No One Can Stop A Man Stop From Cheating Except Himself

So stop trying! Why do some men cheat? This publication delves into some reasons men are unfaithful, and provides thoughts regarding why women should lower their standards.

No One Can Stop A Man Stop From Cheating Except Himself

Breaking News!!!! Nothing you do can stop a man from cheating, so stop trying!

Please understand this, and don’t ever forget this message:

A man stays faithful because he wants to.

He stays faithful because he wants to.

He stays faithful because he wants to.

It doesn’t matter how pretty you are. He will still cheat. It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are. He’ll still cheat. It doesn’t matter how famous your ladies. He will still cheat. It doesn’t matter how many kids your pop out of your vagina for him. You can be Princess Diana, Beyonce, Melania Trump, Ivana Trump, Miranda Lambert, Hillary Clinton, Sandra Bullock, Elin Nordegre, Fergie, Jennifer Anniston, Maria Shriver, Demi Moore, Paul Patton (Robin Thicke’s former wife), Juanita Jordan (Michael Jordan’s former wife), Matt Lauer’s wife, Charlie Roses wife, and the list goes on. These beautiful women were cheated on. So no one woman immune from cheating. Nothing stopped these men from cheating. Nothing will stop your man from cheating either.

It doesn’t matter how good you are to him, or how good you think you are to him (and good is subjective ladies). Your man will still cheat. Marry him or shack up with him. You’re not safe either sister. He still can cheat on you. He can be sold out, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit and still cheat on you. You can be rich and beautiful. Your happily ever after may still cheat. He can be an upstanding leader in the community, in business, or in politics with all eyes on him 24/7, and he will still find time to get some stray ass.

Nothing stops a man from cheating but himself ladies. Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

Men stray for a variety of reasons. Some reasons men cheat have nothing to do with his woman. Some reasons men cheat have everything to do with women.

Some Reasons Most Men Cheat:

