless decision to open schools, putting millions of our children at-risk. Trump would sacrifice our kids to save his own ass. We were the sacrificial lambs of White men on a mission to protect their legacies and I’m mad as hell about it.

Black people have been dealing with all-out racism since 2016. Add to that a pandemic, income loss, and we can’t see visit our families. For Black people, our families are our lifelines. For most Black people, family is all we have and Covid keeps us from being together. Trump and Woodward kept families apart. Trump and Woodward broken a lot of families up too.

Herman Cain died because his friend and fellow party mate lied about the severity of a deadly respiratory illness:

This Black Broward County, Florida Sheriff’s department employee died unnecessarily from Covid-19. A Black mother here in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida lost both of her children within a week of each other due to Covid-19. Her children were in their 20s.

Husband Speaks After BSO Employee Dies From COVID
Pamela Ford, 56, a Broward county probation officer, died less than a month after she was diagnosed with coronavirus…
Why is COVID-19 hitting Broward County's Black population so hard? One mother lost two children…
The new coronavirus shattered Monete Hicks' world in a way she couldn't imagine, killing two of her children before…

Black people all over this country with pre-existing health conditions otherwise fully capable of working daily died unnecessarily because Donald Trump lied and Bob Woodward knew about it. Both men failed to tell the public the truth. While I had zero expectations that Donald Trump or his corrupt Administration would tell the truth or do the right thing (we Black folks tried to tell ya’ll), I would have never expected Bob Woodward to sit on this information for months so he can be the smoking gun to bring orange sherbet down before the election.

A White Man’s Legacy Continues To Trump Black Trauma

Woodward cared more about his professional career and money than the aforementioned Black people. How many lives could he have saved? I know there are a lot of White people flattered that Woodward came out with his revelation right before the early ballots are mailed, but your way of thinking is a problem. White people thinking it’s okay to sacrifice us to save their White men is racist as Donald Trump is, and I’m livid that more of you have to be shown how wrong all this is. Black people are fucking dammed tired of being White people’s sacrificial lambs, and we’re tired of White men profiting from Black trauma.

I’m not buying Woodward’s book. In fact, I’m now questioning his integrity and ethics from days gone by. How many other people has Woodward sacrificed to get the scoop. To get a book deal. To protect his White legacy. To make more money to pass wealth onto his family. Woodward has blood on his hands, allowing Black and Brown people to die needlessly. His actions are just as egregious as Trump’s to me. This is why we Black people need reparations, and this needs to be the year we have that discussion. White people need to finally get this. White people benefit from our neglect, trauma, suffering,and in this case even our death. We should be compensated for the racism we’re forced to endure and the neglect by our local, state, and federal governments.

But we know reparations alone won’t make us whole.

Too many White people find sneaky, backdoor ways to benefit from racism. Bob Woodward is going to be my poster boy today. Bob Woodward proved that Black lives don’t matter. In fact, he showed White people their lives don’t matter either. But because they often have a different value system, they may see his actions as a means to an end.

Woodward put his book and his legacy before the lives of the American people. Both Woodward and Trump have reconfirmed what I know to be true. Most White men in America will always put their professional careers, legacies, and money before the lives of Black people, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Woodward even mentioned race in his conversations with the President, acknowledging America has a race problem. Trump said he has no responsibility to understand Black pain, underscoring the indifference and anti-Blackness of so many White and White passing people in America. We knew he didn’t care to hear it is a breath of fresh air. It’s not for us White people, it’s for you. We told you he hated Black people and you ignored us.

Like Woodward, too many White people have remained silent during this national nightmare, while Black and Brown people have suffered for no other reason except for the color of our skins. Our lives have been turned upside down. With Woodward’s revelations, I’m tired and physically undone. White people asking us to keep carrying them, waiting on them, and worrying about them better get a new back bone this week, because a lot of us have nothing left for you. We’re in survival mode. The race war is on the horizon, and we’re going to be the primary targets. Step up. Call out Woodward. Don’t buy his books. Question his motives. Call out White men who move like this. Take the torch and carry us to the finish line.

The Indefensible

I’m literally sickened by the trickles of news from Michael Cohen and Bob Woodward over the past few days. Both White men want to masquerade as saviors and patriots with their new books when in reality they are as evil and racist as Donald Trump. Their indifference to Black people, love of money and Whiteness are on full display. I’m not celebrating Woodward or Cohen as heroes. They both are fucking cowards, just like Trump.

Both men know the President very well. Cohen did his bidding and helped him cover his dirt for over a decade, for both men knew this man was a sociopath and had the potential to kill people, yet they saved their evidence so they could profit from it. Rich White men just can’t fall from grace for doing and work at a Publix grocery or drive a bus like regular folks rebuilding their lives. They gotta land on their feet like Black cats. Black people are supposed to always be a White man’s sacrificial lamb so that they can remain protected, rich, and in position for their next come up. White legacies and White dollars came before Covid-19.

How many Black and Brown people could they both have saved if they both shared what they knew and warned us, just us? That never occurred to them. Saving Black people never occurs to White people.

Men like Trump, Woodward, Cohen, Bill Bar, Ralph Northam and countless other racist and indifferent White men show why White men don’t deserve to lead anymore and why we Black folks need to be suspicious of any and all decisions made by White people on our behalf. Woodward’s omission and Trump’s lies are a perfect example of how casual racism, overt racism and/or apathy look side by side. White people in leadership positions appear to be incapable of putting anyone’s well-being in front of a White mans’.

If you’re wondering why Black people are angry and tired of dealing with White people, just look at Bob Woodward right now and the millions of White people ready to reelect a sociopathic serial killer. White people are still ready to elect their orange narcissist even if it means they too will be collateral damage. As long as we die, it’s okay. Stop saying America is better than this. We really aren’t better than this. This is us.

A White man’s legacy (and money) will always trump a Black man’s (or woman’s) health, well-being, pain and trauma. White people better own it, and Black people better never forget it.


Marley K in Quarantine 2020

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