Please Don’t Be Fooled By The Democratic Party’s Reparations Talk

Don’t buy the reparations scam. The Democratic Party wants (needs) our Black votes. America hates equality. The trickery of reparations discussions only happens during election time. After that, it magically disappears. Don’t waste your time believing the hype and don’t drink the tainted kool-aid.

Please Don’t Be Fooled By The Democratic Party’s Reparations Talk
Dreams of gold and grandeur. She won’t be moving on up anytime soon.

By Marley K.

Reparations are all the rage these days. Funny how Democratic politicians pull that bullshit out of their asses when they want to run for federal office knowing full well they have no intention of doing shit for descendants of slaves. It’s nothing more than a ploy.

White and Black candidates running for president in 2020 are whipping out all the sales gimmicks like it’s a 4th of July sale.

No One Knows

What does reparations look like? Does it look like payments made to Jews? Or maybe the Japanese communitys reparations? Does it look like settlements America made with the Native Americans? America is fine with paying reparations, just not to Blacks for slavery. And how is it the Jewish community received reparations from America before descendants of slaves did? No one even gives it a second thought.

None of these Democratic politicians ever gives us a plan for reparations. Instead, they make feel good beatitudes until the political season is over. Then nothing for the next 2 or 4 years until they want Black votes again. They even find some Black folks on television to talk about it. It’s nothing but bait people.

We’re left holding our reparations dreams in our hands until the next election cycle. We put those hopes for equality or at least a bootstrap back into the drawer until the next White person brings it up. The thing that is tricking Black folks though is that liberal White leaders are the ones broaching the subject. We feel the false pledges have validity. Black folks believe finally, America will attempt to repay the wealth accrued from free slave labor.

They are lying Y’all. They ain’t gonna give us shit! Don’t be fooled. When people ask me if I’m interested in reparations I roll my eyes. I want systemic change and equality. Land would be nice, but not if the rules will change because I now possess it. Fix America, don’t give me anything.

Reparations Is Nothing Without Institutional Reforms

Reparations are nothing without national reform of America’s, crooked, rigged systems.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a onetime gift of 40-acres and a mule, a onetime one-hundred-thousand dollar wad of cash dropped into your bank account, a $1,000 per monthly stipend, or a onetime wiping down away of debt and criminal records. None of those reparation models will work if there are no institutional reforms to go along with an olive branch of reparations.

White people (and those passing as White) will need to relinquish power in order for the oppressed to have opportunities.

Reparations without reforms the way this nation does business mean absolutely nothing. In fact, without reforms, things in America for People of Color will probably be worse because of the retaliation and revenge resulting from the perceived “give away” and leveling of the playing field. God forbid People of Color have enough resources to live where they live, to send our kids to the same schools the White kids attend, to get the same education that gets their kids into the best colleges and universities — where they earn the best diplomas, aiding in them getting the best jobs.

What must that be like?

America hates equality and it will allow nothing resembling Black folks being equal to ever happen. This nation was supposed to be founded on the principles of equality.

Nameplate (logo) from an 1833 issue of the abolitionist newspaper Genius of Universal Emancipation. Benjamin Lundy (editor of the newspaper). Source

The second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence starts as follows:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

If you’re Black or a descendant of immigrants and you know something about the history of America, you know this was never true.

All men were not created equal in America, which is why some of us were slaves and some of us were free. All of us did not possess unalieanable rights, because some of us were not given all of our rights in the first place, like the right to vote giving Black and Brown people a say in who leads us.

We also know Black people in America, the descendants of slaves, have rarely had the opportunity to pursue the same life, liberty, and happiness pursuits White and White passing Americans have. While reparations for Blacks are deserved, we also know they aren’t coming before Jesus comes back.

Equality has always been fleeting for Blacks and other People of Color in America.

From redlining, to gerrymandering, to Jim Crow, to separate but equal, to taking Black farmer’s lands (and hanging them), to failing to provide Black and Indian farmers the same supports and payments White farmers were gifted, to anti-Black hiring, to the government’s role in sterilizing women of color, to banning Black people from living in some states, to prohibiting slaves, freedmen, and Blacks from owning guns or arming themselves to prevent us from protecting ourselves. I can go on and on, but you get the point. There are too many examples of Blacks being tricked and treated poorly for no reason.

America prides itself in equality. The nation was built on inequality, and the nation’s institutions are entrenched in inequality. So offering us reparations without addressing the sins all over the place is nothing but a dream. We will be worse off. Who is signing up for that?

Why aren’t any of the 2020 candidates able to convey this to us clearly? Why bring it up at all? I have more respect for the candidates who tell the truth than I do those who get out on the stomp shouting reparations should be done with no models of what it looks like. Any candidate saying they are for it should be considered a liar and not considered as a serious candidate for President.

America cannot afford to pay descendants of slaves what they owe them, and they certainly aren’t interested in sharing power and access. Ask how many 2020 Presidential candidates will resign their positions in Congress and give it to a Person of Color.

Not a one! They all are full of bullshit. Don’t fall for the reparations hype peeps.

Besides, we know most America’s governments (local, state, and federal) are made up of White men. We also know how White men feel about sharing space (look at the hater-in-chief). They kill about it. Can you imagine what they’d do if America finally paid a reparation down payment for preventing People of Color from having equal opportunities without their implicit bias for centuries?

White men would probably tear the whole America up. And since White people know their people, they aren’t trying to go down that road. That’s smoke they don’t want. So we continue to be lied to, disenfranchised, oppressed, not believed, killed, and used for our vote to ensure Whiteness remains priceless.

Ain’t life grand?

Don’t Drink Their Kool-Aid

The bottom line is America hate equality. Anyone selling it to you running for public office is not interested in giving it to us… they are only interested in your vote to preserve them. It’s self-preservation. The reparations talks have nothing to do with us Black people, it has everything to do with the Democratic Party candidates who are running President in 2020. Democrats will say and do anything to get our votes. Don’t buy it. We should also not all these candidates, White, Black, or other to sell us a crock of shit.

What happened to slaves was deplorable. What happened to the descendants of slaves is scandalous and shameful. This nation will never heal until it repents for its sins and attempts to make things right.

I don’t know what American reparations for the offspring of slaves would look like, and I don’t know if it would be a monetary correction, a transfer of public lands, or a financial payment like the ones given to Jews, Native Americans, and the Japanese.

What I do know is that anyone promising reparations running for President in 2020 is lying like a rug, and the truth ain’t in them. Stop allowing these folks to tickle your ears. Stay on task, pay attention, and understand they need Black votes because White voters are no longer a reliable voting majority in the Democratic Party. The only loyal voting block is Blacks and they will sell you any pipe dream to get that vote.

Remember, you’re Black and all America has for you is trouble, hard times, more inequality, and more excuses. Instead of worrying about reparations, worry about the next civil war on the horizon, something else they all seem oblivious to.

Please don’t be fooled by reparations talk people. You will never get it!

And calm down angry White people who hate sharing and despise equality, you don’t have anything to worry about. Have no fear your, White privilege will remain intact. Slowly but surely we are learning America’s old political trickery. I’m the 2020 code buster.