  1. Boring Sex: Ladies, saving yourself til marriage is a double-edged sword. You marry your high school sweetheart who has had a chance to experiment, because boys/guys have the luxury and privilege of doing so. Meanwhile, you’re home being the Puritan church girl waiting on your Boaz to come and save you. Well, the Boaz you were waiting on was out in the street getting his cock sucked, toes licked, ass plugged, screwing the good time girls who make great lays (but because of societies prudish disdain for women sowing their oats he couldn’t dare take her home), experimenting with his own sexuality, watching plenty of porn, and you get the picture. You’re inexperienced and he’s well let’s say….. “enriched” in real life sexual experiences. You fall in love with him. He can’t dare tell you he’s been out there in the world, so he keeps you holy until you say I do and you’re on your honeymoon. You screw and it’s great because you “saved” yourself for him. But later on, he gets bored. Your sex game isn’t up to par. He needs more, and you don’t know how to give it because you were not taught the part of Psalms of Solomon on how the woman pleased her King. He remembers how good the “bad girl sex” used to be. He longs for it. You haven’t a clue. You can’t even compare. You don’t know how. All you know is what little you know. Your mom didn’t teach you anything. The church didn’t either. Sex at home is boring, so he goes into the street to seek the thing he really discovered he loved.
  2. Monogamy Isn’t For Everyone: Plainly put, monogamy isn’t for everyone. Some men try as hard as they can to be faithful while in a relationship, but eventually realize the yearning for another woman (or man) is stronger than the ties that bind him to his selected spouse or partner. He’s too ashamed to say he’s a serial bachelor because that is shunned in the same way being a single, childless woman is. So men simply play the role they’ve been forced into by family, friends, society, girlfriends, and colleagues knowing full well it’s not what they truly desire to do. Eventually, the feelings of being tied down creep in, and off to the side piece’s house they go.
  3. Self-Exploration: Some men were actually married prior to knowing what they really wanted in a woman and what they needed to be satisfied sexually. They married or decided to cohabitate and settled down with what the type of woman they “thought” they wanted and would be content with. After the newness wore off, they eventually realized they desired more sexually in their relationship, and off into the world to “find themselves” they go.
  4. Porn: Ladies, porn has screwed up so many men it’s not even funny. Men created porn (for men). Many men start watching porn and looking at adult magazines at a very young age. The moment he started viewing porn, his growth was stunted like any other addict. Many men believe what they see in porn is real, and that all women are supposed to reward him with sex and worship his cock. Women are supposed to cater to King Cock’s every whim, and we women are supposed to enjoy their sex just like the women in those terrible, cheap porn films do. They bring that bullshit to your bedroom, and are drastically disappointed because we don’t like our pussies spit into. We can’t perform like porn stars. We all don’t desire anal. We don’t want to suck his cock until he comes and swallows it as we gaze into his eyes, smiling all the while. We don’t want to fuck him and his fishing buddy at the same time. We don’t find ANY of the positions he has mentally filed away into his Rolodex of favorites thrilling, and we aren’t really interested in his threesome visions. Men watch porn, then compare what they see in porn to real life and real women. After all these years, many men haven’t figured out the shit is for entertainment. And they wonder why they are bored in the bedroom….
  5. Everybody’s Doing It: Many men have friends that cheat, so they figure they need to cheat too. It’s kind of like a keeping up with the Joneses mentality. Birds of a feather flock together. Some men love to compete with each other. It’s in their DNA. Seeing who can cheat the best, the most, get the prettiest side woman are blood sports some men play at our expense. Knowing is half the battle!
  6. Self-Loathing: Some men are dissatisfied with their everyday lives, so they use women in the same way some people use drugs and alcohol. The outside women pacify them, helping them to feel better about their situations.
  7. People Change: Women in relationships change, and so do men for a variety of reasons. People become complacent in the relationship. Life happens, people gain weight, women have kids, spouses change jobs, accrue debt, and women get ill. Mental illnesses are exposed, stress levels rise, personal appearances change, preferences change, needs change, etc. Some men look for outside supports (outside pussy) to cope with change. Not saying it’s right ladies, just saying that it is so.
  8. Accidents Happen: Let’s face it. Women can be some of the most evil, selfish, greedy critters on the planet at times. We work hard at enticing and ensnaring men, married or otherwise. When we see something we want, we set our minds to that thing and go for it. Physical attraction is real and I can’t deny that, but acting on the physical attraction is on a totally other level of foulness when you are fully aware a dude is in bondage. Instead of a man being off limits, for some women that man becomes even more attractive. We work our magic, shake our mojo, wear the right clothes, say the right words to ensnare the poor pitiful, superficial male species. The next thing you know, he is in our tangled webs. The wife at home for the man is an after thought, until he cums. This is where the term “shit happens” comes in. Not giving the man a pass in this scenario, but he had plenty of help in making his decision to cheat. We know their weaknesses.
  9. The Newness Wears Off: Once the honeymoon is over and the newness of the relationship or marriage is gone, both spouses find themselves sometimes not caring for the direction the relationship has taken. Instead of talking about it, a man may just decide to go out and find a stray side piece. Sometimes, he may bring up the staleness to his wife of significant other to no avail. No changes, new booty! His problem is kind of solved temporarily.
  10. Greed: Some men hoard women like they hide their money. One is never enough. One will never be enough. These types of men crave variety, and nothing you do will ever keep them from straying. It has everything to do with them and their greediness, and nothing to do with the woman. Unfortunately, these men have ways of hiding their greed. They usually do so by lavish spending, expensive trips, lavish gifts, work trips. Sometime some men just have good sex and they know how to string women along. They are manipulative, cunning, charismatic little con-artist.
  11. Sex Addiction: Some men are undiagnosed sex addicts, and have spent their whole entire lives attempting to mask their true identities. These men enter into relationships, get married, start families. At some point during their childhoods perhaps, the addiction gene was triggered, and sex was the drug of choice. They are great at hiding their true selves. When a woman finally figures out what’s going on, it’s usually way too late and her sex addict is exposed. Her life and world is shattered forever.
  12. The Chase Is Over: I hope this isn’t offensive, but men are kind of like hunting dogs. They love hunting. They are focused as long as they are hunting. When the hunt is over, the hunting dogs are ready to play and seeking attention from anyone who will give it to them. The same applies to many men. As soon as they catch you, you are no longer interesting. The chase is what validates them. If you’re already caught, your behavior changes. You’re submissive. No fun there. Gotta go chase something (or someone) else! After the chase, there has to be a reward. The reward is pussy.
  13. Because Someone Told Him He Couldn’t/Shouldn’t: Curiosity killed the cat. Sometimes the things we shouldn’t have in our lives are the things we crave the most of. If you’re a woman think of this scenario like a slice of delicious yet forbidden cheesecake or chocolate you crave (and have) when you’re on a diet, or beer/wine. Or how about the new clothing, purse or shoes you sneak and purchase without the knowledge of your significant other. You do it just because you want it. You do it because you feel entitled. Sometimes you make the purchase in rebellion. As it relates to men and cheating, simply replace cheesecake with pussy. Got it now? Good. It’s just like that!
  14. The Internet: The internet has made it so unbelievably easy to cheat today. Not finding what you need at home? Some men can just get their smartphones, tablets, or even his work computer to go to Craigslist or Backpage (well, you used to be able to go there until this year), Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Ashley Madison, Tinder, Sugar Daddy sites, escort services, Feeldr, Online Booty Call, Horny Matches, Adult Hookup, porn sites, web cams, and I can go on (but I won’t). The internet has made accessing side piece sex so incredibly easy. It’s like ordering from Uber Eats except you can get pussy. We won’t win this battle ladies unless you decide to live off the grid. Most people are addicted to their devices and/or may have jobs that require you to have some access to a computer and the internet. Also, people are addicted to excessive communication and checking in, because deep down inside you feel like your mate has the potential to be unfaithful. So, we must accept the internet intruder that has the ability to plant (or cultivate) seeds of infidelity and enable some men to act out their wildest fantasies. I’m not judging fellas, just keeping it real! And note ladies that age doesn’t matter. Today’s 60 year old men act like 25 year old single men on the internet. They have no chill.
  15. E.D. Pills: Men have pills to make their cocks get hard and stay hard now. Men want to poke someone with their dicks, and they are poking baby girl using their E.D pills. They need to show that thing off like a peacock showing its spread. Men want to be desired and they desire to re-live the days of old. The pills help them achieve that. You’re not helping in scratching his ego? Well there is always another woman ready for your leftovers. When one set of legs close, another set happily opens (even if they have to pay for them legs to open). The pills are making America horny again!
  16. Kids: Wanna screw up a relationship? Bring kids into it! Yes kids are cute, we need them to have the next generation, to pass our family names down to for legacy, to help care for us when we get old, or for whatever reason people in relationships decide to have kids. But deciding to have kids really means that your attention is now diverted for at least 22 years (enough time to get the kid self-sufficient and out of the home). The more kids you add, the more time you spend child rearing with diverted attention, and the less time you spend with your spouse. We women learn eventually (usually when it’s too late) you’re not as good at multi-tasking as you thought you were. With all of these competing interests, we decide that kids come first (because someone told you that this is supposed to be the case). Most women are raising kids and keeping house, most men go M.I.A. when it comes to chores, raising kids, etc. The next thing you know, the couple is living two or three different lives under one roof, leaving room for a trespasser to come in. She’s called the Clean Up Woman. The truth is kids change everything. People will never admit this, and I don’t know why. If we talked about how kids change relationships realistically, perhaps people would be able to better address the changes and challenges in relationships post-kids. People get married and commit to each other, but quickly (and silently) “uncommit” after the kids come as if they are selfish for making the kids #2 or #3 on the totem pole. It’s an ugly truth people seem to not want to acknowledge. If you ever give a man the freedom to say this without rebuke, he’d tell you!

There may be a whole host of other reasons men cheat, but these are some of the primary reasons given by cheaters I’ve been associated with. The main thing women should understand is that we have absolutely no control over anyone’s actions except ourselves and our own actions. Nothing we do or say will make a man be faithful in a relationship short or long-term. Religion won’t make a man stay faithful. Hell even the men in the Bible fornicated. Many cultures have accommodations for men to quench their thirst and insatiable desires to have more than one woman in their lives. Cultures and civilizations which have existed long before Western cultures and civilizations were formed have accommodated, tolerated, allowed, and ignored cheating by men. So why are we still acting so holier-than-thou about it though?

Why does cheating bother us so much, when it’s been around as long as prostitution has been? I don’t know but I wish we could get over it. Men love sex. Some women love sex. Sex is high on the priority list for some, and not for others. As long as we have these inequalities in relationships, cheating will exist. Infidelity is as old as men and women have been on earth, yet we still can’t accept it’s a part of human nature.

The bottom line here ladies is that when entering into a relationship with any man, I personally believe it would be wise to always keep in the forefronts of your minds that nothing stops men from cheating on us except themselves. They either have enough self control or they don’t. They either care enough, or believe the risk is worth taking. I’m not judging, just stating it is what it is and the sooner we learn to deal with it the better. The same applies for cheating women. We can only control ourselves. I haven’t seen anything that prevents cheating. Not beauty, not communication, not sex everyday, not being smart, not being confident, not having kids. nothing. The shit (cheating) happens, and I believe more men cheat than not, They just won’t admit it because it’s taboo.

Frequent, open communication seems to be one of the best detractors to cheating. If spouses and companions are able to talk openly about sexual and emotional needs and have those needs addressed, in my opinion it decreases the likelihood of a man seeking attention outside of his relationship. Sometime even with what we think is open communication, people have been conditioned to not discuss their true feelings, therefore men are not truly discussing what their needs or problems are. You can be with someone for thirty years and still not know them. This is the reason I say it doesn’t matter what we women do to cheat proof relationships, it can still happen.

Cheating men should own their own shit, and women should change their mindsets. Some men cheat. Many men cheat. Some indiscretions are discovered, and some are not. Just because you don’t know about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. History (his-story) has always been on “his” side ladies. Patriarchy still reigns supreme, no matter how loud feminist shout their making power moves. We don’t even really have power over our own pussies. Just look at who decides what we can do with “our” pussies. Men, who have no idea what it’s like to have one. They decide which sex acts are criminal, whether we abort babies, what constitutes rape, and who and how rapes are prosecuted. Men create all types of vehicles enabling me to cheat. Ever researched how many sex sites were created by men for the primary benefit of the men? Wake up ladies. This isn’t our world. We’re just squirrels here trying to get a few nuts.

Remember you can’t control anyone except yourself when planning your future with a man. Lowering your expectations may save your sanity.

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to get honest feedback from men about the reasons some men cheat. Share with us truth